Part One

Death is just a New Beginning.

Chapter One

The sun rose high, slowly heating the already over-heated central. It looked to be another heat ravishing day as a young blonde haired boy yawned. He Lazily braided his long fine hair on his way to the military headquarters he worked for. He rubbed the remaining sleep from his golden amber eyes.

He growled as he walked up the marble white stairs. His red coat swayed at against the back of his knees as he walked. A guard saluted him as he entered the air-conditioned base. He opened the door to his commanding officer's office. He growled at the sarcastic smirk that greeted him. He hated that smirk almost as much as he hated the man behind the smirk, the cause of all of his problems. "Good Morning, Full Metal." Colonel Roy Mustang said in his dazzle-me voice. Ed muttered a "Good Morning, Colonel Shit" before sitting down on the sun heated leather couch.

Ed was in a foul mood because of the heat, and the sadistic Colonel knew it, treasuring the deadly glare he was getting from the overheated teen. He smirked, as he looked admiringly at the teen that he tried so hard to protect from the harsh world. He watched the blonde haired boy stifle a yawn before saying. "I got another lead for you, but I'm not sure if your small stature can handle it." His smirk widened as he watched Ed's ears turn red and his eyes gleamed a deathly temper. Ed slammed his hands on the Colonel's desk, getting unusually close to Roy's face.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING A PIPSQEAK SIZED FLEA?" Edward huffed; his hot breathe panting against Roy's face. Roy felt his heart racing, his head started confusing himself, and he felt himself lean in and pressed his lips against Ed's softly. Ed's eyes widened in shock and surprise, he gasped, unwitting allowing Roy's tongue entrance in to his mouth. Ed closed his eyes and pressed firmer against Roy's lips, battling for dominance with Roy's tongue.

Ed blinked as they parted, he quickly grabbed the folder for his mission that was on Roy's desk and left before Roy had a chance to say anything. Ed could feel Roy's unit staring at him, noticing the faint blush, he stomped out of the office, looking through the rather large file. Within minutes he managed to almost completely forget the breath-taking kiss he had gotten from the superior officer.

The dying heat of the sun darkened the dimly lit library. Ed leaned into the library chair, he sighed at the file and brought his hands up to his lips. Why did... Ed frowned at the events of the office; He hates me, why would he do that? Why did I kiss him back? Damn it. Ed yawned and reread the file, the kiss still lingering in his head as he read.

Case 023987291-

Location- North Western County/ Emmina

Numbered murdered- 345 females and males.

Mission as Stated- over 600 pictures, 30-paged report,

Number of investigators Murdered- 45

Suspects- none.

-Pictures clipped to this file-

Ed looked through a pile of pictures of murdered victims, and evidence that the one thing he was so desperately looking for was involved. He winced as he looked at the slaughtered bodies. Edward frowned as he looked through the pictures, and then slowly realized that he knew some of the victims from previous encounters and missions. Then he saw a note from Roy in between the file.


We all know that your prefer working your missions alone, but the whole unit is working with this case, There will be a train leaving tomorrow at 8 am, I expect to see you then.

Colonel Roy Mustang - Flame Alchemist.

Ed sighed wondering how he missed that note. He got up from his seat and pushed back in the chair. He walked to his apartment where he and his brother lived when they were in Central. He unlocked the door and entered the apartment, relocking the door. "Nii-san?" The hollow innocent voice of his brother called as the armored brother walked out of the small library of their apartment.

"Hey, got another mission, looks like the whole units working on it now." Ed said as he yawned and lay on the couch with the file he been reading all day. He was disgusted with the pictures, not even wanting to look at them anymore. Al started reading the reports out loud.

Report 5-

Something's in this house, where all the victims have been found. All the bodies were either cut to unrecognizable means or beaten. The looks of the bodies are horrible, like they were frightened of something horrible... maybe worse.

Report 6-

My partner and I are going to be staying at this strange and foul house. We believe that the killer will return, probably looking for teens that believe in this house's killer ghosts. There's a sound coming from the upstairs.

It was two teens; they didn't know we were here. Gave them a good scare, but they will be staying with us.

Report 7-

Rath's dead, I don't know how, but something, attacked us. Don't know what it was.

Going to look through the house.

Report 8-

Dude, The officer dude told us to write in this thing only incase he died, well we haven't seen him for almost two hours now. Kristy wants to leave, but the door and windows are locked. It's very cold. I want to leave. I'm scared.

Report Nine-

I found Mr. Coleings. God, his body oh god... illegible writing it's horrible completely horrible. I can't find Ricky; I know he was poking at Mr. Coleings remains. He's so crude.

I know the W was long winded as if the person writing was severely cut off.

Ed frowned, he knew there were no such things as ghosts or mysterious killers. All of the reports were similar, all stating an eerie coolness though the house. The feeling of someone watching them. All mysteriously killed. Ed felt sick at the end of the reports. There were tapes of screaming and mad laughter. Al was deep in thought and looked at his brother.

Ed frowned glaring at the reports. Al sighed at his brother. "Nii-san you should go to bed." Ed smiled at Al and nodded. He got up, stretched and went to bed.

To Edward, Morning came way to fast. He sighed as the train whistle blew loudly and the chattering of the locals and visitors gathered around him. He sat in the most isolated compartment in the train as his co-workers entered the train in casual clothing. He looked out of the window as someone sat down in front of him, smirking. "Ready, Fullmetal?" A smooth voice teased out. Ed frowned and glared at the man in front of him. "Do you need to sit there...Colonel?" He growled. Roy smirked and leaned back in the seat staring at Ed.


The old house stood on a tall hill. It was filled with the marvelous alchemical agricultures of the 18th century. It's brilliant colors dazzled people of that time and brought the town under the hill pleasant dreams. A seemingly normal family lived in the huge house of colors and designs. Until Halloween night.

There were people all dressed formally dancing in the ballroom of the house. This room had a huge Alchemy circle with ancient writing on the edges. The blood red circle stood out the most on the floor the men and women danced gracefully on. There was laughter and chatter through out the halls, echoing. Red eyes flashed in the attic as the circle was set off. The laughter was replaced with screams and shouts. Only two people survived that night. They were accused of the murder of 578 men, women, and children who were melted into the dance floor in a bloody mess. The press called it the Halloween Massacre of 1806. Ever since then there have been mysterious rumors that only mixed lies into the family and the killings. Only the true evil hidden in the house now lives.

"Today we are here to put two unfortunate souls to rest. Kristina and Rick were loved by this community and will be missed. They shall not be forgotten and added to this plate of those who the house has taken. Please take this as a warning. Keep your children locked inside at nights. We do not want any trouble."


"This is it?" Ed said looking up at the huge intimidating house. The windows were cracked at the first level of the house... no mansion. "Yes, Fullmetal. Now will you listen?" Roy sighed and looked at his crew, which included: Riza, Havoc, Fury, Breda, Falman, Ed, and Al. "We will be spending our first night here in a hotel. We'll be sharing rooms so it'll go as followed, Riza and Al in room 207, Havoc and Fury in room 208, Breda and Falman in room 213, and Ed and me in 225. You all have your keys so I'll expect you all back here 5:30 pm tomorrow night."

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