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Shego's Shampoo

…Kim then quickly sprayed the bottle of shampoo all over Shego. Immediately, her eyes went into a blank stare.

"Shego? Uhh, Sheeego?" Kim waved a hand in front of her enemy's face. No reaction, nothing. "Wow… I wonder if this stuff would work for me?"

A very devious look came across Kim Possible's face, and she gave Shego a command that she hoped would be followed with perfection.

After making the suggestion, Kim had to hurry, as she knew she had missed her time to sing. Running down the hall towards the stage, she heard someone singing. No, they were rapping. As she got closer, Kim realized it was Ron!

Standing back on the side, she noticed Drakken sneaking up behind Ron and quickly jumped on his back, knocking him down.

Quickly assesing the situation, Rufus immediately calculated the angles and vectors, and leaped to the top of the giant "R" on stage. Pushing with all his Mole Rat strength, he was able to topple the giant letter, and it landed perfectly, with the inside of the "R" landing on top of Drakken pinning his arms inside. The rest of the song is history.

The real story here is what happens later, in Dr D's lair.

Shego was able to easily elude the Police, and was ready to head back to the lair, when she saw two policemen leading a handcuffed Drakken to a waiting Police car. She was able to easily spring him free, and the two then flew back to the lair.

Nothing was said between them, as both had been humiliated, again. Drakken felt worse because his defeat was on National Television. Grumbling at each other as they walked into the lair, the two split and went to their respective bedrooms.

The next morning, Shego was the first to wake up, so she made a pot of strong coffee. For some reason she was having trouble waking up. It was going to be one of those days.

Drakken then shuffled into the kitchen with his bunny slippers on, and a robe. "Is that coffee?" He asked, looking hopeful.

"Yeah, here ya go."

"Thank-you." He replied as Shego poured him a cup.

"You know what, Shego? Let's not do Karaoake for a while, OK?"

Shego was suddenly looking very strange. She seemed all googily-eyed. Her face rested in her hands, and she was looking dreamily at Dr. Drakken.

"You know, Dr. D? I never noticed how cute you look in the morning."

"Say wha…?"

"And you're even cuter when you're confused!" Shego crawled up onto the table, and slinkily moved towards Drakken on all fours. She then lay on her stomach, rolled over on her back, and brought a hand up to Drakken's face. She pursed her lips, grabbed a handful of his hair and began to pull him down to a kiss.

Drakken couldn't believe what was happening. Shego was trying to kiss him! He quickly placed his hand over her mouth right before his lips touched hers.

"What is wrong with you?" Drakken yelled as he shot up out of his chair, and backed up a few feet. "You're acting like the time you and Kim Possible got those Moodulators stuck on you!"

"Now why did you have to go and bring HER name up!" Shego suddenly yelled back. "You always seem to talk about Kim Possible! How you want to get rid of her! You know what? I think you LIKE her!" Shego was yelling at Drakken while she rolled off the table, and then stood, advancing on him.

"Now, now, Shego. Let's be reasonable. I so DO NOT LIKE HER!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, my little Drewbie." Shego said, as she sidled up next to Drakken. "I didn't mean to upset you." She pinched his cheek, and then quickly gave him a kiss right where she had pinched.

"Now you're just freaking me out! Now leave me alone for a while I work on my next scheme to get Kim Possible."

"I swear, Drakken, if I hear that name ONE MORE TIME…!" She lit her hands up with the green plasma.

Drakken back-pedaled quickly, and raised his hands in a futile attempt at a defense. The blast knocked him clean into the next room. Drew stood up fuming.

"Shego! You fried my Fuzzy Bunnies!"

Shego didn't care. She just waved him off, and walked out of the kitchen muttering something about getting his own damn coffee the next time.

What is going on with her? Drakken thought to himself. He gently picked up the charred slippers, looking at them as if he had lost a close friend. "My mother gave me these when I was just a boy…" He said under his breath, lower lip quivering.

"I will get her for this. Oh, she will pay… dearly." Drakken then said aloud to no one, shaking a fist in the direction Shego had been earlier.


"What is going on with me?" Shego said aloud to her self as she stomped back into her bedroom, still holding her cup of coffee.

For a few minutes there, I was feeling like I had feelings for him. Then I was actually getting jealous over that damn Kim Possible. The Princess!

"I DON'T GET JEALOUS!" She screamed, flaring her hand that held the cup, incinerating both it and the contents.

"Auuugghhhh!" She screamed. That was her favorite cup! It had the "Have a Nice Day" face on it with a bullet hole in the forehead.

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