Based on the episdoe Lockdown. I got the idea after watching the episode a million times...


Jack shot me!

Daniel frowned and sat up carefully. He was starving and the only thing left on his tray was the goblet of jello...

I haven't had Jello since Urgo left us...

Not that he had anything AGAINST jello... he just hadn't had it.


He cautiously placed a spoonful in his mouth. His eyes widened. "It's good!"


A figure could be seen creeping between the sleeping people as one by one, the jello goblets disappeared.

On his bed, he surveyed his booty with glee. With the last thought of: "I wonder if being shot makes you act like a juvenille deliquent," Daniel hurriedly gulped down his desserts.


Complaints were heard from various patients that their jello was missing. Daniel got a childish glee from the complaints.

The good doctor was sure it wasn't Anubis who was taking it... but whom else? The only patients were Sergeant Siler, Dr. Jackson and Colonel Alexi Vaselov...


Daniel was on a roll. Siler's... now...

"Dr. Jackson!"

He started and looked up. "Dr. Brightman!"


No one was exactly certain what was said as they talked in whispers, the end result being him discharged from the infirmary.

He'd have to tell Jack that...


He stood by the Russian officer's bed and after Alexi asked whether he was discharged, he answered truthfully.

"Yeah -- Doctor Brightman caught me stealing jello from the other patient's tray so she kicked me outta here."

The Colonel laughed, believing him to be joking.

Daniel smiled. Today... was good day.


It's not totally idotic is it?

Well, anyways, I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks Morgann!