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Well here is the final chapter of Raven and Beast Boy's little romance scene. Thanks to all who actually reviewed and gave me the muse to keep the story going.

Raven watched him with begging eyes after she had spoken, and that my friend was the opportune moment. Garfield smoothed his hand across her forehead, gently gripping her hip with his opposite hand before pressing his member into her. Allowing a soft groan to escape his lips as he covered her mouth with his own, engulfing her in a wave of pleasure knowing so by the moan that she emitted. Quickly sweeping his tongue into her mouth, letting the muscle rub against her own as he thrusted himself further into her. Raven's head was now spinning with thoughts, all of which dealt with how much she really loved him.

Not to mention how much he was giving her just by taking an hour to make love to her. Making all her dreams come true. It meant the world to her every time he did so and she only hoped that she gave him just as much pleasure. Raven was right, because Garfield certainly got the most from all the times they had sex and there was no doubt about the fact that he felt closer to her each time they did so. The female released another moan, allowing her tongue to run across every inch of that delicious mouth of his. But before she could fully enjoy the taste of him, he parted from the kiss now running his lips over her neck and shoulder.

Emitting a moan as he continued to drive his hips against hers in a rhythmic motion. With every thrust he made, she moved her lower body in beat to his quick pace. They had made love for what seemed like a thousand times, but it appeared that each time she always felt the flush of both pleasure and adoration for him. Sure other men could give her the satisfaction she needed, being a woman, but no one else could even began to give her what Garfield gave her every day… love. Raking her nails against the man's back, leaving lines along the olive skin as he quickened his pace within her.

Gar in turn gave his own stifled moan, moving his lips away from her neck and pressing his cheek against hers. Continuing with his rough motions against her body, though he was sure not to hurt her it was just that Raven was very much used to them having sex. Over and over again, he pushed his manhood farther into her, pulling out as soon as he had gone his limit and starting the process once again. His hands now groped her small body, massaging the tender skin of her chest. Upon doing so, the female released a soft moan telling him that he was able to continue with his soft ministrations. Though he was beginning to feel the slight rise in throbbing of his member, letting him know that he was coming closer to his peak.

"Oh Jesus, Rae."

Garfield's voice had not only been muffled but also a bit forced. His breathing had already quickened and he was beginning to reach the end. Another loud groan was surfaced as his pace increased in speed even after it seemed that he was going as fast as he could. The male's thrusts were harder now, sliding Raven's body against the warmth and comfort of their sheets. Moving his hands down to her hips, using them like a handle so he could continue to push himself into her at a pleasurable speed. Raven kept her eyes closed at this point, feeling her own body begin to signal the start of her climax and for now she was just waiting for that wonderful feeling. Her hands tightly gripped his biceps, holding onto him as if she would fall through the bed. As well as her legs that were now firmly wrapped around his lower torso, helping herself with her own thrusts back up against him.

Suddenly a wave of bliss hit her lower body, quickly spreading up through her stomach and chest and tingling down her legs. Allowing a soft cry to be emitted into the room as she arched her back up against him, her chest now touching his own. Though she wasn't able to continue moaning due to the male's mouth quickly covering hers. Garfield instantly felt his own arc of pleasure, shuddering through him like an electrical charge. And as he pushed his tongue into the woman's mouth, his lower body trembled and his seed was released into the depths of her. Another groan was emptied into Raven's mouth, vibrating his throat and surely her own. It was just another wonderful round of lovemaking but he knew that he was the luckiest man only with her.

Continuing to thrust into her, just in case she hadn't tumbled over her own cliff, allowing those short, gruff moans to continue. Raven had passed her orgasm, and what a great feeling it had been. Now removing her legs from around his body, allowing him to pull out of her whenever he wished. Her fingers gently swept the sides of his face after he had pulled away from the kiss. Garfield's breath was staggering as sweat dripped down his forehead, he had stopped his gentle thrusts into her and now his manhood lay buried deep inside the woman he loved. Pressing his lips against both of her cheeks, ending the last kiss on the tip of her nose before he let a flashy grin cross over his manly features.

Raven only smiled back to him in response, now lowering her legs farther down to the bed in exasperation. The male slowly pulled out of her, emitting a low sigh as he did so. Their bedroom was now noticeably hot, and being the gentleman he was, Gar rolled over to her side. Raven took advantage of the moment and easily snuggled up to his warm body, laying her head on his shoulder and resting her hand on the smooth skin of his chest. Now clearly comfortable she led a trail of kisses across his bicep, sighing as the pleasuring throb between her legs began to die away. Only after she had calmed down did she proceed to speak to the man in tired tones.

"You sure know how to make love to a woman."

Garfield raised a brow as he listened to the female's words, only after listening to the comforting sound of her soft chuckles. Shaking his head in the slightest before his arm found its way around her bare body, bringing her in closer to him if it was even possible to do so. Holding the woman that he would love until the end of his time, and even after death took him away. There wasn't another human being on the planet that could ever make him feel the way he did when he was with Raven. And there was no way he would allow another man the chance to see how it felt to be with her… in her. Now letting his hushed yet deep words be given to her in reply, words that would lure her into never land.

"Just you. Only you, and forever you."

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