Kenarina asakura: heyy. Okay first happy new year all..

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Story: first new year.

Hao stood on the roofe of the asakura family. While downstairs where something celebrate. He didnt now what it means. All happy, and they cant wait for tomorow and stay up late in the night. ' is it somebudys b-day?' hao thought. While he goes sit down.

He looks down and saw some people going outside of the house and they had something with him.

It was 11.30 pm and there was all blows.

Hao thought first is this the same thing from 1000 years ago?

11.55 pm

he heard all people say. 5,4,3,2,1 Happy new year.

He didnt now what it was. He looked around and saw all fell lights. He heard something behind back. He turned around and saw yoh was coming towards him.

Yoh: ' hao. Why are you here so lonely'

Hao: ' oo i dont kown. Does is realy care?'

Yoh: ' well.. i just wanna that you come down to'

Hao: 'no' hao turned around again goes sit again. ' i stay here'

Yoh: ' if you dont mind.. i will stay here then to'

Hao: ' sure..'

There sit yoh and hao for a hour or something when yoh said something.

Yoh: ' hao'

Hao: ' yes. What do you want?'

Yoh: ' Happy new year Asakura Hao'

Hao: ' umm.. thanks'

Hao: ' you to outoto..

The end