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A/N: Let me begin by saying that Bridge/Z stories are some of my favorites out there in the PR fan fiction universe. However, it was in Z's interactions with Sky Tate during the series that to me seemed to indicate feelings other than friendship. Z was always encouraging Sky to be more social, like in "Stakeout" and "Resurrection." Plus in "Endings Pt. 2," Z turned and gave a huge hug to, not Bridge, but to Sky.

The blue SPD Ranger could also definitely be seen flirting with Z, like when Sky played keep away with Frisbee during "Reflections Pt. 1" or when they went out of the Academy during "Resurrection." However, there is also evidence within the series supporting Sky's attraction to Syd (remember "Walls" anyone?)

This story I'm starting is a love triangle between Z, Sky and Syd that will span over 20 years. This is my first SPD fic, so please R&R.

Ch. 1: Confessions

Takes place after the two-part "Sam" episodes

Elizabeth "Z" Delgado was couldn't believe how indifferent and judgmental some people were. Particularly her fellow blue SPD Ranger Sky Tate.

She still couldn't get over the way Sky had immediately Sam off as evil and an enemy of the rangers'. How could Sky not show more compassion for a twelve-year-old kid? "If Sky Tate ever wants to become the red ranger, he's got a lot to learn about respect for others," thought Z to herself bitterly.

Sitting alone in the Rec Room late that night, the seventeen-year-old yellow SPD Ranger threw one of the couch pillows across the room in frustration. She remembered with resentment Sky's words to her from earlier that day, "Everyone of us, especially you, is a freak of nature."

"Bastard," said Z angrily out loud, launching another pillow in the air.

"Who me?" responded a tall, brunette ranger as he caught the flying pillow.

"Sky!" exclaimed Z surprised, having not heard him enter. "What are you doing here so late at night anyway?" she asked coldly.

"I thought I might find you here," replied the twenty-year-old blue SPD Ranger, tossing the pillow nervously back and forth between his hands. "Look, this isn't something I'm good at."

"Sky Tate is actually going to admit he has faults?" posed Z sarcastically.

"I came here to apologize for harsh comments I made earlier about your powers," blurted out Sky. "Plus the way you won over Sam; that was really awesome. I don't know if I could have had that type of patience."

"Wow," was all Z could manage to say, blown away by Sky's honest confession. "I really appreciate you saying all that."

"Well you deserve to hear it," said Sky, not looking at her and shoving his hands in his pockets. "You reminded me with the story about your Z necklace just how difficult it was growing up to be different. I should have known better than to be as mean as those kids who made fun of you back then."

"Then maybe you're not so different from Sam and I after all?" urged Z.

"Alright, you win," laughed Sky. "You're more perceptive than I give you credit for," he said with more seriousness.

"Nice that you've finally taken notice," responded Z with mock-pretentiousness. "So," she began, changing the subject. "I also noticed you checking me out today when you made those comments about my powers."

"Ummm," stalled Sky, praying for an diversion. He got his wish in the form of seventeen-year-old Sydney Drew coming into the Rec Room wearing her pink, flannel pajamas with the little, pink flamingos on them.

"Hey guys, what's up?" asked Syd, squeezing Sky's arm affectionately before sitting down on the couch next to Z.

"I'd better get going," responded Sky, heading for the exit. "Night Syd," he said, pulling on one of the pink SPD Ranger's blonde curls. Sky suddenly at the doorway turned around.

"And by the way Z, you're not a freak of nature," Sky said, grinning at her coyly. While being open with people didn't come easily to him, flirting certainly did.

"Hey, what's does that mean?" asked Z intently, but Sky had already left the room.

"Sky can be such a ladies' man sometimes," laughed Sky, patting Z on the shoulder. "The way he's so uptight, you wouldn't expect it from him."

"What are you talking about?" questioned Z, honestly puzzled.

"Hello? Sky's a total hottie!" gushed Syd. "Are you telling me you've never noticed?"

Z honestly had never noticed, but now that she thought about, Sky definitely made up for his usual, bad manners with his good looks. And the blue SPD Ranger certainly had the tall, dark and handsome category covered. His buff physique, chiseled facial features and brilliant, blue eyes didn't hurt either.

"Syd, are you telling me you're into Sky?" asked Z, surprised that she found herself half-hoping the answer would be no.

"Does it matter?" questioned Syd in response, her cheeks blushing to match pink pajamas. "Sky's practically a walking SPD rule book. He would never break Academy laws and pursue a fellow ranger."

"Ha, so that's a yes!" teased Z, poking the pink SPD Ranger playfully.

"And you're telling me that you would actually turn away if Sky went to kiss you?" Syd retorted in good-humored.

Z suddenly wasn't sure what her answer was after Sky's sincere apology, plus her newfound appreciation for teammate's attractiveness.

"I think we've had enough girl talk for tonight," was all Z could come up with.

"Ha, so that's a yes!" teased Syd in pay back as Z made beeline for the Rec Room door.

"Whatever," said Z, spinning around swiftly. She gave Syd an impish look. "No sense in reaching for the Sky when while we're at SPD, neither one of us can get with him."

Syd decided not to reveal that, in fact, she already had.