So, our heroes, sans Wario, returned to Christmastown, and when they tell everybody their story, the others realize that maybe they were a little too hard on Rudolph and that, maybe, there is a place for misfits after all.

"Ho ho ho!" Santa cheered, "I'm glad to see that you are all safe and sound! Rudolph, I promise that, as soon as this snowstorm lets up, I'll find a home for all those misfit toys!"

"Grumble... Alright, alright, Luigi..." Waluigi groaned, "If you really want to, I'll let you start running your plumbing business... In a week! Just wait until after Christmas, dang it!"

Almost as if on cue, what sounded like a pipe exploding along with water splashing all over the place echoed in the main hall from a nearby room.

"What the?... What was that?" Waluigi shouted, "Oh, great... I think one of the sinks burst in the restroom!"

"Heh heh... Are you sure you want me to wait a week?" Luigi mockingly asked, pulling out his plumbing tools and walking towards the bathroom, "I think that will become a frozen geyser by then!"

As Luigi walked off to begin his first real plumbing job, Donder approached Rudolph a little nervously.

"Um... Son?" Donder mumbled, "I'm... I'm sorry about how I treated you because of your nose... That wasn't very fatherly of me, now was it?"

Rudolph didn't get a chance to answer before there was a loud knock on the door.


Some of the toad elves obliged by opening the door, and in waltzed none other that Wario himself! He came in with his sled and sled-fronks, but he appeared to be pulling in something else as well.

"Well, here's the man..." Wario began, before giving a huge tug on what he was pulling, "Now, met the monkey!"

Suddenly, the abominable entered the room as well! It seemed that what Wario was pulling him in with was a giant necktie he made that (surprise, surprise) had DK embroidered on the front. Everyone gasped in horror, but Wario quickly calmed them down.

"Hey now, don't freak out on me here!" Wario assured, "The guy's just a big ol' softy! The only reason he was so cranky all the time was because he was deprived of the one thing he loved..."

Wario dug deep into his pant pocked before pulling out a familiar yellow fruit. The Abominable quickly grabbed it and gobbled it up.

"Bananas! He just wanted bananas! Of course, you can bet he was thrilled when he discovered that I had a bunch of them back at my base camp! Now, he's just as jolly as the rest of you guys! In fact, he wants a job here! Lookie what he can do!"

Grabbing the nearby star tree-topper (it wasn't on the Christmas tree yet), Wario handed it to the overgrown monkey, who promptly placed it on top of the tree with no trouble at all.

"Heh heh... He doesn't even need a stepladder!"

"But... But..." Rudolph sputtered, "We saw you fall off that huge cliff! How could you?..."

"Wha ha ha! Didn't anyone ever tell ya?" Wario asked, "DK always lands on his feet!"

Natually, everyone was excited about all of these homecomings, but this was no time to celebrate! Christmas Eve was tomorrow! If they were to get all the presents finished, they would have to work double-time (except for Luigi, who was still busy fixing the pipe bust)! While the toads were busy making the toys, however, Mrs. Claus was facing an arguably more difficult challenge...

"Come on, eat!" Mrs. Claus demanded, "The kids are expecting a FAT Santa!"

Santa just looked at his plate.

"I can't concentrate!" he pleaded, "That blasted elf song is driving me crazy! It's even worse than that one year when every child wanted Sonic R for Christmas and I got Can You Feel the Sunshine? stuck in my head!"

Mrs. Claus cringed. She could relate to that: It happened to her, too. However, before the debate could go on any longer, a snow-covered toad walked into the room.

"Here's the current weather..." The toad mumbled, "If I catch phenomena, I get hazard pay, right?"

Santa ignored the elf's sarcastic joke and looked over the report.

"Oh, dear..." Santa sighed, "This snowstorm... It isn't going to let up by tonight... If I can't see more than two feet in front of my sleigh because of the snow, then... I guess I'll have to... cancel Christmas..."

"Cancel Christmas?" Mrs. Claus repeated in shock, "But you can't do that, can you? What about the children?..."

"I know... I know... They've been really good this year, too. But I just can't risk it. I guess I better go and make the announcement..."

His head hung low, Santa left the dining room and returned to the main hall, where everybody was just about finishing up the final preparations.

"Quiet, everyone, quiet down..." Santa requested, "I'm afraid I have some bad news..."

"Uh... Let me just take a wild stab at this..." Wario interrupted, "It's got something to do with the snowstorm, right?"

"Yes, it does, I'm sad to say. You see, it's snowing so hard, I simply can't guide the sleigh though the downfall! Therefore, the only other option, tragically, is to cancel Christmas."

Everyone gasped. Cancel Christmas? That can't be! Everyone began to mumble to each other in confusion about the announcement. Rudolph, who was standing closest to Santa, felt particularly bad and, although he didn't realize it, his nose began to glow brightly. Santa did, however, and suddenly a light bulb went off in his head.

"Rudolph... That's it! Your nose!" Santa exclaimed, "We don't have to cancel Christmas! That glowing nose of yours could light the way! I'm sure I could see far ahead of the snow if you use your nose! What I'm trying to say is: Rudolph, with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?"

Upon hearing this, Rudolph's face lit up (pun intended).

"It would be an honor, sir!" he replied.

Quickly, the gasps turned into cheers for the now heroic misfit. Everyone immediately went back to preparing for the legendary flight, including Luigi and Wario.

"Well, what do you know? Santa was right all along..." Donder said to his wife as he was strapping himself into his harness near the front of the sleigh, "His nose did come in handy after all..." he paused for a moment and looked upwards, "Whoever gave him that gift... Thank you."

Santa, meanwhile, was still being pestered by Mrs. Claus to eat up. Eventually, he was plump enough for her standards, so he put on his famous red coat and hat, grabbed his bag of toys, and climbed into his sleigh. Looking ahead, he saw all nine of his yoshis settled up and ready to fly, with Rudolph in the lead.

"Are you ready, Rudolph?" Santa asked.

"Yep!" Rudolph replied, giving him a thumbs-up.

Right before take-off, Clarice quickly ran up to Rudolph and kissed him on the cheek.

"Good luck out there." She whispered.

This quickly got Rudolph in high spirits as the toads opened up the doors leading outside into the snowstorm.

"Ok, then! Off we go!" Santa called out, "First stop: The Island of Misfit Toys!"

Then, with all the triumphant fan-fare one could ask for, Santa's sleigh, with Rudolph shining his nose into the storm, flew up into the sky.

"Yeah! Great job!" Donder, who was right behind Rudolph, called out, "Keep it up! That's my son!"

Meanwhile, on the ground, Clarice and Mrs. Donder were also cheering him on.

"He'll be a hero after this!" Mrs. Donder exclaimed.

"Maybe even a legend!" Clarice continued.

Wario, however, wasn't as concerned with Rudolph as he was trying to get his fronks to learn a thing or two from the yoshis.

"See, you yellow headed nitwits? That's how you pull a dang sleigh... or sled... or whatever!"

To drive his point home, he tossed his pick-ax into the air again. When it embedded itself into the ground, he pulled it out and did his little test once more, only this time, his eyes suddenly widened up considerably.

"Great galloping goombas! I've found it!" Wario cried.

"What? Gold?" Luigi asked, as he was standing right next to him watching Rudolph.

"No, not gold... Garlic! I've found a garlic mine! I'll be rich, and well fed, to boot!"

Luigi stood there for a moment before performing an anime fall in disbelief.

It was a cold, dark night on the Island of Misfit Toys. All of the toys that Rudolph, Luigi, and Wario met when they visited where huddled around a small campfire, trying to keep warm.

"Well, it's Christmas Eve..." the Snake-in-a-Jar began.

"... And there's no Santa..." the Sonic doll grunted, "... Looks like we're way past forgotten again..."

The Samus action figure didn't say anything. She just curled up into a Morph Cube to try and conserve heat.

"But Rudolph promised that he'd come to get us!" Ezlo retorted, "Do you think maybe the snowstorm was too much?"

Before anyone could reply, a red glow began to shine in the sky.

"YIKES!" The Pikachu plushy squealed, "IS THAT LIGHTNING? I HATE LIGHTNING!"

"Waitasecond!That'snotlightning!" The not-so-Shy-Guy rambled, "That'sSanta'ssleigh!AndRudolph'sinthelead!Theydidcomebacktogetusafterall!Oh,boy!Oh,boy!Oh,boy!Oh..."

He had just about wound down when Santa landed in front of all the toys.

"Ho, ho, ho!" Santa shouted, "Nice to see all of you here! Now, climb aboard so we can be on our way, shall we?"

Of course, the toys all happily obeyed. In almost a matter of seconds, they were all in the sleigh and ready to go.

"Ready, Rudolph?" Santa asked.

"Ready, Santa!" Rudolph replied.

And so, the sleigh took off again, ready to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls around the world.

Well, I don't think I need to tell you what happened to Rudolph next... He went down in history! Merry Christmas, everyone, and may the gifts you receive, or already have this holiday season, regardless of how strange or awkward they may seem, be of great use to you throughout the whole year!