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Ed blinked as they parted, he quickly grabbed the folder for his mission that was on Roy's desk and left before Roy had a chance to say anything. Ed could feel Roy's unit staring at him, noticing the faint blush, he stomped out of the office, looking through the rather large file. Within minutes he managed to almost completely forget the breath-taking kiss he had gotten from the superior officer.


Edward smiled against Roy's lips as Roy's arms tighten around him. "Roy...I.." Ed looked up into the coal colored eyes of his commanding officer. "Shh..." Roy smiled and kissed the smaller man again. "No need for out of character confessions, I filled in that role."


First the curse started on small things like shoes missing or clothing, then his money, the respect of his higher ups, and then finally his death in the late 1600's. The servants were extremely happy when he died, they lived in the huge house, but slowly they each died as well. All the deaths were dubbed a suicide.


"Ed...Riza...Maes..." Roy cried out as he ran through the maze from whatever was chasing him. He's been running forever from dead friends and lovers. He was tired and mentally unstable. He could give up right now, fall to the ground and cry for Edward and his friends. He reached the middle of the maze, there stood a golden figure.


People changed becoming more creative in alchemy and fashions. Schools were considered a must. Colleges formed. Boarding schools, foster care, modern culture was adopted. Technology became as popular as alchemy. Computers were made, then laptops. Music sprinted into life and inspired teen life. Groups of social life was formed. Paranormal scientists and college groups were made.

The study of Lord Timon Manson was in question for years of the modern culture.


"Damn, I get stuck with Meas for a whole weekend, but I also get to meet the one person I've been dying to met since that damn pen pal's thing started. This could be a good or bad thing...nope it's going to be great! YES! I can't believe it!" Roy cheered and danced around the room.


As Roy and Maes were distracted with photos, Edward watched as several people entered the auditorium. Some he recognized from his own classes, like Cain Fury and Breda (Which he wasn't so sure about either), and then came Jean Havoc, Riza Hawkeye, and a professor from the Paranormal Wing. The professor was a tall.(..abnormally tall... Edward thought.) female with cold eyes, she smiled at Edward and walked over to him. "Hello Mr. Elric, I'm Susan Parker. I'll be the professor supervising this 'project'." Edward shook the cold hand of Professor Parker. "I'm pleased to meet you, Professor."


Professor Parker led them to the attic after breakfast. "We'll start in this room and move down. Each room has a battery operated camera in it. All you're movements are being recorded as I speak." She said in her cold voice to the group. "Even though there is someone watching us at all times, if we have an emergency it'll take forever before someone comes to help us." Everyone nodded before she continued. "The library is for anyone's use, just be careful. It likes to start spinning around Noon – 4:00 P.M. Now for the history of this room. This is were most of the bodies that were killed in the 20's were found. Most of them were missing heads or limbs. Some were so battered you couldn't even tell it was a human being. This is were a servant of the lord that lived here was hung for misbehaving. Several people have died of a fire that had hit the house in the 1800's in this attic. Of course as you can tell it's been rebuilt. Now follow me."


Roy was awaken by the spinning, "What the hell?" He screamed and clang to the couch. Edward was just barely able to stay on the couch as it span in circles. "They said it spins but hell! They didn't say it went this fast!"


"Told you I found something. Isn't it strange how our names are in this article?" Maes questioned, sitting on Ed's bed as everyone got a turn at reading the article themselves. "Hey they called this flame guy that had MY name; an idoit." Roy pouted and looked over to his friend. "You guys have to be related then, solves problem number one" Ed joked then went seriously. "Do you think the rumors are true about this place then? That the house wanted us to find this paper? This article is older then all of us put together...hell it's on PAPER and not in a computer or something. Using paper was outruled for news in 2010 the last time I checked." The professor nodded. "There was no need for newpaper when everyone had some form of getting the news without paper means." Riza commented. "Even children in schools use computers to take tests now. Everything is electronical now. Well except for books on scientific studies and some novels."


Another pale hand traveled around his waist and slowly up under his shirt along the spine of his back. Then paused as a blood-chilling scream echoed the hallways; and penetrated the bathroom walls. The two looked at each other...something had awaken within their eyes...and it wasn't just love.


"I HATE MY STUDY HALL!" Roy screamed disturbing everyone around them, earning several glares from fellow classmates. The intercom made a light ding sound, to quiet any complaining students.


"Shit." He gasped as he found himself trapped in a sort of rectangluar box...almost coffin-like. "LET ME OUT!" He screamed as he started banging against the walls. He started to panic, forgetting completely about his achemy as the walls began to move towards him. Slowly and painfully he began to be smashed, his bones crushing as the walls continued their inward slide. He coughed up blood.


He hated her. He was determined to hate any other 'mother' that took him in too. Mrs. Curtis was a nice lady and she never gave up on him. He couldn't figure out why he couldn't get her to hate him. He had managed to do so to every other woman that took him in. She would look at him sadly with her dark coal eyes every time he'd scream for her to leave him alone.


"Edward..." He said as the knife came plunging into his shoulder. He screamed out in pain as the creature smiled and twisted the knife in his shoulder. He fell back against the pavement after the knife was removed, the bleeding, smiling, and cold-hearted creature climbed on top of him. The creature stopped at an inch above his face. "I love you, Roy" Then kissed him as the knife was forced into the skin above his heart and through it.


"I ...think..I lov...nevermind." He closed his eyes and got up from where he was sitting, he started towards the bathroom so he could lock himself in there to think but Roy stoped him by grabbing his wrist softly.

"I love you, Edward...Don't be afriad to tell me anything."


She backed away from the figure and felt into the pantry. The red eyed figure looked at her cruelly before smiling. "You died." Riza's eyes widen as a rope encircled her neck and speed up and tied itself to the hanging lap. She struggled for air as she hung 2 feet in the air. Her vision blurred as she watched the figure disappear in front of her, then she closed her eyes for the last time. Her arms fell limply to her sides.


Unlike some lucky heros, the room wasn't what horrified him the most. It was the creature infront of him. The twisted corpse staring eye to eye at him, daring him to move. He felt frozen with fear for what this unexplained lifeless corpse could do...if it could do anything at all. He watched the twisted blue/black lips open, giving a croak.


"Nah, I like being out of that house, I told you somethings not right with it..." And made a face as Roy gave him the 'No you didn't' look. "I'll wait here, with ...the axe!" he said cheerfully, and picked it up from where Roy threw it. "Who knows, maybe it'll come in handy?" Roy smiled at his friend.


"Keep going, you stupid Blondes!" Roy Yelled and ran from the ghost, holding his shoulder and blood stained his shirt. Maes and Edward followed him to the street and passed. They turned and saw that the apparition could go no further. The image seemed to flicker away. They looked up to see the house cradled in bright orange and red flames. Screams were released into the air from the house, as if setting the long dead free.

On to the...


When things truely end,

Will anyone be truely happy?

A whole year after that almost dream like trip, and he still had nightmares of corpses running up walls, people being hanged, or torn apart. Hell, and Roy seen more then him and Maes. Edward stared at the book; he was reading for his univeristiy paper. He and Roy had more then a friendship now. Maes constantly teased them too. Well, he couldn't say that the man was unpleasent. He was almost like a brother he never had. Even though Al was like a little brother to him. After all they've taken care of each other, right?

They felt like a real family. All of them together, well after Al got out of his protective of Ed stage that is. Heh. He was surprised that Al believed him when they mentioned all the paranormal events at that horrible place. Which's name shall kept unsaid. The last time they said that place's name, he could have swearn he heard moaning coming from the hall way. Then some kind of object sliding towards his door.

He, now also, had a phobia of the dark.

And of graveyards.


Dark movie theaters.



He smiled as Roy took his book from his hands. "Yes?" He looked up into dark eyes, he loved those eyes so much. As well as the man that went with those said eyes. Roy stole a kiss. "Your thinking to much, again." Ed laughed and kissed Roy back.

"So what? I have as much time as I want to think!"

Roy smirked. "Really now?" He brought the other in an tight embrace. "I don't think so!"

They laughed together.

Not noticing the shadows that still watched over them.


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