This story is based on the last episode of the anime and contains some dialogue taken directly from it.

Hontou no Watashi by ACM a.k.a. Annie May

Chapter One: the Picnic

Yukino jumped on Maho and started tickling her mercilessly. The two laughed and laughed, rolling over in the grass and feeling the sun on their faces. In any situation, Yukino loved to dominate and having Maho in this powerless position beneath her was quite exhilarating. She didn't want to stop, even as Maho became breathless, until…

"Hey, you lesbians over there, the bell's ringing!"

At the sound of Aya's voice, both Maho blushed a deep shade of red, while Yukino just froze.

That certainly was an interesting way to look at it.

Maho stared off into the distance as a light breeze blew over the grass. In spite of all her resistance, she was glad she had finally given in and agreed to participate in the play. It had given her many more opportunities to be with Yukino, from the times when they were running from Aya to the many rehearsals. She feigned disinterest and opposition, of course, but it was only because she wanted Yukino to come running after her, to catch her, to dominate her…

Suddenly Maho became conscious of the fact that Yukino hadn't spoken for several minutes.

"Say. Why did you suddenly decide to do the play? You were so against it in the beginning."

With a thoughtful expression, Yukino explained that the play had given her something to do besides study. She continued to explain that since Arima had a life apart from her and school, she felt that she needed one as well.

"You just hate to lose," Maho teased.

"I think it has to be this way. Besides, Arima loves me."

Why is she bringing that up now?

"What? What are you bragging for! You are bragging!" Maho yelled, grabbing Yukino by the collar.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that. After all, I'm in love too, with an imaginary dentist…

Yukino panicked and defended herself, then calmed down and said softly, "Arima's world is deeper than mine. I think he would take all the burden onto himself, rather than make me worry and suffer, since I'm so naive. That's what I thought. So, I decided I'd build my own world for myself. I like being able to depend on Arima, but I don't want to let him spoil me and get lazy because of it."

God, she's beautiful.

"And that's why Arima responds only to you, of all the girls out there."

"Hey, you laughed! What! I'm always the one talking! It's not fair!"

Yukino grabbed onto Maho's shoulder and started shaking her back and forth

"You talk about yourself, too!"

"No way!" Maho shouted.

There's no way I'd do anything to stop you, you're so cute when you pretend to be mad.

"Oh, come on! Talk!"

Yukino jumped on Maho, knocking her down into the grass, and began tickling her mercilessly. Maho laughed breathlessly.

"No, stop!"

The tickling went on as Maho savored the feeling of surrendering to Yukino's hands and body. She hoped her delight wasn't too obvious, but she could hardly hope to hide it. Yukino's actions had been so sudden and so enjoyable. Maho laughed and laughed.

"Hey, you lesbians over there, the bell's ringing!"

Maho blushed profusely. Had that been only and offhand comment, or did Aya have a certain "writer's intuition" about her?