Snookums and Slappy went skipping into the busy streets of Paris, arms linked, and singing "Allouette". People smiled and waved when they passed. They waved back. Everyone was made happier by their passing presence, and this made Snookums and Slappy ever so jolly and satisfied.

"Oh what a jolly, jolly day!" said Slappy.

"Oh yes indeed! I do hope we find some ice cream very soon!" Snookums agreed.

"Why don't we ask some of our happy friends?"

"What happy friends?" asked Snookums. "Why, the only happy friends we have are each other. At least, as far as I know. I only hang out with policemen who have a sense of humour like a tortoise has a nightstick. And you only hang out with students who are so geeky that they do nothing but sit around all the time and talk politics."

"Well," chimed in Slappy, "at least Grantaire had the right idea."

"Oh! Oh! Did he eat ice cream?"

"Well, no, not ice cream . . ."


Slappy and Snookums were quiet for some thoughtful moments, though their happiness did not dim. Suddenly Slappy had an idea. "I have an idea!"

"Oh I'm certain it's quite jolly!"

"Why don't we go out and MAKE some happy friends! Then they can tell us where to buy some ice cream!"

"Oh how CAPITAL! It's simply a CAPITAL idea!"

"Oh I'm ever so glad that you like it."

Snookums smiled and sighed -- a happy sigh, to be sure. "Oh I am SO pleased that we found each other. Just think: if we hadn't, you'd have been stuck on a park bench all day staring at little girls, and I--"

"Well, it wouldn't have been SO terrible . . ." Slappy drifted in.

"As I was saying, I would have been left strolling around all day, gawking at flowers. Perhaps I might even have been robbed or killed."

"That WOULD have been a terrible shame."

"Yes, it would have been. So it is quite fortunate that we met up." Snookums grinned, and bent down to pick a flower from between the paving stones.

"I couldn't have put it better myself!"

"Yes. Quite capital . . . But now let's waste no time! We must go off into Paris and make some happy friends!"

What will happen next time to Snookums and Slappy? Will they be hit by a speeding omnibus? Will they try with a little help from their friends to find some ice cream? Will they even MAKE any friends? Oh let us hope that they do! And let us hope that, when they do, they all get together and find some ice cream and have a JOLLY time! Let us also hope that they are not robbed by Patron Minette or maimed by any wild animals. And let us hope that they do not get lost in their search! Oh! WHAT will happen to poor Snookums and Slappy?

Tune in next time... Same Happy, Pukey time; same Happy, Pukey channel!