Charmed Again.

By William Gilmor

"In this night and in this hour I call upon the ancient power. Bring back my sister bring back the power of three." Cried Piper. As nothing happened she turned to a spell to call a lost witch.

"Power of the Witches rise. Course unseen across the skies. Come to us who call you near. Come to us and settle here."

Piper threw her spell ingredients into a pot. Then pulled a knife and cut her finger.

"Blood to Blood I summon thee." Piper let her blood flow into the pot. "Blood to Blood return to me."

Xander Harris awoke with a start. On his bed lay a newspaper the Obituaries section.

Picking up the paper Xander read. "Prudence Halliwell Beloved Sister. Funeral Services tomorrow 11am In South Oaks Cemetery San Francisco."

Dropping the paper Xander picked up his phone and Dialed a number.

"Yes I'd like to book a ticket on the 1am flight to San Francisco."

Xander gave his information to the ticket agent and began to pack his bags.

Once he packed his things Xander picked up the phone again and Called The Summers house.

"Hello?" asked Dawn as she picked up.

"Dawn it's Xander I'm leaving town for a few days something has come up I don't know when I'll be back I'll call you as soon as I get there." Xander hung up before Dawn could ask any questions.

Xander threw his duffel bags into his car and drove to the airport.

Xander sat in his new hotel room after his 1am flight to San Fran and he was slightly pissed at his family for not informing him of his sister's death. Lighting a circle of Candles Xander began a spell.

"Hear these words Hear my cry. Spirit from the other size. Come to me I summon thee Cross now the great divide."

Xander watched as an older gentile woman appeared. "Piper I…." She started only to realize she was not at the manor she was as not even facing her granddaughter instead she was facing someone she had not expected.

"Hello Grandma we need to have a little chat." Stated Xander with a cold dead tone.

"Yes Alexander I suppose we do." Spoke Penny Halliwell as she sat on a chair across from Xander.

"First off where can I find Shax?" Asked Xander.

Penny gasped as Xander asked a question Penny feared the most.

"I can't tell you that Alexander."

"Can't or Won't Grams?"

"Alexander you can't beat him."

"Grams you should've learned by now I never play by the rules."

Penny sighed as she felt the rage within her grandson.

"Alexander I think you should talk to your sisters about this first."

Xander laughed at this.

"News flash Grams they don't know I'm alive. The only reason I even knew I those abusive fucks the Harris' weren't my family was because The FUCKING FIRST EVIL took Mom and Sam's appearance to try and get me to off myself."

Penny was in shock she had no Idea what had happen to Alexander because the Hellmouth prevents them from looking in on him like they wanted.

"I finally find I have family worth something and the Source kills one. That will not stand."

Grams looked around the room and saw the weapons laying about.

"Grams I met Prue when I worked as a dancer in Oxnard in the night we spent talking I finally have a real family and if you think I'm not gonna pay them back for this you are very wrong."

"Prue's Funeral a pair of demons Bounty Hunters will attack Cole. One of them is Shax's friend if you can call him that he will know where Shax is." Sighed the defeated Penny.

Xander smiled. "Thank You Grams and tell Prue I'll see she gets Justice and that my sisters are looked after."

Xander walked up to Phoebe hiding the tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry for your loss." Said Xander as he faced his sister for the first time.

"Thank you. How did you know Prue from work?"

Xander shook his head. "We meet in a club last and became fast friends." Smiled Xander.

As Phoebe shook hands with Xander. A vision hit her.

Xander standing before their grandmother telling her Prue would have Justice. Xander killing a demon Xander fighting Shax.

As Phoebe hit the floor Xander walked away.

"Phoebe Are you alright?" asked Piper as Leo and Cole helped Phoebe to her feet.

"I saw him the demon that killed Prue."

"Shax what was he doing?" asked Leo.

"He was fighting with that guy."

"What guy?" asked Cole.

"The one that was just here we have got to go find him." Stated Phoebe as she started outside only to come face to face with a demon.

Out of nowhere comes Xander's hand. Around the demon's throat.

"Hi remember me." Snarled Xander as he recognized the Demon as one of the regular's at Willie's all you can eat Friday night hot wings special.

"NO not you." Screamed the demon.

"Yes me." Smirked Xander as his hand closed around the demons' throat.

"Your going to tell me where Shax is or else."

"I can't he'll kill me." Whimpered the demon.

"Mother fucker I'll kill you. I'll just take longer and enjoy it more. Now once again WHERE IT THE DEMON THAT KILLED MY SISTER?" screamed Xander.

"He'll be with at his place in the underworld till the Source needs him." Whimpered the demon as his pissed his pants.

"Thank you." Xander said as he snapped his neck.

As a second demon appeared as the first one's body burned away Xander just smirked and threw a knife into it's chest killing it.

Xander walked over passed the stunned Halliwells and stop and rested his hand on Prue's coffin.

"Sorry I was late Sis. I'll set things right and make sure he never can harm anyone ever again." Cried Xander as his tears hit the coffin.

Stealing himself Xander turned around and faced the Halliwells and Orbed away.

Xander waited till just after nightfall before heading out. Deciding he needed Backup to deal with Shax just in case Xander Orbed to the one woman he knew would help him. He Orbed to the Los Angeles Women's Correctional Facility.

Xander smiled as he saw Faith lightly snoring in her bed.

Leaning down Xander leaned over and kissed her forehead.

Faith's eyes fluttered open and she smiled as she saw Xander.


"Hi Faith I need your help."

Faith sat up in bed

"What kind of help Baby?"

"The Demon killing kind. A demon killed my sister I intent to make sure that son of a bitch dies. I need someone I can trust to have my back and I came to the number one on my trust list."

Faith smiled as Xander announced he trusted her. His nighttime visits thanks to his powers were the highlight of her life right now.

They had spent many a nights talking and somewhere over the past year they felling love.

"So you want me to help kick some demon ass I can deal with that."

Xander smiled as he helps Faith up.

"I'll be right back with your pardon papers my love." Smiled Xander as he orbed out.

Faith waited for about 15 minutes when she heard the clank of the door to the cellblock opening and a long series of Cat calls as a man entered the cell house.

As the footsteps Stopped in front of her cell Faith looked to the cell door and saw the warden a guard and what appeared to be Xander looking like he just stepped out of an episode of the Practice.

"Prisoner Lehane your Lawyer has just deliver to us papers for your Pardon. Your free to go." Smiled the Warden.

Xander winked from behind a pair of wire rim glasses that made him look Older and harder but still her Boytoy.

Xander and Faith walked out of the jail smile plastered to both their faces.

Faith turned to Xander and gave him the smirk that was for him alone.

"Let's go take care of that Demon Baby." Xander pulled her close and orbed back to his new safe house to get ready for the fight.

Piper Phoebe Leo and Cole stood in front of the candle circle as they summoned Grams to fill them in on their "Brother".

As she appeared she saw her two granddaughters and they looked Pissed

"We have a brother?" snarled Piper.

"I don't know what your talking about." Stuttered Grams as her eyes shifted around the room.

"Ok Grams you sucked at lying when you were alive. As a ghost your worst so spill." Snarled Piper.

"I'm sorry I can't"

"Can't or won't?" asked Phoebe

"God you even talk like him." Mused Grams as she slapped her hand over her mouth.

"Won't she promised me she wouldn't" came a disembodied voice as Patty Halliwell appeared.

"We didn't tell anybody because we were afraid that there would be reprisals, afraid that, you girls would be dined your powers. Your birthright. It happened after your father and I were divorced, when Sam and I were together." Explained Patty.

"Sam?" asked Cole.

"Her Whitelighter." Answered Leo.

"I see the apple doesn't fall far from the Forbidden Tree." Smirked Cole.

"Shh Go on Mom." Spoke Piper.

"You were both toddlers. You just thought Mommy got a little fat. (She smiles.) You never knew I was pregnant." Smiled Patty

" I was the only one who knew." Added Grams.

"And Sam, obviously."

"Right. Well, yes, of course."

"We wanted to keep the baby, of course. But mother –"

"Well, I - I knew it would be disastrous. You know, before you and Leo, Piper, it wasn't just forbidden. It was unthinkable for witches to be with white-lighters. I mean, let alone have children with them."

"So, that's why we had to - why we decided… to give the baby up. Sam and I took him to a local church as soon as he was born. And we asked the nun there to find a home for her, and she found one. But the family he was given too moved to the Hellmouth." Sobbed Patty as tears filled her eyes.

"Alexander was your average student until he met the Slayer." Continued Grams as Patty tried to calm down.

"He became a demon fighter Alex or rather Xander spent 3 years fighting evil he has killed more demons and Vampires then you girls have faced." Grams spoke with pride.

"He faced down Angelus unarmed. And was responsible for destroying the Demon known as The Judge." Spoke Patty the pride in her son evident.

"HOLY SHIT." Gasped Cole.

"What?" asked Leo and the sisters.

"Angelus and the Judge are legends in the Underworld. The mention of either name is enough to make even the Source shiver."

Grams smiled. "He also stopped a demonic Ascension."

Leo went Bug eyed at that.

"Alexander goes by the name NightStalker." Patty added.

"Great the most feared demon hunter in existence and I'm dating his sister. Phoebe if I ever hurt please give me to the Source He'll kill me quicker and less creatively" mussed Cole.

Phoebe turned back to her mother. "How does he know about us and what's with the Whitelighter powers?"

Grams sighed. "About a Year and half ago a creature known as the first evil tried to get Xander to commit Suicide. The First can assume the likeness of anyone who has died. First it tried as his Best Friend who was the first Vampire Xander ever killed. Then a Girl who was in fact a mummy that had fallen for him that he was forced to kill to save a friend. Then as a teacher that was like a sister to him then. Finally as your Mother and Sam."

"When the First assumed my formed. I heard everything it said to him such hurtful things. That I never loved him he was a mistake and I should have Aborted him. Do you know what he did? He told the First that it was a good thing I had brown eyes or else he would've seen just how full of shit it really was. He told the First Evil that it didn't matter where he came from or what anyone else thought of him. If he saved one life or kept one demon from hurting someone then that justified his existence. He said that everything in this world is balance action and reaction. Good Evil Hope Despair. Action I've made a difference with my life Reaction you can never take that away from me." Cole and Leo looked at the Sister with a sense of awe.

" That still doesn't answer how he knew about his powers and the Girls." said Cole.

Patty looked at the girls and awaited the explosion that would follow this revelation.

"He knows because Prue told him." Came a new voice as the spirit of Andy Trudeau came into the circle.