Fluff with Lemony Sprinkles


Summary: He was defenseless against her attack, though he had been the one moving in in the first place, THWAP! This, meant war. Sheelos

Spoilers: Yup, it's okay to read if you've already met Zelos in the game.

A/N: UBER, FLIPPING BIG ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ANY OF THOSE WHO FOLLOW THE Forever Strong STORYLINE! After much contemplation of "Life of the Party", I have come to face the reality that I am too inapt to write a successful story of that plot, or at least, one of any quality. Thus, if it does not meet standards, it will not be posted.

However, in place of that, will come two one-shots, mainstream to the story: Never and Forever, and a side lemon, "'Twas the Night before the Wedding...". For those, I can sketch out this much:

NaF: Contains bits and pieces of LotP, but for the most part will be of the 'hitching'.

TtNbtW: ...Does this really need to be explained?

Now, on to this thingie...


"So which is it? If you don't tell me honestly, I'll be forced to stay put."

She tried to push the red from her, laughing at her own weakness as compared to him. "Struggling will only make me hold tighter." Zelos smiled coyly, teasing her by intertwining his fingers in her silky raven hair, while keeping still a firm, though tender, hold around her waist.

"C'mon, lemme goo..." she whined, still fruitlessly attempting to slip through his grasp.

He snickered, now tracing patterns onto the shoulder of her garb. "What's the password?"

She groaned, a diversion to her cover her grabbing for a pillow. He couldn't have been more taken in. "All you have to do is—"


Succeeding in narrowly escaping from his clinch, she giggled at his loss of face. He, on the other hand, picked himself up onto his knees grabbing a pillow to match. "You wanna tussle?" he mock challenged.

"Bring it on." That being said, Sheena launched a barrage of shots at the red haired Chosen, who managed to block the majority of those with his pillow. When her attack slowed, he countered; parried and commenced his own onslaught.

She was ill-prepared for this sudden assault. To the best of her ability, she blocked his strikes however she soon found her self pinned beneath Zelos, yet again. His scarlet locks brushing her shoulders.

"Sooo...?" he lowered himself onto her slowly.

"So what?"

"Do you love me?"





Meanwhile, the Sage siblings were staying in the room adjacent to Sheena and Zelos...

Genis perked up from the book he had buried himself in a couple hours ago. "Hey sis, what's going on in there?"

Raine, who was smitten with a book herself, didn't even look up, "Just keep reading, Genis."



A/N: I almost forgot, to connect with the current situations, I changed the ending line of chapter eighteen to: "As Zelos performed the traditional sliding-of-the-ring-onto-the-fiancée's-finger ordeal, he had only one word runnning through his head, and it was anything but traditional.