Chapter Twenty One: Epilogue

Gar sighed in content as he wrapped his arms around Raven's thin waist. The half demon giggled slightly "Don't do that!"

"What this?" Gar teased breathing in her ear again. Raven shrieked and thumped him in the head with a pillow.

The changeling growled playfully and tackled her. They fell down on the bed together with Raven on top of Gar's chest.

"We really should get up." Raven whispered as she rubbed the changeling behind his pointed ears.

Gar purred and rolled over so they were on their sides "What if I don't want to?" he asked nuzzling her neck sending chills up the half demon's spine.

"You are impossible to deal with sometimes." Raven replied letting the shape shifter pull her closer.

Seven months had passed since Shari Simon had been captured. She currently resided in an insane asylum in nearby Gotham City.

Her daughter Niki had been adopted by none other than Garfield Mark Logan. She lived at the Tower, training her powers under his care.

Gar had done two months of jail time for his brutal attack on Shahari. He'd met Changeling during the short visit and the young man was staying with Titans East as a computer technician.

Since his return to the Tower Gar had noticed that Robin still could not stand to be alone in the same room with him. And the masked man jumped around the Outsiders as well.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Raven whispered pulling Gar back to the land of the living

"Just thinking about Robin."

Raven sighed "He'll get used to it after awhile." she told him gently "Give him time."

"Maybe the Outsiders… should go back to the mountains."

"Gar, you… you'd stay here wouldn't you?" Raven begged sitting up and staring down at the green skinned man

"Well… I'd go back and forth but I… I could stay here at night. If you want me to." his emerald eyes flickered up to Raven "Maybe having less people in the Tower will help."

"Okay, but you," Raven jabbed a finger in his chest "Are going to stay where I can keep an eye on you. No more running for you Mr. Logan."

"Why Raven, why would I go anywhere?" Gar teased "I've got Niki and you to take care of."

They sat in silence for a little bit longer then it was shattered by a knock on the door. Raven gestured and it opened.

Niki ran in and leapt up onto the bed "Gar, it's almost noon! Aren't you going to get up?" she whined.

Gar glanced over at the bedside clock and yelped. "Why didn't you come get me earlier?" he demanded scrambling up from the bed and pulling on a sweatshirt and jeans

"Shade said not to." Niki replied pulling one of Raven's cloaks from the closet and putting it on. She raised her arms and yelled "Fear me!"

Raven laughed and grabbed the young girl "Oh yes All Mighty Mistress, we tremble in fear of your wrath."

Gar shook his head and pulled the green cloak up from the floor. He clasped it around his throat and scooped Niki up on his shoulders

"Come on squirt, let's see how much the twerps tease me today." he said ducking to get under the door.

Raven watched him go then touched the penny around her throat. It had been good luck for both of them but… how long would it last?