Authors note. This story is slightly au in the origins of one character being different from what was established in xmen evo and that it borrows characters from another universe… this is actually anti Xavier but more anti Jean. I loved the marvel comics and fox kids Jean but evo Jean needs to be dragged out back and shot.

Also there are some slight changes to the brotherhood set up as it annoyed me that the hood were left in a dump and had to face off against the xmen with their jets and dangeroom…

/---/ telepathic speech

Begins after strategy x.

Shadowcrew Evolution

By Deathsheadx

Chapter one: a dark partnership


15-year-old Katherine Pryde lay in bed dreaming. She couldn't believe she was flying! She flew through the city taking in the sights…when suddenly…

She loses control and falls.

"AHHHHHHH!" Shrieked Kitty as she wakes up. She looks round and realised she was in the basement

"Kitty?" Said her dad racing into the basement "how did? Were you sleepwalking again?"

"N-no daddy I…I think I fell through the ceiling."

"The ceiling?" Said Kitty's mother she sighed "honey it was just a nightmare…"

But just then Kitty's father looked up and gasped, "Terri I don't think so." He said pointing upwards.

Kitty's sheets and pillow were phased half way through the ceiling


Charles Xavier looked at the stats on screen and frowned he had recently recruited Kurt Wagner to the institute and had been looking for his next recruit… the problem was there had been 9 manifestations picked up in the last 24 hours. And some were classified as aggressive manifestations he looked at the names on screen

Kevin green

Clarice Ferguson

Elvia Swenson

David Alleyne

Michelle Balters

Michael Heller

Kitty Pryde

Jonathon Starsmore

Jonathan and Kevin were the most vibrant of the manifestations and needed to be contacted immediately….

The next day.

Kitty Pryde snuck down the stairs she looked around and made her way to the door.

"KATHERINE ANNE PRYDE! Where do you think you're going?" Said Kitty's mom appearing from the lounge catching Kitty in the act "you're supposed to be staying home today."

"What's the point?" snapped Kitty "You guys don't want to talk about it."

Kitty! Called Carmen Pryde but Kitty had already left



He walked through the street… alone. His world turned upside down… it had happened so quickly he was at the party with his girl when the windows shattered and the mercenaries burst in he tried to defend them and then they shot him… but when they shot him his world changed… everything went white and they were dead and he had lost half his face…

He looked at his reflection in a window and sighed his face a well below his nose wrapped up in a leather scarf he knew what was under the scarf… nothing…he had blown it all away, his lungs his heart his jaw… just gone… he remembered her face, the girl he loved her face twisted in horror her eyes filed with fear how she had run away from him…

Suddenly he saw a man in a wheel chair /hello Jonathon I'm professor Xavier./ came a voice in his head

/F-k/ Thought Jonathan /how the hell did you know my name? And how is it you are able to talk like I do/

/Jonathan… you are a mutant gifted with special abilities.../

/Gifted? You mean cursed mate/

/It may seem like that however I believe I can help you…/

/How so/

/I believe you thought you vaporised your organs and lower jaw/ said Xavier telepathically

/Have you seen what's under here mister/

/Yes I have/ said Xavier and I believe I can help you rebuild your face.../

/Say what/

/Your power psionicly disintegrated your organs I believe with coaching you could use those same powers to rebuild your face./ said Xavier

/You're having a laugh aren't you/

/No I have seen a more passive version of your power and I helped the mutant use their powers to rebuild her hands…/

/You… you think you can do it for me/

/We can try…it wont be easy and it will take time but I believe together we can do It/ said Xavier

/Well where do I sign up/ replied Jonathan

Northbrook high

Kitty was having a bad day… she was worried about doing the ghost thing when those prep squad girls shove her into her locker…locking her in Kitty wanted out she really didn't need this not after what she had been through. Why did they pick on her she hadn't done anything to them… just because she was smarter than everybody… she started to hammer on the inside of the locker and then…

Then she felt a strange sensation as she accidentally phased through the locker into the hallway and slams into someone it's a boy…Kitty remembered seeing him around he had longish hair and the cutest of eyes…

"Whoa! You… just came through your locker!" Exclaimed the boy

"No I didn't!" exclaimed Kitty trying to brush it off

"No you did! You're like me! I'm lance and I've got a power too!" He clenched his fists and the school started to tremble

Kitty panicked and ran

"Wait!" shouted lance, but Kitty was gone

A little while later.

"Argh!" moaned Kitty. It was P.E. and Kitty had been trying to perform the long jump why couldn't she get it right? Then she heard it… the sniggering, the laughing. The in crowd were laughing at her again.

"Look at the wimp, Jessica!" said one girl "she can't even do a simple long jump…"

"I'll show her how its done!" said Jessica stepping forward as she starts her run suddenly there's a light tremor and Jessica stumbles falling into the sand pit getting totally buried…

Kitty looks up and sees the boy again he did this thought Kitty in shock…she could sees him watching her he had a slight smile on his face… Kitty's face flushed and ran off unwilling to deal with how lance made her feel…

A short while later Kitty was in the auditorium when she heard a noise she turned round to see him once more…


Something about him pulled in two directions her fear of what he was and what that meant she was made her want to run but his eyes… his eyes kept drawing her in.

"I know what you're going through Kitty," he said softly

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean, you're powers part of you is afraid, you have problems controlling them… I've been where you are only there was nobody to help me…but I can help you, I can help you control it…"

"But I don't…"

"Kitty your powers… do they flare up when you get angry? Or distressed? Explode out of you at the wrong time?"

Kitty stopped in her tracks…"yeah."

"Power has to be used Kitty…if you suppress it, bottle it up it'll build until it explodes… I've been there and I'm telling you now it will burst out of you worse than before unless you take control of it."

"H-how do I take control?"

"By using your power consciously by practising… I've got just the thing… follow me," he said softly… "What we've got to do is give you an objective… phase yourself through this door…and open it up for me."

"I don't know…"

"It wont hurt to try "

Kitty sighed and nodded and tried to pass through the door. "Lance its not working!"

"Okay! Okay! Let me think... I got it!" Said Lance. "Kitty remember how you felt the moment you came through the locker focus on the feelings… not the emotions but the way your body felt… now try again!"

Kitty closed her eyes and focused on the weird sensation she had felt as she had fallen through her locker and suddenly she was in the room "oh god! I did it? I actually did it!" She opened the door from the inside and let lance in hugging him "I did it! I did it!" She cried. "Did you see me? Did you?"

Lance smiled "Yeah. Wow, Kitty! How did it feel?" "Oh, it was like, totally unbelievable!"

"You're making it yours Kitty. Once you own it, nothing can own you. Now excuse me for a moment…" he ran over to a file cabinet and opened it up

"Lance? What are you doing?"

"I'm getting hatchets answer sheet for Tuesdays test"

"Wh-what? Is that why you had me phase into here so you could get the test?"


"I don't believe you lance!" she yelled…

"Hey! Don't get mad Kitty! Sure I used you to get into the office but I did help you didn't I?"

"But this is illegal! And you've made me an accessory to the crime!"

"Kitty I… damn it!" groaned lance sighing and putting the sheets down "don't be mad at me Kitty I mean what has this blasted school ever done for us?"

Kitty frowned as she remembered at how the teachers were suspicious of her intellect always coming down hard on her work when she knew there was nothing wrong… her thoughts of the boys who ignored her and the girls who bullied her…she hated it she wondered why she bothered

Lance could see the uncertainty in Kitty's eyes and pressed on… "Look the way I see it is we should look out for each other because no one else will. Those people don't understand us and they fear our gifts…"

Kitty snorted her dad refused to accept her strange powers as if they weren't there…

"Look Kitty I…I'm sorry I used you… I wont use you again from now on me and you are full partners?"

"Partners? Partners at stealing?"

"That's small fry Kitty think about it! Between us we could rule the school I'll help you with your powers… I'll even teach you how to fight and you'll help me… heck you're the smartest girl in the school with your brains you could teach me this stuff I wont need to steal it!" Lance at first almost choked on the words he blurted out but then he realised that he meant them if it meant he could keep Kitty around…

"I…" Kitty remembered how she had been treated by all those around her… lance was the first to see her to help her… to accept her… she then had visions of herself like the a cross between sexy sandy and Rizzo from grease, leader of the pink ladies ruling the girls of the school and lance as Danny zukko… it was silly but it got the picture across she smiled…"okay lance I forgive you for using me…"

"You do?" Said lance in surprise

"I do. after all we make a great team!"

"That we do Kitty that we do…"

"Well partner why don't you put the test back and we get out of here?" Said Kitty

Lance looked at the test papers… on the one hand with them he would pass Tuesdays test but on the other he would lose Kitty the test would only give him short term happiness but Kitty had the potential to give him so much more he got up and put the test back.

Kitty squealed and hugged him…

And in that moment lance Alvers realised that when it came to a choice between a silly test and the girl hugging him the test would lose every time…


On that day…Due to Xavier picking Jonathan starsmore over Kitty Pryde in this universe a dark partnership was formed and the world of the xmen would never be the same again

End of part 1