Dealing With Dead
Fandom, Pairing:
CSI, nickgreg
Greg grinned at him. For someone who worked with dead bodies on a regular basis, he didn't deal well with the dieing process.
Contrelamontre Autumn Challenge: "2. A season of maturity, or of incipient decay." (fifty-eight minutes)
not mine, never was mine, and sadly never will be mine.


It was always his least favorite time of year. For some reason, the thought of all of those dieing things, the way that everything seemed to shrivel up and leave the world had always bothered him.

He never understood how people could enjoy it. But they could.

Walking beside him his companion drabbled on and on about how he loved the leaves, lying there on the ground. Dead.

Of course his companion was always seeing things as a part of something, as a thing, not something living.

It came from working a lab, he guessed, and always only seeing a few parts.

They were as different as night and day. He saw things as a whole. He preferred spring. He liked to swim.

And Greg most definitely didn't like to swim.

Nick, of course, never got the time to swim in a real body of water. He never took the time off to go to the coat, or up to the lake. Think of this, he turned and looked at Greg.

"Lets go up to the lake, over the weekend, eh?" he asked.

Greg looked up at him. "The lake? Why?"

Nick shrugged. "I miss the water."

Greg nodded knowingly. He knew he loved to swim. Swimming was also something you did in the summer. Something you couldn't do after the leaves had all completely fallen.

"This is about you hating fall, isn't it?" he asked Nick, peering at him curiously.

Nick looked away. He didn't like to admit that he didn't like fall.

Greg grinned at him. For someone who worked with dead bodies on a regular basis, he didn't deal well with the dieing process.

Maybe it was because he only dealt with dead things? Because he didn't ever really get the dieing process? All he ever knew was the dead. Sure, he found out the how and the why, but the people were already dead.

Nick looked up, seeing the look on Greg's face. "Oh no you don't. No theorizing. That's Grissom's job."

Greg laughed then. He grinned, seeing the smile on Nick's face.

"Hey, at least you're smiling," he stuck his hands in his pockets. They were almost to Nick's apartment now. They'd been walking for a while, having decided to go to the park.

Which might not have been a good idea. Nick, apparently, didn't like it when tree's lost their leaves. Greg had playfully compared him to an elf, from lord of the rings. Nick had blushed and looked away.

Once they entered Nick's home, their mood lightened significantly. He could forget about the trees, the dieing. And focus on trying to get Greg to go to the lake with him.

"Please? It's not that far." He didn't like to think of himself as a beggar, but if that was what it took, he was all for it.

Greg rolled his eyes. "Nick…"

"Come on, it'll be fun!" Nick grinned at him.

Greg sighed. "Fine," he told him, like he was making a choice to die.

Nick eyed him suspiciously. "No catches?"

Greg shrugged. "You get to request the days off, telling Grissom why you're taking me from the lab."

Nick groaned. There wasn't another tech. How exactly would he escape to the lake now?

Maybe winter would come early this year, and leave the dead things behind.