The Terrible Two's

After being release from prison and getting a deal with a dark shaman, Sloan and Bree makes Eliza get in touch with her inner child in a way you wouldn't believe.

Eliza Diary

Congo, Africa

You know as I'm growing older, I'm really seeing why Debbie is so miserable all the time. Being all the way out in the middle of nowhere, no phone, having to get 2 months old magazines, it really all makes sense, but still in a way, I still feel thankful for being out here in the wild. I really don't think I could live any other way and tomorrow, while my parents are shooting their footage, they said I can go hiking and camp out for the night. Though I hate that I'm missing out some of the usually teenage stuff I would usually get if I wasn't in the wild, but I'm glad I've been given this. Well I better stop writing cause I got get some sleep, me and Darwin are going to hike a couple of miles before we plan to stop.

Court Journal, United Nations Court

Bailiff "Docket # 33934, petition of Bree and Sloan Blackburn vs. the People of United Nations. Judge Wrown presiding."

Judge Wrown "Good morning. Counselor, I believe you want your client released for time all ready served.

Lawyer "Your honor, my clients should be let go due to fact that they have served their time for animal abuse and the people have no case for child endangerment. As you see in this magazine called "Wild and Discovery", Volume 219, where the victim was listed in her father's biography as being 13, making her not a child, and making their indictment on animal and child endangerment unlawful."

District Attorney "Your honor, this is an obvious attempt in trying to loop hold out of their indictment."

Judge Wrown "As much as they maybe, he is right. Their for I must declare the indictment of Bree and Sloan Blackburn is official thrown our and they fore are free to go."

District Attorney "But your honor…..'

Judge Wrown "NEXT CASE!"

(Outside the courtroom.")

Bree (surprised) "Wow! I didn't think that would work.

Sloan "Well it did and now we are free, "like a bird"."

Bree "I think we should forget our poacher life style and try to find a legit way of work. We don't need another Thornberry case."

Sloan "See that's the thing, we had our Waterloo, our golden ticket to the big time, then that Thornberry girl destroyed it all. I telling you my dear, if we rid our self of the girl, we can be the greatest duo ever."

Bree (astonished) "Ever."

Sloan "Ever.

Bree "Well Okay, I'm not really sure about this but poaching is the only thing I think we do well …… together.

Sloan "Yes, together we can destroy all. Now all we need is a plan."

Back in Congo

Nigel: Eliza, do you think you have everything you need?

Marianne: You know Marianne our little girl is growing up now; maybe we should trust her to know what she doing?

Nigel: Okay, Eliza did you pack in a shovel and toilet paper, you never when you have too…..

Eliza: (Interrupting & Embarrassed) DAD! I got it, me and Darwin we be okay.

Debbie: I don't see why she needs to bring the monkey.

Marianne (sarcastically): You know Debbie, if you're so concerned with her accompaniment, you could go with here.

Debbie (nervously): Uhhhh, have a good time Eliza.

Eliza "Thanks Deb."

Marianne "Now Eliza, make sure that you don't hike out too far, and if something happens, don't be afraid to flair up and radio in."

Eliza (annoyed) OK MOM! I got it, I'll see 1500 tomorrow.

Marianne "Okay see you then hun."

(Eliza and Darwin, step off into the forest.)

(Back Sloan and Bree, in front of the U.N Courthouse.)

Bree "Well since we're going to be so gung-ho on hunting down that Thornberry girl, we need a couple of things and we lost a lot of assets because of our jail time, so how actually do we go about this with no money.

Shadowy Figure "Perhaps I could be of service."

(To Be Continue.)