Hermione Spills

Harry and Ron were sitting at lunch discussing Fred and George's new prank.

"An eraser book?"

"Yeah it's great! If you write something in the book and then close it, it disappears."

"That's terrible! Think about it. Your notes gone right before the final…disappearing when you close the book. It's a bloody nightmare!" said Harry, whose Transfiguration notes had recently been erased. When Professor McGonagall came to check he had gotten detention for two weeks. He was livid. Ron was extremely amused.

Then Hermione walked up to the table, smiling dreamily at nothing. She sat down and said, "Hello Ron! Hello Harry! Isn't it a wonderful day! Ron, you look absolutely adorable when you have that stunned look on your face. Your mashed potatoes are falling out of your mouth! That's disgusting and yet so cute." She sat down next to Ron and started staring dreamily into his wide eyes. Ron swallowed loudly.

Harry's mouth fell open. He got over the initial shock, which was nothing compared to Ron's and asked, "Hermione, are you… er, feeling all right?"

"Oh, yes. Somebody shot a spell at my back when I was coming over here. I was really mad but then my brain went fuzzy and warm so I'm not mad anymore, just like when I am thinking of my sweet, cute, and absolutely adorable Ronald. Ron, you have really nice eyes. Harry, your pumpkin juice is spilling down the front of your robes. It looks cute, like a little kid." Hermione giggled.

Harry looked over at Ron. He looked like he was about to fall over from shock. "Oh, God.", Harry said in realization. "You got hit with a blurting spell. You're blurting the first thing that comes into you're mind."

"Oh, right. That spell. It doesn't have a counter curse but it wears off in a hour. I was reading about that last night when Ron and I were sitting on the couch. Actually, that was one of the few things that I learned from the book. Mainly, I was looking at Ron." Hermione leaned across the table and kissed Ron. Ron's eyes were as big as dinner plates.

Ginny overheard this last part of this increasingly strange conversation. She grabbed Hermione by the arm and started pulling her out of the Great Hall. "I don't care if there is a cure or not." She said. "I'm taking you to the infirmary before my brother dies of happiness." While she was dragging Hermione out she muttered. "The end of the silent crushes has come. Wait until she finds out he likes her too."

"But I was having such a nice time!" Hermione protested. "Bye cutie! Bye Harry!" She was still giggling as Ginny pulled her through the door.

Ron's ears turned bright red as he beamed in a shocked way.

Harry started cracking up. This totally made up for the eraser book prank.