Charlie slouched in a chair at the air port with one arm slumped over his abdomen, the other draped across his guitar, witch rested in the seat beside him. He kept his feet propped up on a chair in front of him with his head tilted up towards the ceiling, eyes protected from the florescent lights by dark, tinted shades. Not that it mattered much, since they were closed.

Claire stopped as she walked by to look him over. An amused grin crossed her face as she watched him, sleeping soundly in the heart of a noisy, crowded air port.

Her stare was broken by a sudden flash of light near her head, that scared poor Aaron into tears. She first looked to him, laying his head on her shoulder in an attempt to comfort him, then to the other side of her shoulder where the camera flash came from, but by then the photographer was gone.

It wasn't really a surprise. This would be all over the news. Reporters and photographers were everywhere. She couldn't wait to see what news paper or show would hold the picture of the "sleepy survivor."

Claire put her bag down and knelt beside Charlie, placing a curious, though still teary-eyed, Aaron on his lap. Charlie awoke as soon as the toddler was on him in a stir of confusion. Claire just laughed.

"Hey turniphead, what's wrong?" He questioned, using his thumb to wipe the tear of the baby's cheek. Since Aaron was incapable of answering, he gathered the child into his arms and held his head to his chest, looking to his mother for a response.

"Its noting. A camera flash scared him" Claire explained with a smile, slightly jealous of the fact that with in seconds of being held by Charlie, Aaron was back to being his pleasant little self.

"Aw, poor thing. All this new technology must be pretty intimidating." Charlie noted, looking down at the child who was currently holding a clump of his shirt in a tiny fist and trying to eat it. Claire nodded in agreement. After a moment, she stood, and turned to pick up her bag.

"So, are you getting ready to leave?" Charlie questioned, suddenly looking disappointed. "Yeah. I've got to meet my Mom outside soon" She explained with a sigh.

"Do you know where your staying?" He asked, curiously, taking his feet off the chair so he could sit up straight.

"Mh,hm." She nodded, hands latched together uncomfortably. The poor boy was not doing a very good job at hiding his disappointment. After a moment of silence, she got the message.

"Oh! do you want the number?" She questioned, feeling dumb for not asking that initially. "Yeah" Charlie replied, sounding fairly relieved. Claire gave him an embarrassed smile and dug into her bag for a piece of paper and a pin.

She jotted her phone number out on the pack of an envelop and handed it to him. Charlie flashed her a smile as he took and slipped in into the pocket of his hoodie.

There was a sudden distraction off in the distance, where the media had gathered around. At first, the couldn't see much. Soon, the crowd parted slightly, and revlead Jack, who was down on one knee, holding Kates hand.

Both looked like they were about to cry. After a few romantic words, Jack rose to his feet, only to be tackled by an over joyed kate. With in seconds a couple was surounded by a hundred flashing camera's.

"Ok, well I guess I better go" Claire explained, once she had zipped up her bag. She leaned down and picked up Aaron, taking a moment to get him adjusted. Charlie stood up. "I guess I'll talk to you later" He replied with a slight smile, hands nervously shoved in his pockets.

Claire leaned forward and wrapped her free arm around his neck in pathetic attempt at a hug, but made up for it with a kiss on the cheek. Before Charlie could recover from the little head rush he got from it, Claire hand already walked away.

He turned and watched her until she disappeared through the crowd before grabbing his bag and his guitar and heading off to catch a cab.