You know, I could live to be a hundred years old, but I'll never forget that huge snowstorm a couple of years ago. You might find it hard to believe, but that snowstorm almost stopped Christmas!

Oh, excuse me, I forgot to introduce myself. The name's Mario. What, you've never seen a talking snowman based on a world-famous video game icon before?

Well, anyway, it sure is nice around here, isn't it? I call it Christmastown, but you may know it more as the North Pole. It's a wonderful place to live, despite the cold and all. It's even more of a treat during the Christmas season when everything is going as planed... not like when that snowstorm hit. I don't know what we would do if we didn't have Rudolph to pull us through.

What's that, you say? You've heard the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer before? Well, I bet you haven't heard it quite like THIS!

Our story begins a few years before that snowstorm. It was springtime, and Santa's lead yoshi... Yes, lead yoshi... I told you this was going to be different! Where was I?... Ah yes, Santa's lead yoshi, Donder, had just become a proud papa...

Inside Donder's cave, the little baby yoshi had just began to shake around in his egg, while his mom and dad looked on proudly.

"So, what should we name the tyke?" Donder asked.

"How about Rudolph?" his wife suggested, "That sounds like a wonderful name."

Almost as if on cue, Rudolph broke through his egg and immediately looked up at his parents.

"Heh, he's a pretty smart little guy, ain't he?" Donder exclaimed, "It's like he recognized his name!"

However, Donder suddenly noticed something odd about his son: Although he was, like his father, a green yoshi, his nose was red!

"Momma... Dada..." Rudolph muttered as his first words, while his nose began to start glowing!

"Woah! What the?" Donder sputtered, completely taken aback, "His nose is as red as a Pok├ęball! And it's glowin', to boot!"

"Well," Mrs. Donder began, "We should just look over that. He is our son, after all."

"Yeah, but... but... How are we suppose to ignore something that looks like he's got a fireball stuck on his face?"

Mrs. Donder didn't get a chance to reply before they heard a very familiar "Ho! Ho! Ho!" come from outside the cave.

"Uh, oh... It's Santa!" Donder mumbled to himself, "What is he gonna say when he sees my son's nose?"

"Hello there, Donder!" Santa greeted as he entered, "I came to see your new son. We have to see if he will be as great of a flying yoshi as his father!"

Santa walked over to Rudolph and looked him over.

"Well, you seem to be a sturdy little fellow!" Santa complimented.

"Santa?..." the baby yoshi asked inquisitively.

"Ho! Ho! Ho! He's a smart one, too!"

Three... Two... One... Donder counted down in his mind.

Right on time, Rudolph's nose started glowing again!

"Woah!" Santa shouted, "His nose---"

"Erm... I'm sure he'll grow out of it..." Donder interrupted.

"I hope so. A yoshi with a red nose would look pretty odd pulling my sleigh, now wouldn't he? Ho! Ho! Ho!"

"I don't know what I'm going to do..." Donder lamented, "What if he doesn't grow out of it? What if he never makes the sleigh team because of it?"

"Oh, cheer up, Donder!" Santa replied, patting him on the back, "I was just joking around! I'm sure he'll make a fine addition to the team! Besides, who knows? Maybe that glowing nose will come in handy someday!"

Well, Santa was right, he just didn't know that yet. You see, we all have gifts. Some are a little odd, that's true, but we all have something that makes us special, and usually, they play an important role at some point in our lives.

Donder, however, wasn't convinced. He thought the only way Rudolph could get on the sleigh team was to hide his nose, and for quite a while, he was successful at it. During that time, he taught Rudolph all about being a yoshi: Where to find food, how to defend against enemies, stuff like that.

But, there was one thing he taught him that was very important: To beware of the Abominable Monster of the North! This giant, furry monster was mean, violent, and hated everything about Christmas. He wasn't very bright, he had about the intelligence of... oh... a monkey, but you don't need many brains to cause a lot of havoc!

Anyhow, besides the abominable, everything was running smoothly in Christmastown. Soon, it was that time of year again: Christmas! Everything had to be ready for the big sleigh ride on the twenty fourth, especially the toys! Now, the toys are made by elves, they just have a natural talent for it. There are a few species of elves, most of them are toads, but some are more human in appearance, and one of them was a bit of a misfit...

"LUIGI!" The elf boss, who was rather skinny and was wearing purple yelled, "WHAT'S TAKIN' YOU SO LONG TO PAINT THE TOYS? YOU HOLDING UP EVERYTHING!"

"Erm... Sorry, Mr. Waluigi, sir..." Luigi mumbled, "I didn't notice..."

Luigi looked around and saw the huge collection of wooden toys piled up in front of him on his section of the workbench. To his left was a bunch of toad elves, all crafting more toys for him to paint. They were all looking at him in a bullying manner.

"Didn't notice? You got a mountain of toys big enough to make Tall, Tall Mountain look like a Monty Mole hill! What's wrong with you?"

"I don't have my heart in it, I guess..." Luigi answered, looking downward, "I just don't like to make toys."

"Oh, well, if that's it..." Waluigi muttered as he turned to leave before suddenly doing a double-take, "WAIT A SECOND? YOU DON'T LIKE TO MAKE TOYS?"

This, obviously, was loud enough that all the other toad elves heard it loud and clear, and they began to point and laugh at Luigi.

"Ok, then, do tell: What do you want to do?"

"Well, I'd like to be a... a plumber!" Luigi exclaimed.


"We need one up here!" Luigi explained, pulling out a book titled Plumbing, "What happens if one of the water pipes freezes over? Besides, it's so fascinating, with all the tools and all the different types of pipes and..."

"I DON'T CARE!" Waluigi screamed, swatting the book away from Luigi's grasp, "You're an elf! You're supposed to be making toys! Now, get to work!"

Suddenly, the break whistle went off.

"Ok, you all have a ten minute break!" Waluigi announced. All the other elves got up and began to leave. However, right as Luigi was about to get up, Waluigi grabbed an unpainted toy and threw it in his lap, knocking him back into his seat.

"Not for you! You have to make up for lost time! Otherwise... YOU'RE FIRED!"

Waluigi stormed out of the room, along with the rest of the toads. Luigi sighed, put the toy back on the table, and went to retrieve his book.

"Why am I such a misfit?..." Luigi moaned, "I'm not just a nitwit... You can't fire me, I quit! Seems I don't fit in!"

Poor Luigi... Well, such is the life of an elf... At any rate, now that he was a bit older, Rudolph was having his problems as well...

"Daddy... I don't wanna do that!"

Donder sighed. He was holding a bucket of green paint he had 'borrowed' from the elf workshop and was trying unsuccessfully to use it to cover Rudolph's nose.

"Why not? Do you care about your self-respect at all?"

"But... But... That stuff smells icky! I don't want to use it!"

"Grr... Hon, help me out here!"

"Sorry," Mrs. Donder replied, "I'm staying out of this one."

Growing impatient, Donder took the bucket and stuck the whole thing on his son's nose! By the time Rudolph managed to pull it off, the paint had done its job: His nose looked completely normal!

"See? That wasn't so bad, now wasn't it?"

The young yoshi didn't reply. Instead, he just quietly left the cave and sat outside for a moment to think.

"Why am I such a misfit?..." Rudolph cried, "I am not just a nitwit... Just because my nose glows... Seems I don't fit in!"