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Story: one chapter story

Disclaimer: i do not onw sk. But i want it well

Summary: sorry… its a little confusing the begin. Owell… hao was just away and yoh as already amidamru and engachment with anna.. they are 10 years old…

Lets stay toughter:

Yoh was hanging with amidamru in the central park…

Yoh: ' amidamaru.. its almost chirstmust and shall..

Amidamaru: ' do you mean your bro yoh-dono'.

Yoh: ' i mean him…i.i.i just miss him alot and…'

Amidamaru: ' yoh-dono.. maybe he is back at that time'.

Yoh started to get up.. and walk home.. then he saw a formilier poncho from behind the tree. Yoh stared to run… towards the man…

When yoh came on the place he saw who it was… the boy from somewhere round 10/11 years old.. sat by the tree half sleeping. He had brown long hair.. and a sweet poncho with some star pants on it…

'HAO!' yelede yoh.. hao woke up quikly and looked at yoh's eyes

hao:' yoh… what are you doing here'.

Hao looked confused but also suprised that yoh him remembers.

Yoh: ' what are you doing here… even before christmust?'

Hao: ' well… its hard to explain'.

Yoh: ' come with us.. it will be fun'.

Yoh was begging hao to come with me. And so he did…

A hour or something later.. and yoh with hao is home……

Yoh: ' mum where home.!'

Yeled yoh.. towards the living room. When keiko, mikihisa come trough the door towards the hall way they stand still.

Keiko: ' oo hi. Hao, how are you doing sweeti.'.

Mikihisa: ' what are you doing here.. your fooling bastard… i said, never come back!'

( a/n: sorry.. but hao did runaway, but also mikihisa had trow him out the house… back to the story )

hao:' well, yoh begged me to come with him', hao was self looking at his parents and realy saw that they where scared.

Keiko: ' anyway.. we must be have a nice christmis.. and it is a party for the holl family..'

Keiko's head. Was sweeti but also she was glad to have hao back for awhile even her husband was not happy with it.

Yoh was looking at his mother then to his farther and then to hao…

Mikihisa: ' umm… hao can you come with me?'

Hao: ' sure.. what do you want Mikihisa'.

Yoh looked again towards his mother.

Yoh:' mum.. where are they going?'

Keiko: ' well, i dont now.. come we go to the living room'

Keiko and yoh.. where going towards the livingroom.. and mikihisa and hao where walking towards yoh's, and hao's room.. ( a/n: confusing again? Okay.. yoh and hao where sleeping in the same room.. back to the story)

Mikihisa trows hao into the room… and he goes self quik downstair.

Hao:' where shal he go to?'

A few min later mikihisa comes back.. and walked towards hao and bows over him.

Mikihisa:' i said to you.. that you may not come back'.

Hao: ' but. I didnt want here to come in the first place. But yoh begged me'

Mikihisa: ' so.. now you give yoh the fault.. your just a disgusting person dont you'.

Hao: ' no. I am not.. i realy swere it'.

Mikihisa pushed hao on the bed.. and goes sit on him..

Mikihisa: ' do you have some last words.. for your life comes to a end?'

Hao didnt say anything and mikihisa get his knife from his back.. and did it before hao's heart. Hao saw now his end comes quik neir by…

Hao: ' why.. why do you hate me.. all thos things happens 500 years ago!'

Mikihisa; ' and you dont now what you did this life'?

Mikihisa didnt wait for a answer and he put the knife in who hao's heart.. and he sad for his last breath…

Hao: ' you… you…your a person… who i never forgot… you shall pay…'. His body was lying full blood now..and mikihisa's hands to…

When hao past away you saw a beathiffull flames and he was gone… mikihisa was looking at him.. and turned around and goes downstairs.. when his wife asked where hao had been he aswers: ' hao.. is gone…'.. and nothing more…

Keiko: ' honey. What do you mean. With gone?'

Mikihisa: ' i mean with gone.. DEAD!'

Keiko and yoh.. where in shock… and get some tears falling of there cheeks.. yoh runs towads his room.. and cried when he saw some blood lying on the bed from hao… and said: ' hao please…come back'..

The end…

A short song: where this one shot is based on..

Spring is still far away, inside the cold earth,

Waiting for the time to sprout

For instance, even if today is painful

And yesterday's wounds remain

I want to believe that I can free my heart and go on

I cannot be reborn

But I can change as I go on, so

Let's stay together always

A/n: hope you dont mind it.. oyes… maybe a little stolen from yowuzup sorry then.. hope you like this one shot… later more one shots… ahah please read and nice review.. ps: i must self cry when i read it bye