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Pheely: Vol. 1


Wonderful Tonight


She came down the stairs. I almost swooned, a very unmanly thing to do, when I saw her in that pink dress.

However, it was the fourth time I'd seen that dress. I'd seen two others at least three times each, and several different makeup, outfit, and shoe combinations, not to mention the evening bag she'd decided on that was slung over my shoulder. I knew it was dangerous once I started being able to differentiate between the eye shadow and lipstick combos.

"Do I look alright?" she asked for the umpteenth time.

"You look wonderful tonight," I replied, smarting up from the "great" I'd used before.

Her hair was curled completely, different from her usual straight style, and it fell around her face. She stepped off the last step and walked towards me, and I opened the door for her. "After you, milady."

We climbed in the car and I started the engine, the heater warming the car from the forty-degree weather, uncommon in California. Of course, being the beauty/drama queen she is, Keely decided against wearing a coat (because it would ruin her hair and wrinkle her dress), but she gave in when I offered her my coat to drape across her lap because the heater wasn't warm enough. I showed her how to start the seat warmer, and she smiled at me, that smile that melted me from the inside out, like lighting a match in a Ziploc or something, and she lifted a hand to turn the heater all the way up. "Do you feel alright?"

"I feel wonderful tonight," I chuckled, two hands on the wheel, the headlights lighting the way.

Soon enough, we pulled up to one of the biggest houses in Pickford. Keely climbed out of the car, presenting me my jacket for the cold, and I accepted it. She grabbed my forearm and pulled me into the house; we were both eager to escape the icy weather.

"Wow," Keely breathed into my ear. "This is fancy."

I nodded silently, in awe of the house before me. It was decorated very elaborately, hung everywhere with wreaths, garlands, and boughs of holly. It looked like something pulled straight out of a Christmas-themed Martha Stewart Living (Mom's obsession). I felt mildly inferior in my simple suit, but eyes all over were darting to the pink-dressed blonde on my arm. "Are you alright?" she asks when she sees me look at her that way I do.

I thought, I feel wonderful because I see the love light in your eyes, and the wonder of it all is that you just don't realize how much I love you, and I said "Yeah, I feel wonderful tonight."

The party flashed by quickly, just another mere three hours in our long friendship. I was getting a headache; maybe I'd had too much to eat or something. I pulled Keely to the side. "Do you feel alright?" she asked me again.

She was going to have to stop saying that. "I feel wonderful tonight," I whispered, "except I wish this vengeful lumberjack wouldn't use my head as his timber."

She looked sympathetic, thankfully. "I know how it feels, trust me. I've had about five point six too many migraines myself." With a smile she took the car keys out of my pocket, for me, I guess, and we said quick goodbyes to the crowd.

I climbed in the car, pumped up the heater and seat warmer, and reclined the seat, though the owner's manual would have jumped out and bitten me if it had been manufactured in my time when things like that are commonplace. I looked over at Keely from my seat.

"Thanks for coming with me," I said. "Tickets would have been tons more expensive had I not had a date."

"A date?" she looked shocked.

"A date… like… person," I corrected myself. "Someone to hang off my arm."

Of course, she took it upon herself to punch my arm. "Be careful or you will be armless," she threatened with a smile I could see.


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