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2.5 years later

Milliardo had finished restocking the ambulance and just walked into the staff room when Noin stuck her head through the back door.

"The others are going to the 'Soup Kitchen' for lunch; do you want to come?"

The young man shook his head. "Thanks, but not today. I've plans already."


"I'm going to meet with Treize," he explained. "Une is having an appointment for her first ultrasound."

"Oh really? How far along is she now?"

"Almost 13 weeks."

"Well then, I don't want to keep you. Take your time, Milliardo. I'll call you if something comes up."


Milliardo reached for his jacket on the way out and checked his watch. It was already ten minutes after twelve. He had promised to meet Treize and Une at noon. Luckily Dr. Marshall's office was located in the family health clinic only on the opposite side of the complex. Taking a shortcut through the maintenance yard the young man made it there in less than five minutes.

He saw Treize as soon as he entered the waiting room. The tawny haired man smiled as he rose to greet his lover. "Oh good, you could make it. I was starting to get worried."

"I'm sorry, but things were a little crazy this morning. Where is Anne; inside the doctors' office already?"

Treize shook his head as he gestured down the hall toward the vending machines. "She is getting something to drink." He turned toward Milliardo, a serious expression on his face. "Milliardo, I'm worried."

The young man's heart almost skipped a beat. "Why, what's wrong?" he asked, his voice laced with concern.

"Do you think it is really alright for somebody to eat Sushi dipped in chocolate sauce?"

Milliardo nearly burst into laughter. "Well, let's put it this way…If it was you making that order I would be concerned too, but since I assume you are talking about Anne, I think it's fine. Pregnant women are known to have the strangest cravings. And for some odd reason their stomachs doesn't seem to have a problem with it."

"Well, if you say so." Treize still didn't sound too convinced.

"You can always ask Dr. Marshall for her opinion if that makes you more comfortable," the blond suggested.

"Ask Dr. Marshall about what?"

Milliardo smiled as he turned toward Une who was coming back from the wending machine, a bottle of water in hand. "It's nice to see you, Anne. You look wonderful. How are you feeling?"

"I'm glad to see you too, Milliardo. I feel great, thanks. But unfortunately somebody here seems to be under the impression that pregnancy is a serious illness."

The young man gave his lover a questioning look.

Treize shrugged. "So? I'm simply concerned about you and the baby; what's wrong with that?"

"Treize," she told him firmly. "Women have gone through pregnancy for more than a thousand years without being pampered. I'm not even in my second trimester yet. There is really no need for you to send me a car every day to drive me to and from work, and I can do my own grocery shopping without problems. It's not that I don't appreciate your attention, but you are being overly protective. I don't know if I can take this another six months."

"Alright, alright," he grumbled. "I get it."

"I'll make sure that he really does." Milliardo assured her. He had realized a long time ago that Treize had a tendency to become not only overprotective but also somewhat controlling on occasion.

The older man huffed but before he could say anything more they were interrupted by Dr. Marshall. "I'm sorry for making you wait for so long," the young woman apologized.

"No problem at all."

"Are we ready, Miss Une?" the doctor asked. "We will start with a routine examination." She explained, and then, directed at Treize and Milliardo, she added. "I'll send out my assistant to get you when we are ready for the ultrasound."

The older man nodded in acknowledgement. "Thank you."

As Une and the doctor disappeared into the examination room, the two men settled down again on the leather sectional.

"How was your day so far?" Milliardo wanted to know.

Treize sighed. "Don't even ask."

His lover winced sympathetically. "Hard day in the office?"

"I never even made it to the office. I'd promised to take Anne shopping this morning. Shopping for clothes with a woman is tough enough. Doing so with a pregnant woman is torture."

Milliardo laughed. "Oh come on, that's exaggerated, I'm sure."

"Is it? Well, why don't you go with her next time then?"

"Sorry," the blond gave his lover a brilliant smile. "No, can do. The difference between working for somebody else instead of owning your own company is that you actually have to show up to work every day."

"Hmph…" Treize huffed. "Excuses!"

"Mister Une!" A red-haired woman in a nurse's uniform, Dr Marshall's assistant he assumed, approached him with a clipboard in hand.

"Khushrenada," he corrected. "The name is Treize Khushrenada. Miss Une and I are not married."

"Oh, my apologies... I didn't… I just assumed," she stammered, somewhat embarrassed, as she handed him the clipboard. "If you could please check these forms, there is some information missing…"

"Of course." Treize started to complete the form while the nurse waited. After a few moments he frowned. "Hmmm…. 'Father's name'. Do I leave this open or fill in both our names?"

The woman blinked at him, slightly confused.

"Well," he explained. "Since we don't know yet which of us…" He gestured at Milliardo and himself. "…the biological father is."

"Oh… Well… in that case I supposed it will be better to leave it open for now."

As Treize turned his attention back to the paperwork Milliardo's phone started to vibrate in his pocket. He pulled out the cell-phone and flipped it open. The call was from Noin, he recognized her number. "I'm on my way." He told her, then turned to his lover. "I'm sorry. I've got to go."

The older man nodded understandingly. "Don't worry about it. I'll see you tonight then."

"Tell Anne I'm sorry. Love you!" The blond placed a brief but affectionate kiss onto his lover's cheek before he turned to leave.

If the nurse has looked confused before; now she seemed utterly dumbfounded.

Treize almost laughed. Somehow he had the feeling that the young woman had the wrong idea about the situation.

Milliardo didn't even realize that he was smiling like the Chestershire cat when he hurried back to the trauma center. Somehow, being together with Treize always had that effect on him. No, there was no question about it; meeting the other man was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

These past two and a half years went by like a dream, almost unreal. So many things had happened; so much had changed. He had finished his classes and was now a fully fledged Paramedic…who still was considering medical school in the not so distant future. Relena finished high-school as well. After she left for college he had finally given in and moved in with Treize. For his birthday his lover had surprised him with a trip through Europe and two days later Treize proposed to him during a gondola ride in Venice – no, they didn't capsize again but they came pretty close. The wedding was set for May. Yes, life was wonderful. And to top it all off they were going to have a baby and become a real family by the end of summer.

They had talked about it in length and they both agreed that they wanted children; at least one but perhaps more. So they had started to look into the legal proceedings for adoptions. They didn't even think of surrogacy until Noin brought up that option. Once again they did some research and decided that they liked the idea. When Une learned that they were looking for a surrogate mother she instantly volunteered to carry the child for them. Both Treize and Milliardo had donated sperm and left it up to the doctor to decide which sample to use. As far as they both were concerned it didn't really matter which of them the biological father was.

Milliardo pushed his seat back and propped his feet onto the dashboard. The ambulance was standing in a parking lot outside a small coffee-shop, while Noin had ran into the store to get them their afternoon 'pick-me-up'.

He pulled out his cell-phone and pushed the speed-dial button for 'home'. Nobody picked up on the other end, but after the third ring the answer machine turned on.

"Hi, it's me," he spoke onto the tape. "Its 3:30 now, I just wanted to check how things went, but I guess you aren't home yet. So, I'll see you tonight. Love you! – And…Mister Scruff, get off that couch NOW!"

As he turned off his phone Milliardo saw Noin stepping out of the coffee shop, both hands full with coffee cups and a box of pastries.

He grinned as he quickly locked the doors and leaned back in his seat pretending to be snoozing.

She knocked at the driver's window with her elbow. "Open up!"

He opened his eyes deliberately slow, yawned and looked at her questioningly. Noin's eyes narrowed. "Open the door."

He raised his shoulders and shook his head. "What did you say? I can't hear you?" he mouthed.

She glared at him. "Milliardo Peacecraft, open that door now or, I swear, you will be wearing these cream puffs."

He laughed as he finally unlocked the doors. Noin huffed as he handed him his coffee. "You really need to grow up, Milliardo. After all, you are going to be a father soon."

"Not for another six months," he shot back. "Might as well get it all out of my system before then."

She groaned. "I'm going to put in a request for transfer."

Of course she was only kidding. These little jokes and harmless pranks were part of the relationship they had developed, and neither of them would want it any other way.

Lights were burning in the living-room and the stereo was running, but other than that everything was quiet in the house when Milliardo came home.

"I'm home."

No answer.

"Treize!" The blond held his step at the doorway to the living-room. His lover was lying on the couch, dead asleep. The book he had been reading had slipped from his hand and fallen to the floor, where Scruff was now using it as a pillow. Hercules was sleeping curled up at the foot of the couch.

Milliardo couldn't help but smile at the sight. He approached quietly. His smile grew into a wide grin as he nudged the dog out of the way and kneeled down next to the sofa. He dipped his head and gently hissed his lover's peaceful face.

Treize's nose twitched as tendrils of long silvery bangs tickled him. His eyelids fluttered, then opened slowly.

"Like waking Sleeping Beauty," the younger man smirked.

"Milliardo! Did I fall asleep? You are late."

"I'm sorry," the blond apologized. "Things were a little crazy today." He sighed. "It's the same every year. The first day of sunshine and all the wannabe bikers bring out their motorcycles and head to what seems like a giant moron convention. Maybe it's just me, but I don't understand people who spent thousands of bucks on a bike but don't have enough sense to invest another hundred in a helmet."

"People are like that. They are convinced of their own immortality and that nothing will ever happen to them." Treize reached for the front of Milliardo's shirt, pulling his lover down to him for another kiss.

"What time is it?" he asked when their lips parted.

"Almost 6:30, why?"

"I made dinner reservations at the 'Pavilion' for 7:30. Should I call them to let them know that we will be late?"

"We still have time." Milliardo replied. As he turned his head, his gaze fell upon a large white envelope on the coffee table. "Is that…?" he asked as he picked it up.

Treize nodded. "The ultra sound picture."

"Move over." The young man nudged his lover, and Treize moved over far enough to allow Milliardo to stretch out beside him. His right arm snaked around the blond's waist, pulling him closer as Milliardo opened the envelope and removed the photo.

"Are you excited?" Treize propped his chin up on his lover shoulder, and they looked at the picture together.

"Very excited. You?"

"So am I. It was quite fascinating to see it move and breathe, to watch its little heart beat. I wish you had been there, Milliardo. This picture doesn't do it justice."

"I'll be there next time," he assured the older man.

Treize nuzzled the soft flesh at the nape of Milliardo's neck. "Did you take a shower before you came home? You smell good."

"Hmm… Treize!"


"Let's call the 'Pavilion' and cancel the reservation for tonight." Milliardo suggested as he leaned back against his lovers chest. "Let's; order in or something. I want to stay like this."

"Good," Treize smirked. "Because I'm not planning on letting you go any time soon."

The end.

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