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Harper wearily sat on the edge of his bed and pulled off his boots in preparation of a well deserved nap. He yawned and stretched, wiping at his blurry vision and trying desperately to beat back the tiredness for at least a few more moments.

The last months had been hell for him. For all of them. At least the magog larvae were gone but at the expense of two of his best friends. Though he hadn't really lost Trance, she was still there, different, not his purple princess at all, but at least alive. He couldn't even say that for Hohne.

Then he had the hell beaten out of him by Bobby 'A good waste of matter' Jensen. The creep. He didn't even know what Beka had seen in him but for some reason she loved him.

Right after that, he had almost lost Beka to some kind of disease. Sure, he hadn't really shown how upset he was, or scared, when he heard Beka had the symptoms but he was. He was terrified that he'd lose the only true family he had left.

To top it all off, they'd gotten eaten and almost digested. He was still doing repairs from that fiasco. Thus the exhaustion.

"Harper," Andromeda called, appearing in front of him in hologram form.

"Oh no, Rom-doll, the Harper gets some sleep before anything else happens. Whatever repair it is will have to wait."

He collapsed into the bed, fully prepared to give into beckoning oblivion but she stopped him with a simple sentence.

"You have a communication from Mobius."

That got his attention. Immediately, he sat back up.

"On screen and uh.. privacy mode."

Andromeda flickered out of existence and the message popped up on screen.

It was her dressed in a Highguard uniform, her black hair cut short barely grazing her shoulders, but her blue eyes were as electric as he had last seen them.

"Hey, Harper!" She exclaimed, smiling into the screen.

His tiredness melted away after he heard her voice. "Hey Josie," he replied quietly, knowing it was only a recording but wanting to feel her name on his lips.

"I don't have a lot of time but I wanted to send you a quick hello. I did promise I'd keep in touch. Academy is ok. I…I don't quite fit in. Not a lot of former slaves are running around. I tried to keep it a secret but it's hard to when you have a huge brand burnt into your skin." She looked down and away from the screen, her hair hiding her face. "It's not that anyone is mean or anything and I guess that's the problem. Everyone is overly nice, on tiptoe around me. It's weird. They just don't understand like you did. I sometimes wish I had stayed on the Andromeda…with you," she admitted softly.

He didn't even try to attempt to quell the rising emotions that her statement had elicited. "I wish you had too," he said, again talking to the screen, his voice slightly shaking.

After a moment she looked up quickly as if realizing she should try to remain upbeat and happy for his message. "But look," she raised her arm, "they removed the tracking signal so no more ugly bracelet. Oh and look at this!" She held up a flexi and moved it closer to the recording device so it took up most of the screen. "I got all high marks this grading period. I even got the highest mark in my Advanced Quantum Theory class."

He couldn't help but laugh at her enthusiasm.

The flexi dropped from his view and her beautiful face took up the screen again. "I don't have much time," she reiterated. She looked over her shoulder as if looking to see if anyone was around, before she turned back and touched the screen. "It really was easy to fall for a genius particle. I miss you," she said, her own voice cracking, trying hard to not let him see just how much. "Tell the others I say 'hi.' I'll talk to you soon. Bye!"

The message was over and the screen went black. "I miss you too, Josie," Harper replied.

He looked over to the empty bed that was calling his name and crawled into it, reveling in the fact that even though she chose not to stay, she did miss him and in her own way, loved him, just like in his own way, he loved her. He allowed his eyes to finally drift closed and despite the fact that he didn't share the bed with her warm body, he knew that he would at least have sweet dreams.