Something That Will Never Appear

A one shot dedicated to anyone who has ever loved someone they couldn't have

And all the Riven/Flora lovers out there

Summary: A poem based on Riven's love of Flora and the fact that he can't act on it. Brought about by too much Running Away by Fuel and too many Riven/ Flora collages- yes I made a few. I may elaborate on this later

Disclaimer: My love for you, that is my only sin- William Shakespeare

Riven sat on his bed and pulled out a tattered red notebook.

We met on a day

When the sun kissed the sky

When I believed I could be yours

And you could be mine.

But fate has never been kind to me

So I should have known

That this could never come to be.

But I still think

That we can be together

That your eyes will look into mine

And I'll hold you forever.

I still hold on to that hope.

That one day this will come to be.

But I fear that it will never happen.

So I'm bound to stay here.

Wishing for something

That will never appear.

There was a knock on the door, Riven quickly shoved his notebook under a piled of laundry. No one was even supposed to know that he wrote poetry. Let alone poetry about how he felt about Flora.

Okay. Did you like it or not? Was I too obscure? Did it make any sense?

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