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Week 3

Gregory House sat, tapping his cane softly on the ground next to his chair. The air still felt damp from the heavy rains, but the sun was out and the sky was clear. It was a beautiful day, he had to grudgingly admit.

His mind wandered as he waited, sitting outside of a tiny restaurant on some tiny street in some tiny town he forgot the name of. His waitress offered him a smile and a refill, but his mind was lost, days ago.

Friday, in the early morning, he had awoken in an unfamiliar place. His sleep deprived brain couldn't process the yawning brunette next to him fast enough, and he groggily asked "Cameron?"

"Expecting someone else?" She laughed, mid-yawn.

He didn't answer then, he just rolled over and buried his head in a pillow. He lay there, half asleep as she lightly raked her fingers up his back and into his hair, over and over, resting her cheek on his shoulder as she lulled him back to sleep.

When he woke up again, sunlight was pouring in through Cameron's windows. He heard her humming softly in the kitchen.

He found his jeans and yanked them on, wandering in to her without his cane, unsure of where it had ended up the night before. When she saw him, she smiled brightly and kissed him soundly.

"We're going to be late," he mumbled into her neck, not really caring.

"You're going to be late." She grinned and kissed him again, "but I don't think that will arouse suspicion. I apparently caught a nasty bug last night and couldn't possible make it in today." She winked. "Or so Foreman will tell you when you get to work."

He gave her an appreciative smile. "You've thought of everything."

She raised her eyebrows. "There is one thing I needed to run by you though." She ran her hand down his chest and slid her hand inside of his jeans with a devilish grin. "What are your thoughts on sex before breakfast?"

A tap on his shoulder broke him from his daydream and brought him back to the present. He glanced over his right shoulder, where the tap had come from and saw no one. As he turned back around, his lips were met with Cameron's for a lingering kiss. She pulled back and smiled, sighing softly.



"Sorry I'm late." She dropped her bag next to her chair and sat done, scootching her chair closer to his.

Unsure of how post-sex small talk differed from snarky coworker small talk he played it safe with a simple "Good weekend?"

"It was nice. My mom dragged us all to church on Easter, but it was ok, my sisters were there, and I hadn't seen them in a few weeks." She shrugged and looked down at her lap. "Sorry I had to leave. My family always gets together for Easter..."

"It's okay."

"I was kind of worried that if I left you alone all weekend, you'd over think everything and start to regret what happened." She rested her arms on the table, next to his, and let her knuckles graze his. "I'm glad you called."

He shrugged, uncomfortable. "They say it's what you do, after..." After fucking? Smooth.

She offered up a suggestion. "A night of mind-altering sex?"

It won her a small smile. "Yeah, something to that effect."

"So..." She held his gaze. "No regrets?"

He shook his head. "Nah, you're a pretty good lay."

She sighed, smiling. "I'm glad you think so."

Their waitress brought them coffee, interrupting them momentarily. When she left, House spoke again.

"I don't think either one of us doubted the sex would be good. But I need to know if that's all you want."

She furrowed her brow. "You want to know if you're being used for sex." It wasn't a question.

"I want to know..." He let out a frustrated breath. "If you really expect anything more than sex to work."

She smiled. "I knew leaving you alone was a bad idea."

"We're very different, Allison. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not the nicest. You'll probably regret..."

"What would I regret?"

"The abridged list?"

She sighed, annoyed. "I know you think I'm naive, and maybe in some ways I am. Personally, I prefer the term hopeful. But I don't enter into things blindly. I understand who you are, and I'm not asking you to change," she chuckled, "that would be pointless. And I wouldn't want you any different. In case you haven't noticed, I kind of like you. You aren't as much of a badass as you think."

"Shhh...people will hear."

She reached over and grabbed his hand in hers. "I get it, okay. This is weird for me too. But you promised you'd give it a shot."

He looked away, her eyes a little too all-knowing for his taste. What was it with this woman knowing exactly what to say? "I don't like not knowing what's going on."

"Well, I'll get you a big commitment-o-meter. Every day we'll chart our progress, ok?"

"Just to get this cleared up now, I'll be the one doing the mocking in this relationship."

She smiled. Relationship. It was a reassuring Freudian slip. "This isn't casual, ok?"

"I'll schedule us to pick out China patterns next Saturday, then."

"Sounds good. You can meet my parents tonight at dinner."

They both smiled, calling a silent truce. "Can we get out of here?"

"Yeah. Go home. Pack a bag. You're staying at my place tonight."

She gave an amused salute, "Yes sir!"

Back at her apartment, Cameron dumped out the laundry from her weekend and tossed clothes into her duffle bag. She tossed her hair up into a clip and smiled into the mirror, examining her neck and the slight bruise fading fast. Luckily, her sister was the only one to notice. That would have been classic. Explaining a hickey to her parents.

Condoms, condoms. He would have them at his place. Toothpaste? Probably could borrow his. She laughed. She had never had to do this. Pack an overnight bag. For a boyfriend's place.

Boyfriend. Gross. It sounded too...tenth grade. Lover? Too Harlequin. She simply couldn't see him on the cover of a paperback. There was no word to sum up their relationship. Were they seeing each other? That sounded too casual. Sleeping together sounded tawdry.

Undefinable, she thought, tossing a hairbrush into her duffle. It was fine with her.

When she knocked on his door a half hour later, she wondered absently if her undefinable boyfriend/lover/boss would ever give her a key.

He answered and before he had the chance to motion her in awkwardly, she planted a quick kiss on his cheek and brushed past him. "Mind if I toss my bag in your room?"

He shook his head no. She disappeared down the hall for a moment, returning with her hands behind her back. He had sat at the piano and was absently strumming his fingers soundlessly across the keys. He gave her a questioning look at the smile on her face.

She smiled even wider. "I believe I promised you a night of body shots..." she began, pulling a bottle of tequila out from behind her back. "I'd like to make good on that promise."

She set the bottle and two shot glasses down on the piano and put a hand on her hip. "Got any lemons?"

He nodded, a surprised grin on his lips. "In the kitchen."

Leaving him to stare at her retreating form. He considered the bottle, finally picking it up and muttering "Vamanos, Jose." He dropped onto the couch and poured two shots, when Cameron sauntered back into the room with a bowl of lemon slices and a salt shaker. "If anyone asks, we're starting at three in the afternoon to avoid hangovers tomorrow morning for work."

"Works for me." She closed his blinds and flipped on the lamp next to his couch. It was cloudy anyway, and the apartment went dark with the curtains closed.

She settle next to him, half facing him. "Here's the game plan. For every secret you tell me, I have to take a shot. And vice versa."

Groaning with mock annoyance, he rolled his eyes. "What are we, 12?"

"Relax, it gets really fun the more you drink."

"Yeah, that's usually how things work."

She ignored him, catching his wrist. "I'll go first." She licked the inside of his wrist and shook some salt over it. She smiled when his breath caught at the feel of her tongue on his skin.

She handed him a shotglass and a lemon wedge. "Are you ready for my secret?"

He nodded, amused.

She looked very serious, then said very slowly, as if she was explaining something very important. "I'm allergic to cats."

He tried not to laugh, only sighed at her mock earnestness. "No kittens for your birthday. Got it." He licked his wrist and downed the shot, ignoring the lemon and wincing at the delicious trail, burning its way down his throat.

"Your turn...tell me a deep, dark secret."

He thought for a moment, musing only momentarily on a fake secret. But since Cameron seemed to want a this to be some kind of post-sex icebreaker, he'd play along. "I tried to fire Chase." When she obviously didn't understand what he was talking about, he clarified. "When Voglar the Terrible rose to power. I had to choose and I chose you and Foreman. Chase is a good doctor. But you were better. But Chase had gone to Voglar for protection. It had nothing to do with my feelings for you. You were the better doctor."

He met her eyes for only a brief second. She smiled contentedly at him, before suddenly straddling him. His hands found her hips and she kissed his neck, whispering in his ear, "Thank you."

She tugged at the bottom of his soft cotton shirt. He obediently raised his arms as she yanked it off. Then she grabbed the salt shaker and dipped her head to land a kiss on his clavicle. Ever so slowly she licked his skin, then shaking the salt over his shoulder. She picked up her glass and lemon, quickly licking up the salt and upending the tequila down her throat, allowing him a nice view of her neck as she drank. He smiled when her nose wrinkled up and she bit down hard on the lemon.

He met her eyes and she smiled at him, "I've got a good secret."

He swallowed hard, recognizing her tone. "What's that?"

"When I first interviewed with you, I was scared out of my mind. I had heard about you, and I was worried. But I still knew you were the best." She leaned her forehead onto his and nuzzled his nose. "Do you remember what you said to me?"

"I said that you looked like you had lost your mummy and you should go find a nice policeman to help find her."

She smiled, "No, when I said that I wanted the position because I wanted to work the cases no one else could work."

He sighed. "I said that no one's motivation was that simple. You had to have some other reason for taking a fellowship as hard as yours. Then I said that I already had Wilson, and I didn't need anymore self-righteous doctors on staff."

"Yes." Smiling she added, "At that moment, I should have been pissed off and annoyed at you for being such an ass. I wasn't. I was intrigued. You were a puzzle. And even though I knew what working for you would be like, I took the job."

He drew a lazy circle on her back with his thumb.

"But that's not my secret. The secret is, that sitting there that day, answering obscene questions no one had ever asked me before, I knew I was going to fall for you. And I've never felt that way about anyone. I also knew that you were," she punctuated this with a kiss to his jaw, "the sexiest man," and one to his temple, "I had ever laid eyes on." She kissed him, snaking her tongue out to trace his lips, feeling them part and his own tongue meet hers. She found his soft lower lip between her teeth and she bit down, hearing him let out a groan as he pulled her closer in his arms. She wrapped her arms loosely around his neck and plunged her fingers up the back of his neck into his hair, pulling him closer to her as she kissed him senseless. Then, she cruelly pulled back, flushed and breathing heavily. "You may not think so, but the first time I met you I wanted you. Do you know how hard it is to sit quietly during diagnostic brainstorm sessions and not jump you?"

He sought out her lips again, but she refused. "You owe me another drink." She reached behind her and grabbed the bottle, forgetting trivialities like glasses. He found the salt shaker between the sofa cushions. She tilted her head back and traced the line of her neck, but he shook his head. "You're wearing too much." She laughed at his gruff demeanor. He took the bottle from her as she pulled her top up over her head and reached behind herself to unclasp her deep green bra. Once bare-breasted and sitting in front of his face, she reddened under his appraising stare.

"You're beautiful," he mumbled, eyes not leaving her body. Before she could respond, he had her on her back on the sofa and was climbing between her legs. He kissed the skin between her breasts, then swirled a tongue around a nipple, feeling quite pleased with himself as she gasped and arched her back. He leaned back and poured salt onto her breast, and she shivered at the sting of the tiny crystals on her flesh. Then, in a flash he had licked it off and had upended the bottle and taken a few good chugs of the amber liquid. He clunked the bottle down onto the coffee table and returned to her mouth, warm and inviting.

"Want to know one of my secrets?" he said against her lips. Then with suspicious skill, he unbutton and unzipped her jeans with one hand, sliding his hand into her panties and between her wet folds. She moaned his name and dug her fingers into his back. "Since I met you, I have spent every free moment trying not to shove you against a wall," he pulled his fingers out of her and found the tiny bundle of nerves between her legs, "Or spread you out on my desk." He was rubbing circles in her clit and she was panting and arching against his hand.


"Do you know how badly I've wanted to fuck you?" He punctuated the harsh word by slipping two fingers inside of her.

She cried out and threw her head back, exposing an expanse skin for him to kiss and lick. "Please...please."

He stilled before she could come for him. She moaned in protest, but he only leaned into her neck and whispered to her. "Now, I only want to take you to my bed and make love to you."

She let out a shaky breath and clung to him, pulling her arms tightly around him and breathing brokenly.

He stood up and pulled her with him, she ran the back of her hand along his stomach while she collected her breath, then she laced her fingers through his own and led him to his bedroom. They silently made their way down the hall, his uneven footfalls matching the tempo of her hips swaying in front of him.

Once there, she turned at his bed and looked at him nervously through her impossible wide eyes. He thought he would die. She reached a suddenly tentative hand up to his neck and the other around his back, skimming her fingers over his bare skin. He kissed her and wrapped both arms around her, pulling her against him and letting her feel just what she did to certain parts of him. She pushed him away long enough to pull off her jeans and panties, and then free him of his as well.

"My God, Allison." He let out an ungodly groan and buried his face in her neck, bucking his hips against her. She only responded with her own moaning, She grasped at his back, wrapping her legs around him and guiding him home.

She gasped at the sudden sensation of being filled with him. He gripped her waist hard and bit her shoulder, starting to move as she dug her heels into him and matched his rhythm, urging him to plunge deeper into her.

"You feel...so good." She bit his ear as he thrust into her. He found her mouth and kissed her soundly, roughly shoving his tongue into her mouth, to which she responded with equal intensity.

He thrust hard into her and ground his hips into hers, feeling, rather than hearing the sound she made. She tangled her fingers in his hair and roughly pulled him impossibly closer, tasting the bitter alcohol on his breath. She couldn't remember air, or her name. Just his tongue, his hands, and the delicious feeling between her legs, growing stronger with each thrust.

She broke free of his lips in time to breathlessly cry out his name as she came, and came hard. She writhed beneath him and he bit her neck as he felt himself getting closer to the edge. As he came, he slowed his movements, finding her mouth again and kissing her deeply, letting her ride out her orgasm painfully slowly, as he came inside of her with gentle precision.