Chapter 1


I waited for you after your concert but you just walked right by me…like you didn't know who I was…when I catch up with you…I swear I'm going to slice your throat so your precious fans won't get to hear you sing anymore.



"And how many letters like this has she received?" The deep southern accent over the phone, gave Jerry a reassurance that he could trust this body guard, if he hired him…unlike the last one who couldn't have stopped a fly from attacking Erin with a rolled up piece of news paper…The fly would of snatched the paper from Ryan and beat the crap out of him…

Jerry came back to his senses and said, "She's been getting them on and off for like the last 2 years…sometimes he sends them once a week, or once a month…and then she won't hear anything from him for like 3 months and then for no reason at all he starts sending them again…"

The deep voice said, "And what does she say?"

Jerry half heartedly laughed and said, "Erin is Erin…she knows that there are stalkers and crazy people who are always after famous people…and up until now she's pretty much thought that this was a big joke…that is until the son of a Bitch got into her dressing room one night and spray painted all of her skimpier looking outfits and then put a message on the wall…that said, 'I don't want to see you in these…ever again.'…Erin was pretty shaken up about it, since her little sister is on the tour with her…if she would have been in the dressing room there's no telling what that psycho would have done…"

The voice said, "And how old is her sister and her?"

Jerry said, "Erin is 22…Jaden is going to be 20 in about a week…"

"And you think she'll go for this personal body guard crap?"

Jerry said, "Hell no, she won't go for it…and she'll fight me every step of the way…but it has to be done…I can't watch her 24 hours a day…she's never by my side for more then 5 minutes…and when she's not on tour, she's at home writing songs…or at her cabin in Lake Tahoe, California…she even visits her half family in Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Tennessee…She's constantly on the go…and I was in desperate need of someone who can keep up with all of her moving and shaking…and when I talked to Glenn…he gave me your number…and said you'd started this a few years back when you retired from wrestling all together…but he also said you was the best in the business…and that's what I need…this guy whose been after Erin is nothing but a total professional…"

The deep accented voice said, "Professional…didn't know that was possible when you're a stalker…"

Jerry said, "I'm serious…like if at UCLA they had a teacher under the heading of Professional Stalker…this guy would have his picture and name there…but the only problem is…we don't have a clue who he is…she's changed her cell phone number numerous times…because he keeps getting her number and calling her and leaves pretty disturbed messages on her voice mail…we have copies here in the office…"

The voice said, "Anything about sexual contact?"

Jerry said, "Yea, he sent a colorful one a few months back talking abut cutting off her body parts, like her boobs…and other things and keeping them in mayo jars…the guy is demented…or horny either one. All I know is…she doesn't want a body guard…but she doesn't realize she needs one…Mark, you're my last hope…At least I know with you, she can't scare you off…she's gotten rid of 16 body guards in 4 months…just because they step on her toes a little with trying to keep her grounded and not letting her leave her apartment….at least when she goes to leave the state someone can be with her."

The deep voice said, "Okay…I'll be by the recording studio in the morning around 9:30…Then I'll lay out the rules for her…" Jerry said, "Thanks Mark…I really appreciate this." The two men said their good-byes and hung up…

Mark Callaway sat back in the big plush leather chair in his home library with his hands clasped behind his head thinking 'This is not going to be an easy job…Ms. Erin Cage…I do believe you're gonna hate me.'