Sheelos Fluff with Lemony Sprinkles


Summary: A drabble written on the little things in life.

Rating: K

Spoilers?: None.


She smiled up at him, so lovingly she nearly glowed. No teeth were shown, no other signs that she was smiling were given, but she was.

Circumstances had been kind to them and fell in their favor. He no longer was tied in name to the responsibility Chosen, and she was not wholly bound to Mizuho through the perceptive wisdom of her grandfather. The biggest obstacles that had once stood between them were now but small trinkets of their persona—small tags fixed loosely to a finger reminding them of where they came from and to where they can always return, should they forget or lose their way. Identical bands also served for this purpose, albeit laced in black silver and one dazzling ruby eye gazing toward the future.

It had been years; time had seemed to soar past in a joyful rush, fervent to arrive at its destination unknown but to those who could find it.

But Zelos had found it. An eager Father Time had raced through the years long gone and now stopped at this moment—this very moment—as if to catch his breath. Yet, there was nothing grandeur about it; it was not a big celebration, very few knew of it. To most of the world, the moment was jovial. Frivolous. Insignificant. Nothing worth remembering.

Then, to consider the axiom about the little things in life… it was trite, and it was true.

Her smile couldn't have been very noticeable, but then, neither was the child she held in her arms.