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New discoveries

"Sango, Miroku, back me up!"
Inuyasha called back to his companions.
"We're ready."
Miroku replied, his knuckles turning white as he tightened the grip on his staff.
"Inuyasha, the demon with the shard's in the middle!"
Kagome shouted from the back of the group. They had just encountered the strangest demon. The demons looked exactly identical, and continued to multiply. It seemed that there was a long fight ahead of them.

"What're we waiting for? Let's go!"
Sango said impatiently, already running.
"H-hey, wait for us!"
Inuyasha shouted, starting to make his way to the demons, Miroku closely behind. Sango struck first, swinging the massive hiraikotsu at one of the demons. It swiftly dodged, flying over her.
"Fast one, aren't we?"
She muttered, attempting to strike again.
"Keh, they can't dodge this!"
Inuyasha cried, slicing at the demons.
"Huh? What the?"
Inuyasha could have sworn that he hit the demon, but he felt absolutely no resistance. He looked up at where the demon used to be, and saw nothing but dark smoke.

"So that's it, this was just a trick to scare us away. All of these demons are just illusions."
Miroku explained, calmly walking directly at the illusions. He passed through one, and it disappeared.
"Inuyasha, the shard, it's moving away!"
Kagome shouted, catching up to the rest of the group.
"Inuyasha, go chase it down!"
Shippo said. Without a second thought, Inuyasha sheathed his weapon and broke into a run, passing easily through all the illusions. He ran for several minutes and eventually reached the demon. It was a small one-eyed runt, scurrying away with surprisingly quick speed. Inuyasha swiped at it with his claws and it squealed in pain before it dissolved into the air. Inuyasha noticed something shiny fall when the demon disappeared and picked it up.

He heard Miroku call behind him. They caught up with him shortly after, and Inuyasha handed the object to Kagome.
"Well isn't this a lucky find? A jewel shard that Naraku hasn't gotten his hands on yet! These are getting rare..."
"That won't be a problem."
Inuyasha replied,
"We'll just kill him soon and we'll have the full shikon jewel. We'll collect the odd ones in ordinary demons first though."
"Easier said than done, I suppose..."
Miroku replied.

"Well anyways, that was disappointing. I was expecting a good fight..."
Sango sighed.
"Save your energy, there'll be lots of fighting later."
Inuyasha replied, already beginning to walk. The group followed his lead, having light conversations. When Inuyasha suddenly stopped, they all bumped into him.
"Hey, what gives?"
Kagome asked.

"The sky's weird..."
Inuyasha replied. The group looked up as well. They could see bits of the sky between branches and leaves of the thick forest.
"It's... Purple?"
Sango asked.
"This is strange. Do you think Naraku could be doing this?"

"I doubt it... What would this achieve?"
Miroku said.
"What are we going to do about this?"
Kagome asked.
"Keh, nothing! It's probably just a weird sunset or something..."

Inuyasha replied.
Speaking of sunset, let's just stay here for tonight."
After their long day of walking, the rest of the group gladly agreed, each member doing their own thing to prepare dinner. Kagome got started on a fire while Sango, Miroku and Inuyasha went to collect additional wood. Shippo and Kirara went off to get water from a nearby stream. When the group reunited, they sat around a blazing fire boiling water for Kagome's instant noodles. After their meal, they just sat and talked with each other. Inuyasha couldn't keep his eyes off the sky, which was now a very dark and deep shade of purple.

'No, this can't be Naraku's work.'
He thought.
'Ahh whatever. If something bad happens, I'll go and take care of it.'
He yawned, lying down on the soft dirt. The others did the same, one by one falling asleep.

A few moments after everyone was sound asleep, Inuyasha woke up, feeling the ground shake beneath him. His ears could pick up the sound of things falling in the distance. He pulled himself up, brushing the sleep from his eyes. He could see that none of his friends felt it.
'Of course they don't, they don't have hearing like a half-demon...'

Inuyasha reminded himself. He silently jumped on the top branch of a tall tree, taking a good look around. The sky still had its strange color, but he couldn't see anything falling.
'Really, what the hell is going on today?'
He asked himself, jumping back down.

"I will continue to choose this path...!"
and with those words, the fight was over. A spiky brown haired teenager in a red outfit sheathed his twin blades.
"You... You could've lived with us in our world!" He whispered. "Damn it..."
His friends were just behind him, all with grave expressions. A few were crying. The fight that had just taken place was their hardest. Not only because their enemy was one of the most powerful beings, but also because he was once their friend.

His name was Mithos; an ancient hero who had lost his mind after the death of his beloved sister during the great Kahrlan war.

The Kahrlan war was long and terrible. The giant Kahrlan tree, the source used by both sides provided mana; the essence of life. Magitechnology was created at this time and consumed large amounts of mana. After a millenia, the tree withered and died. In its place, Martel, the sister of Mithos was sacrificed. The war had ended with Mithos separating the two sides into two different worlds on different dimensions. After, he had made an organization called cruxis, where all the angels were gathered. He had changed his appearance to make him look older. He named himself Yggdrasil. For the purpose of the revival of Martel, he had imposed the "Chosen" system on the two worlds. With the limited amount of mana in the world, it was impossible to have both worlds in a good state so instead, one side had most of the mana. Every few years, the "Chosen" from the world with less mana goes on a quest to reverse the process so their side has the mana. Few people knew this however, that another world even existed. After centuries, Tethe'alla forgot about Sylvarant and Sylvarant forgot about Tethe'alla.

For a simple citizen from either worlds, the chosen represented salvation. They thought that all the chosen had to do was to release the seals of all the elements and climb the massive "Tower of Salvation," the tower that supposedly reached to the heavens. Only part of this was true. The secret that most chosens kept, was the fact that they had to die in order to "Save the land." It wasn't a sacrifice to the land either; it was a sacrifice to Mithos. In order to revive Martel, he needed to find a suitable body to put the soul Mithos had collected in. The chosen was merely supposed to be a a vessel for Martel.

A blond haired girl in a light, white and blue robe stepped behind the brown haired boy. Her name was Collette, the chosen of Sylvarant. She tried to console her friend, but she was just as sad. Her friends once said that her smiles could heal the deepest of wounds, but this wound was just too deep. The group never had to kill someone that was their friend.

Lloyd nodded, knowing that there were still things to be done.. He drew his two blades, one made of fire and one made of ice. The material blades. They were the split form of the eternal sword. Magically merging together to create the deep purple two-handed double edged sword, Lloyd gripped the handle. He silently wished upon it to return him and his friends back to the earth. They were currently on a planet called Dherris-Kharlan, a planet made of pure mana. It was supposed to be Mithos's last hiding spot. It had once been the home of the elves. It had always existed close to the earth. Just a bit further than the moon. The tower of salvation was really something that projected what the sky would have looked like. Blue. The tower of Salvation collapsed however; its rubble flattened houses, crushed people, and some large pieces felt like earthquakes. When the dust settled, everyone saw Dherris Kharlan. It's misty purple glow.

Lloyd, Collette and his friends landed softly on the ground.

"...Restore the true form of the two worlds!"
Lloyd commanded the eternal sword. Instantly, things went into motion.

Inuyasha awoke slowly from his tree branch, stretching and yawning. As usual, he was the first to rise. Remembering the previous night, he looked back up into the sky.
'Hey, it's back to normal.That's weird...'

"Morning, Inuyasha."
Called a voice from below.
"Morning Sango..."

He replied absentmindedly. She was usually the second one up. Then Miroku, Kagome and Shippo a while later. It was almost like a routine to wait for their friends to awaken.

"The sky's back to normal... That's a relief."
She said.
"I guess it was just one of those weird days."

Inuyasha replied.

"It's finally done..."

Lloyd said with a weak, exhausted smile. The worlds were together again, and a new tree of mana was born. It was just a seedling that had sprouted at the moment, but Martel, revived along with the tree had told them as long as they provided the seed with love and admiration, it would grow into a great tree that would provide unlimited mana. Because of the worlds merging, there was no longer enough mana for magitechnology anymore until the tree grew.

There was eight in his group, himself included; Collette Brunel, the former know as the the chosen of Sylvarant, Sheena Fujibayashi, a ninja from the town of Mizuho, Professor Raine Sage, Lloyd's former teacher, Genis Sage, Lloyd's best friend and Raine's younger brother, Zelos Wilder, formerly known as the chosen of Tethe'alla, Regal Bryant, the president of a company which now had to be remade because of the shortage of mana, Presea Combatir, a girl who was part of an experiment which had cost her her emotions years from her life. When Lloyd spoke of another quest after dealing with Mithos, Collette gladly agreed to assist him. It was a quest to destroy all the expheres. Expheres were made by Mithos; it was a truly terrible thing.

Expheres were actually human lives. They were worked to near death, and were eventually turned into lifeless beings called expheres by Cruxis. People could use expheres to enhance their own powers much beyond their maximum capacities. Collette and Lloyd have special expheres, however, that are called cruxis crystals. They were used by humans and half elves to become angels. Every other member in Lloyd's group had a regular exphere helping them. When expheres are used the wrong way, or is just not compatible with the person using it, it makes them very sick, and eventually turns them into monsters that kills everything in their path. Some of Lloyd's friends had experienced losses of loved ones because of that. To prevent that from happening to any others, Lloyd had decided to go on the quest to destroy them.

A few days later...

"Okay, I'm ready."
Lloyd said, flinging his bag over his shoulder.

"Good, I have a surprise for you!"
Collette replied cheerily.
"What is it?"
Lloyd asked, not being able to help but be a bit excited.
"Come outside!"
She said, opening the door. When Lloyd stepped outside, the group of the friends that unofficially 'disbanded' were waiting outside.
"Hey guys! W-what're you all doing here?"
Lloyd asked. He was happy to see them, however was caught slightly off guard.

"Heeeey, Lloyd my good buddy!"

A laid back, happy male voice said. It was Zelos. His long, deep red hair flowing as he walked over to his friend. He wore clothes that suited him. A white headband, a black shirt with a ornate pink vest with detached pink sleeves. He was a very lazy, fun loving guy. He loved women, and wanted nothing more than to have his title of being the chosen lifted. Being a chosen, he was a target of many, and his mother had died because of that. He masked all his sorrows and pain with happiness. He frequently joked around, and helped his friends get past the though times. He talks big most of the time, and gets on the nerves of his enemies. He wasn't just talk though, he was a great magic swordsman who had earned the respect of many. He gave Lloyd a friendly clap on the shoulder.

"We've decided to join up with you! To destroy all the expheres I mean."

"All of you?"
Lloyd asked, his his face breaking into a wide grin. He loved being with his friends.

"I'm sorry, but no.

Another voice answered. It was another man called Regal. He was very muscular, wearing a very generic white shirt and green pants. He was really the president of Lazereno, a giant company on a fairly large island of Tethe'alla.
"With the magitechnology gone, I must go back to my company and make the necessary changes. Presea has decided to stay as well."

He said. Presea was a twenty- eight year old who had lost sixteen years of her life to an exphere experiment. She was trapped in the form of an eight-year-old, and had just started growing normally again. She was just more mature than her body, which would eventually catch up. Despite her small body, she helped the group with a giant axe and strength that not even the males of the group possessed.

"Oh, that's too bad..."

Lloyd replied, sighing.
"Yes, and Genis and I will have to stay as well."

A female said. She had silver hair, and wore white dress shirt with a decorative orange overcoat. She was a half-elf who was abandoned by a mother who had too weak a heart to protect her children from the cruel world, which discriminated against her kind. She grew up in Sylvarant, and she loved anything that looked ancient. She was a woman who loved to study things carefully. Her healing arts, her skills with her staff and her white magic was invaluable to the group.

"You too, professor?"
Lloyd asked, slightly saddened.

"And Genis?"

Genis was a young boy. His intellect rivaled his sister's; he was very knowledgeable for his age. He also had silver hair and wore a blue tunic. He had a strange weapon of choice; a kendama. It was a ball on a stick; kind of like a flail. He must have been the most powerful magician in all of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla.

Raine replied,
"We have decided to go on our own journey. We want to try and help make it easier for the world to accept half-elves."

"Oh, that sounds great, but I'm going to miss you Professor, Genis..."
He said, looking down.
"Yeah, I'm going to miss you Lloyd."
Genis said.
"But maybe we'll meet again someday!"
He added.
"Yeah! So let's not say our goodbyes yet."
Lloyd replied.
Raine said.
"So that leaves us with Sheena and Zelos?"
Lloyd asked.
Sheena replied. She wore a navy blue shirt with a pink sash and black pants. She was a ninja from Mizuho who would eventually take over the role of chief. Without her card charms and summoning, the group would have failed to even reach Mithos. She was a beautiful girl that first saw Lloyd and his friends after her journey to Sylvarant from Tethe'alla, planning to assassinate the chosen Collette to save Tethe'alla from losing their mana. Her clumsiness made her fail, and later learned that the chosen of Sylvarant wasn't a bad person at all. She eventually joined up with them, for they really had no intention of letting Tethe'alla go into decline. Lloyd was an idealist, and his desire for the perfect world had been a great encouragement to everyone in the group.

"Don't worry, with the great Zelos on the job, the expheres are as good as gone."
Zelos said, bursting with confidence as usual.

"Well, I guess this is where we all go our own ways."
Lloyd said.
"Good luck, everyone."

"And good luck to you Lloyd."
Raine answered.

The group split, each going into a different direction.

"This is going to be fun! I just know it!"
Collette said happily, in her usual great mood.
"I just hope there's not too much trouble..."
Lloyd replied.

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