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The Day Kakashi Arrived on Time

The day Kakashi arrived in time –

Sakumo turned over in his grave.

The Hokage dropped his pipe and broke it.

Gai fainted.

Anko was silent for a whole day.

Sasuke laughed.

Jiraiya fell into the hot springs.

Shizune got drunk.

Tsunade won the lottery.

Naruto choked on his ramen.

Sakura fell out of love.

Chouji felt no appetite for the day.

Ino kissed Shikamaru.

Akamaru bit Kiba in shock – Kiba kicked him back.

Tenten missed a target.

Rock Lee stopped his 1,000 kick routine.

Shikamaru decided to follow his example and work harder.

Shino stepped back – onto an ant.

Neji's eyes popped out of his head.

Hinata screamed, "Way to go, sexxxx-ey!"

Asumo forgot to light up.

Izumo dropped his pile of papers.

Ebisu's glasses fell off.

Kurenai did a strip dance.

Iruka was nice to his students.

Itachi wrote an apology.

Kabuto dumped Orochimaru.

Kotetsu wore a dress.

Raido took off his fake scar.

Kisame cut his thumb on his blade.

Genma choked on his senbon.

Lord Hyuuga hugged Hinata.

Orochimaru swallowed his snakes, choked and died.

Gaara tattooed the scarecrow caricature on his other temple.

Konohamaru went to class on time.

Zabuza (in hell, shook his fist)

Haku (in heaven, shook his fist)

Kankuuro celebrated with puppet theatre – "The Lonely Goatherd".

Udon wiped his nose.

Temari knocked out Ino and shagged Shikamaru senseless.

Mizuki sliced his hand off with his huge shuriken.

All this happened when everyone heard the


Kakashi had arrived on time!

Kind of stole this idea from my brother's poem, The Day I Was Hit by Lightning... anyway... how else would peeps react if Kakashi showed up on time?