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Chapter 4

The next morning, once again, Shego was having trouble waking up. What is going on here? Shego thought. I'm not physically tired, it feels like I'm just not getting enough sleep! Maybe it's all in my head…

Puttering around the kitchen, she made a pot of coffee, and found some muffins in the breadbox. Something had been nagging at her in the back of her mind, but she hadn't quite put a finger on it.

Dr. Drakken came in the room, looking like his usual disheveled morning self. Hair a mess, robe, and… bare feet? Shego groaned inwardly remembering what she had done to his poor little slippers. That was the whole reason Dr. D. had sent her into the TV Vortex.

Wait a minute! Realization dawned.

"Uhh… Dr D.? How did you create that vortex yesterday without the Pan-dam thingy… whatchamacallit?"

"Huh? Oh, wasn't that hard, really. The batteries and capacitors in the Vortex Ray Gun were still charged with energies from the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer, so I just dumped all that stored energy into my Dimensional Compiler, attached a tuner from the big screen TV, and Voila'! It was a one-time deal though. The entire unit fried on the return… aaarrgghh…"

"So now we have no TV?"

Drakken growled. "Oh crud! Now I can't watch Evil Eye tonight!"

"And that could be a good thing."

"Shego, once again, your words hurt!"

Suddenly Shego was feeling… what was she feeling? It was as if her emotions had been clicked on like a light switch. What the? Am I starting to feel something for Drakken?

Before she could stop herself, Shego said something she knew she was going to regret. "I only say those things because I Love ya, you big lug!"

"Wha…?" Drakken was completely surprised at this. Almost as surprised as Shego was when she heard those words come out of her mouth.

Shego promptly stood up from the kitchen table, slapped her hand across her mouth, and ran into her bedroom, leaving the door open. She flopped onto her bed, pulled a pillow over her face, and… cried? No, not really. She was embarrassed, yes, upset, yes, but she wasn't going to cry. She hadn't done that for years. YEARS!

Tap Tap… "Uhh, Shego?" Drakken was standing just outside her door with a concerned look on his face. "Are you going to be… OK?"

"Yeth…" Shego spoke into the pillow. Removing the pillow from her face, she sat up on her bed, her eyes blood shot, but no tears.

"Can I… come in?" Drakken tentatively asked.

Shego just nodded, slid over, and patted the mattress next to her.

"That's OK, I'll just stand."

"What is happening to me Drew?" She almost never called him by his given name.

"Well, we have been spending a lot of time together lately. Maybe we just need a break, or something?"

Sadness gripped Shego's heart. She didn't want to be away from him. "Drakken? Drew? Please, come sit beside me."

Hesitantly, Drakken stepped closer. He was definitely in unfamiliar territory here. Shego had NEVER let him into her bedroom before. He had never even tried to break in, for fear of recrimination. She patted the mattress beside her again, and Drakken slowly sat down on the edge, ready to jump off at any moment. He was looking as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

"uhh… will this take… long? I'm still working on…"

Suddenly Shego was wrapped around his neck. She wasn't kissing him, she was just holding. Taking a slow ragged breath, Shego spoke.

"Drak… Drew. Lately I've been… thinking about things. I know this is going to be a weird question, but… do you ever think about, us?"

Drakken just sat there, not sure what to say. Then he thought he recognized something. It was a smell. Where was it coming from? He breathed deeply through his nose.

"What … um, shampoo have you used lately?"

"I'm sorry Drew… I really haven't had time to shower lately. I suppose I smell a little. I haven't washed my hair since… since…" realization dawned on Shego. "Kim Possible!" She said between clenched teeth, and shoved Drakken off the bed.

"What?" Drakken said, sitting on the floor looking quite confused. "What about Kim Possible?"

There it was again, like a light switch. "You… You and your obsession with Kim Possible! I swear Drakken, if I can EVER get rid of the goody little two-shoes, you and I could be together, and… and…aaarrrggghhh!" She flopped on the bed again. "Get out of here!"

"But you just…" Drakken started to protest a little, but was cut off when Shego raised a glowing hand from the bed.

Drakken quickly left her room, closing the door behind him. He would leave her alone for a while, and maybe she wouldn't be so random later.

As he sat down in the chair that he used to send Shego to TV Land, he suddenly realized why he had recognized that smell. "That's the scent of my brain-washing shampoo!"

Drakken quickly got up, and headed to Shego's door.

Why… why is he so obsessed with that girl? Shego thought. The last time we saw that little Harlet was when Dr. D was rapping. I found Kimmie in the judges dressing room, we fought and… wait a minute, hold the phone…no way! That little…

Shego got up off her bed, and went to open her door. Just after opening the door, she felt someone rapping on her forehead.

Drakken looked up as his knuckles were not hitting wood. He was knocking on Shego's head.

"I just figured it out!" Both said to each other at the same time.

"Well, not completely." Shego finished. "But I do remember that Princess squirted a bout half a bottle of that shampoo of yours on my head! What did she do to me? Did she make me do the chicken dance and I don't remember? You better tell me if I've done anything embarrassing…"

"I think I've got an idea what… she…" Drakken tapered off as a thought began to enter his head. So Shego hasn't been in love with me? I kinda liked the kissing parts…

"Drakken… What are you thinking about?" Shego was starting to sound a little suspicious.

"Oh, nothing. Just working out a plan in my head to get them here and see if my assumptions are correct." He really WAS thinking that too. (Half-crazy maniacal geniuses could have more than one thought running around inside their heads.)

"Quick, Shego! Turn everything on that you can that won't blow up!"

The two ran around the lair hitting every power switch, button, and lever that they could find. Drakken's plan was really simple. Create a huge power drain so that Kim Possible's tech guru would notice the power change, and send her here to investigate.

After hitting the last switch, Drakken counted down from 10. "…three …2 …one, NOW!"

Right on cue, Kim and Ron came swinging in the open window announcing their arrival. "OK, Drakken, what's the power surge for? Weather machine? Oxygen annihilator?"

"Or maybe a chocolate milk mixer?" Ron finished the list.

"Oh, nothing of the sort, I assure you." Drakken started walking around turning things off. After all, he didn't want to run up his electricity bill. "You see Kim Possible, this was simply an invitation to talk."

"Talk? Drakken, what are you up to?" Kim's weird-dar started to go off.

"You see, Kim Possible," Drakken took a step closer to her, "I did take some college courses. One of them was psychology, and…"

Before he could say another word, Shego had jumped between the two, hands flared brightly. "Get away from him, you little TART!"

They say laughter is good for the soul, and if that phrase was taken literally, Kim, Ron, and Drakken would be saints. They were laughing so hard, that all three had fallen on the floor, rolling around and holding their sides!

"What is so funny?" Shego screamed.

Ron spoke first between bits of laughter. "Oh Shego… snicker I never really thought laughter that the he he "Green eyed Monster" could be ha ha taken so literally!"

Shego's eyes had been glowing a very bright green as soon as Drakken had mentioned Kim's name earlier. Her hair was a mess from when she was lying on her bed fuming about Drakken. Having the frizzies coupled with hair that hadn't been washed for a couple days, Shego was quite the site! She literally looked like a green-eyed monster, and she was jealin' BIG TIME!

"Say wha…?" She dropped her hands as the fire died out. Drakken was starting to stand slowly as he still was clutching his sides from laughter.

"Oh Shego! I just figured everything out!" He just stood there smiling at her.

"Well?" She paused a little. "What is it?"

"When K… er, she" Drakken pointed at Kim, "Doused you with the shampoo, she gave you a simple command, which you have followed perfectly!"

"Well, what was it?" Shego was beginning to get a little perturbed.

"Miss Possible, would you like the honor?" Drakken asked with a smirk on his face.

"Be glad to, Doctor. You see, Shego," Kim started, "I was kinda thinking on my feet at the moment, and I figured what would be the best thing to mess with you? So, I gave you a two-part suggestion. One – whenever Drakken would say your name, you would be feel like you were totally in love with him, and Two – whenever he said MY name, you would get extremely jealous of me." Kim stood there with a huge smile on her face.

"So," Drakken said, "Now that you know the suggestion, it is no longer effective on you. Here, I'll show you. Shego." Nothing. Shego didn't feel anything, just a little miffed that Kim Possible had played her so well.

"Now," Drakken spoke again, "For the other command. Kim Possible." Again, nothing. Shego didn't feel a hint of jealousy.

"So, it seems that everything is back to, uh, normal?" Ron asked.

"Or ab-normal, as the case may be." Kim said still smiling. "Well, since our work here is done, be seeing you around!" The two heroes then rushed out of the lair, leaving Drakken and Shego standing in the middle of the room.

"OK, Drakken, " Shego said as she started walking towards him, "Where is the rest of that shampoo?"

"Why, whatever for?"

Shego flared her hands brightly saying "I WANT TO DESTROY EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE OF IT!"

"Only if you buy me a new pair of slippers." Drakken said calmly.

The End…