Title: Duel of Destiny: Pharaoh's Quest (wow...that's a long title xD)
Part: 1?
Author: DaakuKitsune
Warnings: AU, Jap names, possessive Yami
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Humor?
Pairings: YxY for sure, possible some others.
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. ..; If I did own YGO, I would hire Happy Dragon to write much lemonyness between Atem-chan and Yuu-chan x3

Description: Yuugi was ecstatic. He had just received the newest game by Industrial Illusions. So new, it wasn't even on the markets yet! Popping it in to try it out, Yuugi is rewarded by being sucked into his brand new game. Now, he has to help the Pharaoh discover his true self and stop the Shadows from overrunning the world! But what happens when a bond forms between Yuugi and the Pharaoh? Will he want to leave when all is said and done?


Jii-chan Grandpa

'words' Yuugi's thoughts

"words" Talking out loud

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Chapter 1

Game Start!


A boy with spiky, tri-colored hair and amethyst eyes looked up as his name was called. The boy was wearing tight leather black pants and a black muscle shirt with the words 'Game King' in dark purple. He was wearing his normal school shoes and his usual two belts. An elderly man with similar grey hair (held under an orange bandana), amethyst eyes, and wearing a pair of work overalls had called out to him.

Yuugi was in what looked like a garage, currently taking stock of all the various games his grandpa sold. Hearing his name being called, Yuugi set his clipboard down and looked up at his grandpa. Seeing a package in the elderly man's hands, his eyes lit up.

"Is that--!" Yuugi began.

"Yup, it was just delivered!"

"Jii-chan, can I…?"

"Of course my boy, of course. You've been working hard all day, you're more than deserving of a break!" The old man chuckled as Yuugi practically glomped him, then took the package up to his room.

"I can't believe it's finally here!" Yuugi squealed as he plopped down on his bed to look at his package.

Tearing off the brown wrapping, then the lid labeled 'Industrial Illusions' Yuugi stared at the contents, hardly able to suppress his excitement. Inside the box was a simple unmarked envelope and what looked like a CD, with the words 'Duel of Destiny: Pharaoh's Quest'(1) handwritten on it (in what Yuugi knew was Pegasus' handwriting).

Picking up the envelope first, Yuugi carefully opened it.

Dear Yuugi-boy,

Yuugi sweatdropped at the fact that Pegasus actually wrote 'Yuugi-boy.'

As promised here is the very first copy of Industrial Illusions new game. I do hope you enjoy it, as one could very well say you were the inspiration for it. I certainly hope you enjoy this game.

I think you'll find the Pharaoh to be quite…charming, once you meet him. Remember Yuugi-boy, the fate of the world is in your hands.

Do try your best to keep the Shadows from overrunning this world.

Best of Luck,

Pegasus J. Crawford

Yuugi blinked. "Okaaaay…"

A normal person might find this letter strange. But Yuugi had meet Pegasus on several occasions. Pegasus was a genius, that was for sure (you couldn't create a multi-billion dollar game and not be considered a genius), but he was also…very freaky.

It was shortly after the death of his beloved wife that Pegasus held Duelist Kingdom to crown the 'Game King' of his creation. Yuugi had gotten an invitation as regional champion, and long story short, eventually dueled Pegasus and won, thereby becoming the King of Games.

He had also met and defeated former National Champ and CEO of Kaiba Corp, (who had never lost, but then never dueled Pegasus either) Seto Kaiba.

Seto Kaiba then became his new stalker, popping out of random places when Yuugi least expected it and challenging him to duels.

Yuugi always wondered how Kaiba found the time to stalk him and run a multi-billion dollar corporation at the same time.

But back to the story.

Pegasus had always taken the games he created a bit far. So Yuugi didn't think anything of the letter other than it was Pegasus just being Pegasus.

Shaking his head slightly at the eccentric billionaire, Yuugi glanced at the clock. He had about 20 minutes before Kaiba popped out of something demanding yet another rematch. Yuugi snorted as he was suddenly hit with the mental image of Kaiba popping out of the toilet, his trademark trench coat wet, but still floating behind him. His dramatic entrance slightly ruined, due to the fact that he was dripping in toilet water.

Popping open the lid of his PS2 (2), Yuugi put the disk in and sat down as he waited for it to start up. The start menu appeared and Yuugi nearly dropped his controller in shock. He was on the screen!

Yuugi blinked. 'No, wait, it's not me.'

Upon second look, Yuugi could see the figure on the screen had sharper features, crimson eyes, more blonde streaks in his hair, which was tipped with crimson (unlike Yuugi's own which was tipped in purple). And then there was the obvious thing that his near double had a very attractive tan while Yuugi was very much pale.

'I wonder if it would be narcissist of me to think how very hot he is.' Yuugi giggled at the thought. 'Is this what Pegasus meant when he said I inspired the game?'

While it was flattering to think that Pegasus had modeled the Pharaoh after himself, it was also rather embarrassing. Pushing those thoughts aside for the moment, Yuugi pressed the start button.

Nothing happened.

After a few minutes had gone by, Yuugi let out the groan he had been holding. 'Is it a faulty disk?'

Yuugi had just stood up when he noticed the screen started to glow golden. It got so bright he had to cover his eyes.

"What the!"

He suddenly felt himself being pulled towards his TV set and then landing with a thump on something that did not feel like his carpet. More like--


Groggily he opened his eyes.

Disoriented amethyst met confused, intrigued, and slightly hungry crimson eyes.


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