The Outsiders

Summary: After Gar 'Beast Boy' escapes from Robin he goes on a trip to find people like himself. Teens that have powers and want someone to help them. But when crime reaches a peak in Jump City the Titans may need a little extra help.


Cyborg: 20

Jinx: 20

Robin: 19

Starfire: 18

Raven: 18

Garfield: 18

Changeling: 17

Chapter One:

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans

Raven closed her eyes, chanting her mantra under her breath, barely above a whisper. Anyone who stumbled onto the roof would think she was meditating and hopefully leave. Really Raven was thinking. Exactly a year had passed since the battle with Cameron and Changeling. Cameron was dead and Changeling still had a year of jail time left.

As for Gar, he had seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. No one had seen a green man or any kind of green animal. Raven knew he was still alive but that didn't make up for the fact that she hadn't seen her best friend in almost year. A few times during battle she thought she'd seen a green flash above them on the rooftops but by the time the Titans were done fighting it was always gone. And Raven was always too occupied to search for an aurora.

Behind Raven the rooftop door opened slowly and Jinx's presence could be felt. Footsteps approached the half demon but she didn't move hoping that the sorceress would leave. Her hope was in vain. Jinx sat down next to her, wrapping her arms around her knees

"I know you're awake Raven." violet eyes opened and met pink

"Is there something you want Jinx?" Raven asked softly. The pink haired girl didn't talk to Raven much even after she'd become a full fledged Titan

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay. You've been kinda down lately… Actually you've been acting droopy for the past year. No sarcasm, no insults, and you haven't helped Cy with the T-car in six months. What's wrong?" Raven shrugged and lowered her hood with her powers. Jinx waited patiently for an answer

"You'd act a bit droopy if your best friend went missing." Jinx's eyes lowered to the concrete rooftop in embarrassment

"I'm sorry Raven, I didn't mean-." Raven shook her head slightly and gave the girl an oh so rare smile

"I know you didn't. And thank you for trying to help me. As for the sarcasm and insults, I'm saving the best ones for Gar when I see him again." Jinx smiled and looked up

"So… I was also wondering if you could teach me how to meditate. I mean Starfire does it and you always say it helps you clear your mind…" she trailed off as Raven smiled again

"Sure Jinx." she turned towards the ocean once more and waited while Jinx got comfortable "Now, close your eyes, find your center, and breath deeply. Clear your mind of any distractions, think of something that brings you peace." Jinx nodded and copied Raven's posture and breathing pattern.

Raven watched her for a moment before slipping into her own trance. She would never tell anyone what she thought about to bring her peace. In truth it was the image of Gar's gentle smile and laugh. But as time passed she found it harder and harder to see the image and she knew she was slowly forgetting him. She struggled to remember but all she could manage was the sound of him laughing.

Almost two hundred miles away in the run down streets of Gothem City the very person who Raven was struggling to remember was walking down a street, in the rain.

In Jump City green skin may be pretty conspicuous but here in the slums of Gothem anything was possible. Gar had already seen a man with a lizard tail sticking out from underneath his coat. He knew it was some side effect from a new drug that was going around but it still made him jump slightly.

Gar had been wandering the city for a few hours now trying to get his bearings. He sighed and switched his backpack to his opposite shoulder. The pack contained his new uniform, some money, and a empty soda bottle. He had figured that Gothem would be the perfect place to start looking for kids for the Outsiders but so far he'd met no one out of the ordinary.

As if to contradict his thought a pillar of fire shot out of a nearby alley and a girl ran out onto the street. Gar looked up as she headed his way. Fear was written all over her face as she ran

"Get her!" a male voice yelled. Three large and burly men were soon on the girl's heels and Gar was right behind them.

The girl glanced behind her then her pace doubled in speed. The three men in front of Gar were panting as they tried keep up. The girl ducked into a side alley but skidded to a stop when she saw the wall looming in front of her. She whirled back around to see the three man advancing. Gar hung back just a little bit

"Come on girlie, we don't want to hurt you." the girl didn't answer. Her eyes looked around the alleyway wildly then she spotted Gar

"Help!" she yelled in desperation. Instantly two of the men turned to see who she was yelling at, but at the same moment Gar's steel tipped boots connected with one of their faces

"Get him!" the biggest man yelled advancing on the girl once more. She screamed in panic. Gar flipped the other man over his back then jumped into the air kicking the leader in the head. He slumped over with a groan, releasing the girl as he did. Gar touched his shoulder making sure he still had his pack then walked over to the girl who was sprawled on the dirty ground

"You okay?" he asked extending a hand. The girl knocked it away and stood quickly

"Get away from me you junkie!" she said. Gar laughed slightly

"Chill out kid. I'm clean." the girl raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms. Gar smiled slightly showing off both fangs

"Do I get a thank you?" the girl scowled and Gar was reminded of Raven for a fleeting instant. He stepped back to look the girl over.

She was about fifteen or sixteen and tall. Almost taller than him. Her hair was jet black with silver highlights died in it. Her eyes were steel gray and bored into him. Her hands were covered in worn leather gloves that were missing the fingers from the middle knuckle up to her nails which were painted a orange color

"Was that you who made that pillar of fire?" he asked casually. The girl's eyes hardened but Gar could read the fear in them

"Who wants to know?" she asked sharply. Gar smirked. She was probably a street kid, they were smart and fast with their wit. He'd have to be gentle in coaxing her out

"Garfield Mark Logan. At your service." he said bowing with a flourish. The girl snorted and lifted one foot and before Gar could react she'd kicked him knocking the wind out of his lungs

"Then you can stand there while I get the heck outta here." she started to leave but Gar grabbed her wrist gently. She tried to punch him with her free hand but he caught it easily

"Look, I don't want to hurt you. I just want to talk." he released her and she stood still searching his eyes for a few seconds. Then she crossed her arms

"Alright." Gar started to say something but one of the men groaned loudly. He glanced at the other two then back at the girl

"Not here though. Follow me." he jumped up and grabbed onto the fire escape and nimbly climbed up onto the flat rooftop.

A few seconds later the girl came scrambling up after him. Gar was sitting down leaning against the low wall that surrounded the rooftop. After a moment she walked over and joined him

"So, who are you exactly?" she asked "I mean Garfield? hat has to be a fake name or something." Gar chuckled slightly

"Actually that is my real name. But I've gone as Beast Boy for the last five years." the girl's mouth dropped slightly

"You're Beast Boy?" she squeaked. Gar nodded slowly and the girl fell silent for a few minutes before speaking up again

"I heard you got kicked out of the Titans. What happened?" the changeling shrugged slightly and looked out over the Gothem skyline

"Some things came up. Some things about my past. Some things I just couldn't change." he shook his head ridding himself of the memories then looked at the girl "So who are you?"

"Jessica. Jessica Ralston. And to answer your next question I can shoot fire from my hands. But it's hard to control. That pillar wasn't supposed to happen."

"Well Jessica would you have any interest in coming to Jump City with me?" the girl raised an eyebrow waiting for an explanation "I'm trying to bring kids like you and me together. Teach them how to use their powers without being a danger to themselves and other people." Jessica twirled a strand of hair around one finger

"Like the Titans?" Gar shook his head

"No. Not like the Titans. They're a crime fighting team. This will just be a place where kids can stay together without being judged by other people. Until they're older then maybe they could become Titans or even join the JLA." Jessica looked the teenager over warily.

"But why?" Gar shrugged

"Because no one ever did it for me. I had to learn how to use my abilities on my own without help from anyone. I may not be able to tell you exactly how to control your powers but we can figure out a method that could help." Jessica nodded and stood, peering over the edge of the rooftop. The three men were gone

"Alright. I'm game but we have to pick up my friends first. They have powers too. Well one of them does. The other can kick butt though. He's got this suit he stole from someone."

"Okay. Where do they live?" Jessica scanned the area as if she was trying to figure out where she was from her position

"That way. Come on." she started walking towards the end of the roof but stopped when she saw the ten foot gap. Gar chuckled and morphed into a pterodactyl grabbing Jessica's shoulders gently in his massive feet. Then he took off following the girl's directions.