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A/N: Time to delve into Al's thoughts. A change from my usual stuff. By the way, this small ficlet is based on the train scene during the last episode, so if you have not seen the end of the series, I suggest you not read this.


Alphonse Elric sat on the train, staring out the window. Large fields passed by, accompanied by the occasional farm or home, but the young boy saw none of it.

He had been doing some research on the basis of alchemy, and although he was a regular, happy boy, there was a gap.


Alphonse knew his brother had disappeared. Although he remembered sharing all those times aschildren and he could not remember anything else, instinct told him he had to begin a journey that would take reunite him with Edward Elric.

He had not been told where his brother was, or what had happened to cause such a sudden disappearance.

The younger boy was not exactly sure where to search first, but he knew that he would eventually find his brother. He didn't know where to go, or how long it would take him, but he needed to do it. It was a decision he had made not a day ago.

"I will be alright," he had told Winry. "I'll study hard, find my brother, and come home!"

But as he stared out the window, he found himself wondering, where did Nii-san go? Izumi-sensei had kept silent regarding the subject of Ed's disappearance as had Winry. All of them (with the exception of Al) knew what had happened. They knew why Ed had disappeared so suddenly, why his sacrifice had been so necessary for his younger brother.

However, they didn't know where Ed had truly gone. Winry, as doubtful about Ed's return due to circumstances as she was, had been almost grateful to his sacrifice to bring Al back. Maybe it was better that Al could not remember anything from the four years of travel.

Perhaps in time, the Elric brothers would be reunited… but at what further cost?


Finished - November. 23rd, 2005

This is my first attempt at diving into Al's thoughts concerning the disappearance of his older brothers. This is only based onwhatIzumi and Winry discuss near the end of the episode towards Ed's disappearance and Al's lack of memories.Any and all feedback greatly appreciated, because this little ficlet could probably be even better. As for the ending, I have not seen the movie yet! Please do not review telling me anything about it!