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This is just going to be a short little romance story. Not anything with a real plot, just something to feed your little fires of passion. I don't know how many chapters it will be, but don't expect too much.

Garfield lit the candles one by one, allowing that pleasing scent of mulled wine to fill the cozy living room. Along a maroon painted wall a stone fireplace stood tall, holding a fewburning logs. A soft crackling of timber was the only sound in the large room, along with the occasional chiming of the wine glasses as they were filled with the budding taste of Chardonnay. The full moon hung outside like a reminder of how much time he had left before that special woman came home. Licking his lips briefly before setting the chinaware on the end table; it wasn't an anniversary nor was it anyone's birthday.

It was just something to show the woman he loved how much he really did appreciate her. Glancing around the dimly lit room, his wife had decorated everything herself and he couldn't argue with the fact that it all looked beautiful. Deep reds and light creams clashed together in perfect harmony, from the plush, burgundy couches to the pallid curtains the room was wonderful. But before long they would have to remove the glass sculptures from the tables and low shelves. Before long they would have to place a cover in front of the fireplace. Before long they would be having children, and beingfuture parentstheyjust couldn't risk the little onesgetting hurt.

Digging his hands into the faded pockets of his jeans, staring at the oak door through emerald irises. Wishing that the one he loved would just walk through the door and he could show her just how much he adored her. Five years had gone by since he had managed talked her into going out on a date with him, and ever since that night he couldn't have been more at her mercy. Just less than a year ago they had, finally, confessed that they couldn't live without each other. And on that special night, Garfield had pulled out that diamond ring and dropped to his knee. On that night he had confessed every feeling he had ever had for her and on that night she gave him her hand in marriage.

Ripped from his blissful memories as a sharp crack could be heard from the front door. Immediately shifting his gaze from the dark carpeted floor to the shifting golden doorknob, within a mere moment it seemed that the stars shined brighter than before. A beautiful woman walked through the doorway; a leather coat hid her perfect figure from his hungry eyes along with the wool gloves that prevented him from looking at her soft hands. Her thick, violet hair hung across her shoulders, curving around the edges of her pale face. In the moonlight, Garfield swore that she was an angel.

That angel looked up to him, giving him that same warming smile that he had craved for every day over the past years. Raven. Perfect Raven. She hadn't lost a speck of beauty since she was sixteen, and if he did say so himself she had grown even more stunning. Enough of introductions; quickly the woman stepped inside, closing the door behind her and let the heat of the ongoing fire warm her chilled body. It was nearing the middle of December, snow now covered the ground in soft layers and it was approaching her favorite holiday of all. Though she still had to work for ten hours a day, she still loved the fact that she could come home to such a perfect husband.

Letting her purse fall to the ceramic tiling, stripping herself of her winter jacket and gloves, dangling them on the coat hanger before she kicked her boots off into the small corner behind the door. Now left in a purple sweater and black dress slacks. Raven, being anaccountant for the local bank, she found it necessary to wear such… proper attire. Of course the male noticed her choice of clothes for the day, the sweater dropped in a low 'v' across her chest and held the curves of her body perfectly. Raven ignored his eager stares and peered into the living room, noticing the array of candles and the two glasses of champagne.

"Someone was busy. What's the occasion?"

Garfield only snapped out of his daydream and followed her gaze towards his little preparations. Allowing a soft laugh to be given to the female as he advanced upon her, snaking his arms around her waist and bringing her closer into the heart of the room. Applying a gentle kiss to her awaiting lips, welcoming her back home as he did every day. Sure he worked as well, but it was a blessing to him that he arrived back to their cozy house before she did. Letting his deep words be given to her, much different from that ever-changing, squeaky voice he had been cursed with as a teenager.

"Do I need an occasion? I just thought that you might like somethingspecial tonight."

Offering her a questioning glance only to be answered with a cheerful grin and the female reaching out for a crystal glass. Waiting for him to pick up his own, gently tapping the rim of the wineglasses together and lifting it to her lips. Letting the thin liquid pour into her mouth slowly, enjoying the taste thoroughly. Though the male tipped his glass quickly, setting it back on the table in less than a second before trailing the pale skin of her neck gently with his lips. Raven allowed a soft giggle to bubble from her throat, placing her own glass next to his on the table.

"Can't we just have a normal romantic evening... no seducing involved?"

Obviously the male wasn't listening to her. Now letting her hands rub against the male's shoulders through the thin material of his t-shirt. Fireworks exploded inside of her, feeling the butterflies buzz around her stomach as she tried to control herself. But the feel of his lips tugging against the sensitive area of her neck was enough to drive her crazy.

"Gar… don't stop."

Ending her words with a soft sigh, but it didn't seem that the male had the same idea. Pulling away from his teasing kiss, offering her a reassuring smile before lifting the girl up into his strong embrace. Supporting her small body with his forearms as he made his way down the hallway, Raven was clear where they were headed off to but she didn't dare push him away. Neither of them spoke a word until the male had put the female back down onto the carpet.

This time she was in a dark hued bedroom, once again that same maroon color hung around the room accented with the alluring hue of gold. It was the room where she knew that all her fantasies and her dreams could come true. That romantic feeling in the air had never failed her before and she was more than sure that it wouldn't do so now. Garfield stepped up behind her, sliding the downy material of her sweater over her shoulder, exposing the frail skin to the cool air. Only covering it with a kiss or two before looking up to her.

"You can't deny me Raven…"

That cocky smirk spread onto his olive features, knowing that whenever he played his cards right she would never be able to deny him his chips. Raven looked back on her husband and offered a soft sigh, hoping that maybe this time he would be wrong. But as she felt his hands smooth down her hips, brushing against her thighs gently she knew he would always be right.

"Make love to me then."

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