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It was near the beginning of June and it was warm outside. People strolled over the school grounds, talking quietly-


Dori O'Neill frowned at her dad who was still smirking. "That's not funny! Mom!"

Samantha looked over at her daughter. "What is it, Dorothy?"

The teen gestured to the ex-General. "Dad's been talking to Rick again!"

Jack smiled at his wife unrepentantly. "How's Junior?" He asked, ignoring his daughter's scowls and focusing on his wife.

Sam smoothed her nearly flat tummy. "She's fine."

"How do you know it's going to be a girl?" Daniel questioned.

"Don't you want to sit down?" Jack asked, offering her a chair.

Dori rolled her eyes and adjusted her 'cap'. Sam had found out only days ago that she was pregnant and already her father was in 'protective mode'… as was Sam's father. Jacob had managed to visit Earth in time to see his daughter's graduation.

Sam intertwined her fingers with Jack's, making their gold wedding bands sparkle. "I'm fine, honey."

They had gotten married mid-March as the SGC in a private ceremony only attended by Sam's father, Daniel, Teal'c, General Hammond and other SGC personnel. Dori stayed with Janet until the couple retuned a week later.

Dori smiled at them then looked at her watch. "Gosh, I'm going to be late... ceremony starts in seven minutes!"

Jack frowned as she raced off. "Where did all the time go?" He asked himself.

Dorothy Anne Morgan O'Neill was graduating.

Sam leaned her head against his shoulder. "It's okay, Jack... she'll still be at home for another three months or so…"

Jack rolled his eyes. "Thanks."


She joined small line of people and stood behind her boyfriend. Rick turned around and gave her a small smile.

"You ready?" He asked.

She smiled. "I am."

And the music began.


Dori smiled at Daniel and smoothed her diploma then laughed as Teal'c calmly took away Daniel's beer and handed him a ginger ale.

"Congratulations on your graduation, Dorothy." He said.

"Yeah," Daniel echoed. "Any idea what you are going to do now?"

Dori was aware of the fact everyone was now looking at her. "Actually... I have."

"What's the plan?" Sam asked after Dori didn't continue. The girl looked over at her father.

"I'm... joining the Air Force. I was accepted today." She took another breath. "General Hammond says I should be able to be transferred to the SGC after I complete my four years."

Jack continued to look at his daughter, his face expressionless. Sam gave her husband an questioning look.

"Dad, say something."

The ex-General cleared his throat. "Dori..." He began huskily. "I... I'm really proud of you, you know that right?"

"Like father, like daughter," She quipped.

"Don't forget 'mother'," Sam cried.

Dori threw her arms around her two parents. "I love you guys."

"I love you too," Her parents both whispered.

She pulled away and gave Jack a saucy glance. "Did I tell you that Rick was joining too?"

Jack groaned.


In September, Dori and Rick began attending the Academy and Sam continued her trips up to Cheyenne Mountain every weekday, despite her being five months pregnant.

Jack found himself alone from 7:00 in the morning to 5:00 at night... sometimes later.

One could only watch 'The Simpson's' so many times.

When George Hammond offered him the chance to test the new 'USAF gliders' that Area 51 had been developing, he jumped at it. The people from the Prometheus would beam him back and forth so he was nearly always home by the time Sam returned

Thanksgiving and Christmas flew past for the small family. Cassie paid them a flying visit, which Dori enjoyed greatly. Her departure at the beginning of January coincided with the birth of the O'Neill child.


"Cadet O'Neill!"

She spun around. "General Kerrigan, sir!"

"At ease, Cadet. Your father wishes to see you."

She followed him into his office and saw Jack staring at the wall.

"Dad?" She asked. "What's wrong?"

He turned around. "Nothing... thought I'd drop by, tell you the news."

"What news?" She demanded.

Jack smiled. "Cadet, you have a baby sister."

She gaped. "A-a sister? I do? When? What's her name? Is she-"

"She was born this morning about 0400, she's fine and healthy."

"What's her name?"


Dori gave a small smile. "After Grandma."


"When can I see her?"

Jack looked at General Kerrigan who nodded. "Right now."



The Colonel looked up. "Hey!" She greeted, rather tiredly. "How's it going?"

"I should be asking you that," Dori said handing her a rose. "Where's the baby?"

Sam gestured to Janet who was holding the infant. Dori went up and held out her arms. "Please Aunt Janet?"

The doctor sighed but handed the baby over. Barbara had soft brown 'fuzz' on her head, and blue eyes.

"She's a combination of Jack and Sam." Dori whispered to Janet.

"Her eye color will most likely changed," Janet said. "Most babies eyes do."

"She's so light!"

Jack gestured for Dori to come closer and she did.

"She's beautiful, Sam." The girl gushed. "Gorgeous!"

"Looks like her father."

"What a loss," Daniel joked, taking a seat next to Sam. "She's right though, Sam. Barbara Daniela is beautiful."

Dori shot a look at her father. "What about poor Teal'c?"

"We'll figure something out for the next kid," Jack said comfortably.

The rest of the day sped by too fast for the small family. Dori reluctantly returned to the Academy, and the O'Neill family left for home.


The door slammed.

Sam looked up. "Happy Birthday Dori!"

Dori barely stopped. "Hi." She mumbled ducking around Sam and hurried into her room.

The door slammed closed. Sam hesitated for a moment before pushing open her daughter's door.

"Dor-" She stopped. The young adult was lying face down on her bed, sobbing.

"Dori?" She asked quietly, shifting Barbara to her other arm. "What's the matter?"

"N-nothing…" She sobbed.

Sam sat on the edge of the bed. "Spill it, Dorothy."

She rolled over, her face red. "Rick and I… had a fight."

"About what?"

She sniffed. "Us."

Sam was quiet for a moment. "Did he propose?"

Dori barely nodded.

"I thought he might."

She looked astonished. "You knew he was going to propose?"

"I thought he would. He asked your father if he could several months ago… Jack said you had to be eighteen."

She sniffed again. "Well, he did. And I refused."

Sam placed Barbara on the king-sized bed then wrapped her arms around the girl. Dori held on as if for dear life.

When Jack returned home, he found Rick begging to talk.

He soon found out that Rick had proposed to his daughter and she had gone hysterical.

"I don't know why, sir."

Jack's first impulse was to dance a jig- something that faded away as he saw the look of bewilderment and hurt on his face. He sighed. "She probably wasn't ready for it, Cadet. Did she say no?"

"I… suppose. She said she was too young and that she needed to focus on her career and…" He trailed off. "I love the Air Force sir, but I will give it up if that means I can marry your daughter."

Jack was quiet for a moment. "Cadet-Rick… I don't think Dorothy exactly meant what she said. I think Dori cares for you deeply… but now isn't the right time for this. You should wait until your graduation from the Academy."

Rick tried to hide the deep disappointment on his face. "Yes, sir." He stood up. "May I talk to her?"

He shrugged. "Let me see if she's up for it."

Rick was granted ten minutes with her and left, slightly more cheerful then he had been. Dori confided in Sam that she had told him 'not now… but maybe later'.

The months continued to slip by…


"Barbara O'Neill!"

The little girl sighed. "Daddy, how 'tan I see if I 'tan't 'tand on my 'tair?"

Jack looked at his daughter. "Chair," He corrected. "You're going to fall."

"No!" She said indignantly. "I won'. P'omise."

Dori leaned over. "Barbara, when it's time, I'll lift you up so you can see, okay?"

Barbara Danielle hesitated before nodded her small head. " 'kay."

"Where's Aun' Tassie?" She asked a minute later.

Rick looked at the three-year-old sitting between him and his girlfriend's father. "She's in that room, Barbara. When the music starts, she'll walk through, up that aisle and sit in those chairs."

Barbara turned her brown eyes, like her father's, towards her father. "Really, daddy?"

"Really," He agreed, giving her and Rick a smile. Rick was twenty-one and obviously still liked his daughter. Dori was nearly old enough to drink, she said cheekily.

Sam sat next to her husband and her father. At eight months pregnant, Jack had been dubious about flying down to Cassie's medical school for her graduation but Sam had insisted.

Jacob had insisted on being there for 'Jack's daughter's' graduation.

So here they were… O'Neill's, Jacob Carter, Janet, Daniel, Teal'c, and Rick (who had tagged along) to support Cassie as she received her diploma. She already had a position at the SGC thanks to Jack and her mother.

The music began and a long line of students began walking through the doors. Barbara watched intently but didn't see her beloved aunt.

"Where's Aun' Tassie?" She asked in her clear voice. "Where?"

There were a few chuckles. Dori leaned over and scooped the little girl into her lap. "She'll be coming soon."

Barbara watched closely as another string of students entered. "DERE SHE IS!" She tried to squirm off Dori's lap. "TASSIE! TASSIE!"

The red head scanned the crowd until she spotted the excited little girl. She waved and managed to pat her head as she passed which made the little girl giggle.

Barbara settled down after Cassie passed until the graduates filed out of the room where she occupied saying 'Hi' to each person until Jack finally took her from his other daughter and told her to be quiet.

"Flirting at that young age!" Jack mumbled to his wife.

Afterwards, Cassie hurried over, excitement on her face and a boy in tow. "Mom!"

Janet hugged her daughter. "Oh Cassie… I'm so proud of you…"

"Hey, lay off the waterworks," Jack said seeing with foreboding the tears coming to all of the women's eyes. "It's time to party!"

The boy behind Cassie tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped. "Sorry, Paul. Mom, this is Paul Judge. Paul, this is my mother, my uncles: Jack, Te-Murray, and Daniel, my aunt Sam, my friend Dori, and last but not least, my niece Barbara."

"Hi!" Barbara piped. "Is you Tassie's boyf'end?"

He knelt down and nodded. "Yep. I am."

Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c instantly scowled. Cassie ignored them and looked at her mother. "He's a lawyer," she said proudly lacing her arm through his.

"How did you two meet?" Sam asked, looking at Paul.

He grinned boyishly. "A library. She was studying for her mid-term, I for the bar."

"Love at first sight?"

Cassie snorted. "Yeah, right. I spilled my water all over him, and he dropped a huge book on my head- accidentally, of course."

Janet and Sam exchanged amused glances. "Do you live here in Maryland?" Janet asked.

The red head smiled. "Actually, his family lives in Denver. He was thinking about practicing there but he just might go to Colorado Springs…"

"Wonderful," Sam said sincerely, scrutinizing him. She could see why Cassie had initially fallen for him. He was good looking- with dark curly hair, and bright green eyes. She gave her a thumbs up.

"Join us for dinner?" Janet was saying.

"I don't want to intrude…"

"Nonsense," Sam insisted. "The more the merrier."

The men scowled even more, this time including Rick as he saw Dori eye Paul. Jacob merely shot Jack amused glances.

"I'd be delighted too."


"I don't like that guy," Jack announced that night at their hotel room.

Sam rolled her eyes and pulled the covers over her daughter. "Of course not."

"What's that suppose to mean?"

She smoothed Barbara's hair. "You're overprotective, Jack. I shudder to think what Barbara's going to have to go through."

"Hey, I'm just-"

She leaned over and kissed him. "Night, honey."


Once back in Colorado Springs, Cassie took up her post at Stargate Command, Rick paid his relatives in California a flying visit, and Dori helped Jack 'baby-sit' Barbara (Jack had given up his 'job' upon the birth of his daughter.)

Several weeks later brought the birth of yet another girl for the O'Neill's.

Lynn Murae (the closest feminine name to Murray or Teal'c) seemed to favor her mother. When she was brought home, Barbara was wary of her-unsure of her position in her family's affection. After a while, even though Mommy was busy with Lynn but still had time to play with her and read to her, she began to warm up to her new sister.

September came around which sent both Dori and Rick back to the Academy, and Sam back to the SGC where she had taken a three-month leave.

Jack had his hands full with the baby and Barbara but enjoyed being able to be around them-something he wasn't able to do with Charlie.

Christmas rolled by, and Lynn had begun to crawl, Barbara to read, and Cassie's boyfriend had moved to Colorado Springs. Teal'c, Daniel, and Jack had had a 'talk' with him- unbeknownst to Cassie.

Barbara turned five in January, followed by Dori's twenty-first birthday. They had a 'shindig' for her to celebrate.

The months continued to trickle by…

"Mommy! I can't find my pink shirt!"

Sam picked up the smiling Lynn and followed the sound of her daughter's voice to her bedroom where the girl was standing.

"Wear your green dress that Aunt Janet bought you."

Barbara sighed. "Can I please wear my jeans?"

"Nope, green dress. Get moving."

She sighed but obeyed. Sam hurriedly dressed Lynn in a blue romper suit and combed the little girl's plenteous hair. Jack buttoned Barbara and braided her hair, giving Sam time to get ready herself. Dori flew by, dressed in her dress uniform- for today was her graduation. Rick left with her, and the O'Neill followed minutes later.

Jack found himself wiping away a few tears, as his eldest daughter became Second Lieutenant Dorothy O'Neill. Sam was unashamedly teary-eyed.

Afterwards, Rick and Dori disappeared for an hour then reappeared with identical smiles on their faces.

At O'Malley's several hours later, Dori stood up.

"Um, Rick and I have something to announce," She said shyly. "We uh…"

Rick wrapped an arm around her. "Dori has agreed to become Dorothy Anne Morgan Carter O'Neill Anderson."

Cassie stared at her, her mouth open. "You too?"

Janet looked at her daughter. "What?"

Cassie held up her hand. On it was a ring with a small diamond sparkling from it. "Paul proposed this afternoon… and I accepted."

Dori squealed. "We could have a double wedding!"

Sam laughed at the look on her husband's face. "Oh Jack…"


Cassie and Paul were married six months later, Dori and Rick having decided to wait until their careers were a little more settled.

Dorothy had been recruited by the SGC while Rick was approached by Major General George Hammond and offered a spot on the Prometheus… one, which he accepted after much thought.

Barbara started kindergarten in September to Sam's secret sorrow. Lynn was beginning to talk- her first words were 'cryin' out loud'.

Dori and Rick decided on a wedding date in June, right after Lynn's birthday.


"Sam, if you cry, I'll cry, and then we'll ruin Cassie's makeup."

Sam sniffed. "I just keep remembering the day you showed up at General O'Neill's house… you were so…"

"Aggravating? Picky? Bratty?"

"Not bratty."

"I was."

Lynn stared at her sister solemnly. "Did daddy 'pank you?"

Dori laughed and picked up her little sister. "No, baby… daddy didn't 'pank me."

"Wha' he do?"

"He loved me."

"Oh." Her blue eyes surveyed her sister. "I don' wan' you to go… I love 'ou."

"You promised Mommy you wouldn't ask her to say," Barbara reminded. The nearly six-year-old was rather bossy- something Jack insisted came from her mother.

There was a knock on the door and Jack slipped into the room. "You ready Dorothy?"

She wiped away a tear. "Yeah."

Cassie opened the door. "You guys want a minute alone? I'll take the kids."

They accepted and Cassie left with the two girls.

"Dorothy, I have never, ever been more proud of you." Jack said, wrapping his arms around his daughter and planting a kiss on her forehead.

"I love you, dad." She whispered.

"Ditto, Dori… ditto."


Barbara confidently headed down the aisle. She had been practicing her parts for ages and knew it by heart.

Lynn had a little more trouble. People smiled at the pretty little girl, walking down the petal littered aisle, with a big smile on her face. She stopped to say 'Hi' so often that Sam was afraid that she would never make it up to the stairs, but she did.

It was Dori's turn.

Jack had thought it bad enough to be stranded on the planet for nearly two years but this felt almost as bad- giving away his daughter. He knew it was silly- she would still live in Colorado Springs… but still…

As they started up the aisle, a sudden burst of laughter came from the audience.

Instead of the wedding march, the 'MacGyver' theme song played. Dori laughed and looked at her father.

"You ready, dad?"

"Let's go."

The End.

Finis postscript: Dori and Rick were married amid laughter. As a special surprise for Dori, Richard Dean Anderson attended their reception.

To Jack's dismay, his daughter's are now firm 'MacGyver' fans.

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