Andy smiled at the girls. "Prue met him a little more then a year ago."

"And she never told us why?" asked the enraged Piper.

"Because he told her not to." Answered Andy.

Piper and Phoebe both stared at him wait for more.

"He has said his friends tried to force him away because they wanted to protect because they thought he was useless. He said he would meet you when he could hold his own and you wouldn't try to do the same thing."

Piper looked as if she had been insulted. "It not personal Piper Phoebe. It's just shortly after moving to the Hellmouth Xander's foster parents became abusive drunks Xander up till he was 17 had never even been told that he was loved. All he was ever told was he was worthless and stupid."

Piper looked ready to cry Phoebe looked ready to kill. "Do any of you have their address because I feel like paying them a little visit."? Growled Phoebe as she cracked he knuckles.

"Prue meet him while you and Leo were away Piper she had gone out with some friends to Oxnard where they ended up in the Fabulous Ladies Nightclub where your Brother was a dishwasher. A demon showed up Xander attacked it the demon threw a fireball and Xander Orbed. Then together he and Prue killed the demon. Afterwards they spend the night talking and one thing lead to another and you've got a brother."

Andy drew his strength. "Xander then spend the next 4 months on alone on mountain in training. Not just in magic but physical training he pushed himself hard and longer then any man I ever heard of. Then he shape shifted back to what he looked like before and went home. I kept an Eye on him for Prue. I watch him do training that makes Rocky Balboa look like a pansy. He was a wild man. Every night he studied magic the theory the control the power the consequences of the power." Andy pointed to a loose floorboard across the room. "Under that board is a journal he kept. He gave it to Prue before he headed back to the Hellmouth."

"Xander is one of the most powerful forces of good in this world Girls. But the way he fights you have to be aware of one thing. He doesn't find to win he just won't lose. He goes into each fight knowing he is going to die. He fights with everything because he expects to die and if he dies he doesn't plan on going alone." Whispered Patty.

"Your mother is right girls. Xander will die to protect anyone from the demons. But anyone he can't save he will blame himself. He doesn't take credit when it is due he just does it because it's the right thing to do." Added Grams.

"Where is Xander right now?" asked Leo.

"He is going after Shax and judging from the amount of Weaponry I saw when he called me I get the feeling he plans on doing a lot of damage." Said Grams.

Leo's eyes shut as he got a message from the elders.

"Xander was just in L.A. he freed Faith the Vampire Slayer from Jail and they are going after Shax." Relayed Leo.

"Now who's Faith the Vampire Slayer?" asked Piper as the conversation was draining her.

"Xander's Girlfriend and Lover." Answered Grams.

"Why was she in jail?" asked Phoebe.

"She killed a man on accident then an Warlock cast a spell on her that let him control her and he used her to kill another man. She took the spell that was meant for the other Slayer." Answered Grams.

Cole shivered as he felt a sensation he had never felt before. He almost hit the floor from the force of it.

"What's wrong?" Asked Leo as he grabbed Cole to keep him from falling.

"The Source just called for every demon to return to the underworld I think baby brother is there and is he ever pissed."

The sister gathered together and Cole and Leo transported them into the underworld.

As the group materialized in the underworld the sight before them was one the likes of which had never been seen before. Demons scatter all over the place or rather pieces of demons. They had been sliced diced and blown up.

"Good Lord." Gasped Leo as he crossed himself at the carnage in front of them.

Cole leaned over to Phoebe. "Pheebs what I said before about turning me over to the Source forget it just vanquish me instead it'll really be less painful."

The Sister heard a scream just ahead as they entered the cave and to their amazement they saw Shax on pinned to the walk like a demonic crucifix.

Xander stood before Shax knife in hand and a bottle of cherry coke in his hand. Next to him stood Faith she had a knife too and a bottle of soda.

"Ok baby how about this for a bet? If I can nail him in between the nuts you agree to move in with me. Smiled Xander."

Faith smirked at that "Ok Boytoy and if I win what do I get?"

"A week of Oral pleasuring every night before bed and every morning when you wake up."

"Well I am a much better Slayer when I get the high hard one in the morning and I sleep better with you inside me at night so deal."

Shax screamed as he saw the charmed enter with Leo and Cole.

"Please I'm sorry I killed your sister I was under orders please kill me he is nuts." Cried Shax.

Xander looked at the new arrivals and smile. "Be with you in a second." Xander threw the knife which imbedded itself in Shax's groin.

He smiled at Faith. Faith smirked and threw her knife, which entered Shax right next to Xander's blade.

"Looks like we both win Boytoy."

"Won't have it any other way babe."

"I don't mean to be a bother but if you don't mind me asking HOW THE HELL DID YOU KILL ALL OF THOSE DEMON? Screamed Cole.

Xander picked up a backpack and tossed it to Cole.

"Satchel charge C-4 loaded with blessed silver holy water and teak wood. My own mix designed to take out any unholy terrors." Smirked Xander as Cole slowly put the pack down afraid it might go off.

Xander turned back to Shax and picked up an axe.

"This is for my sister." Xander swung the axe cutting of Shax's head.

"Now that my dearest Faith is a kill." Xander dropped the axe and threw a hidden knife at the wall.

"And that is a wound." Smirked Xander as he pulled the blade from the Source's gut.

"Thought I didn't see you hiding there did you?" smirked Xander as he dragged the Source in front of the Girls.

"Piper Phoebe would either of you care to do the honors?" asked Xander as he held out the knife for either of them.

Piper's face took on a feral grin as she grabbed the knife and thrust it into the Source.

Piper kept thrusting the blade into the Source over and over again finally crying out her tears as she did.

Xander walked over and stopped her hand, as the Source lay dead before them.

"It's all done Piper it's all done now."

Piper dropped the knife and grabbed Xander as she cried screaming "Why Prue Why her. I can't do this I'm not strong I'm not her."

Xander wrapped her up in a hug. And held her as she cried.

"No one expects you to be Prue. Piper we just want you to be you." Whispered Xander as he held his sister.

Leo walked over and rested his hand on Piper's shoulder.

"Your Brother's right Piper. No wants you to be Prue."

Xander shifted her over to Leo. Xander walked over to Faith and smiled at her. "I think we've Avenged Prue my dear time for us to go."

Faith smiled at Xander and took his hand.

"Take care of yourselves." Smiled Xander as he orbed him and Faith back to the apartment they rented.

Once back in their apartment Xander fell on to the bed. Faith crawled in next to him and felt him wrap his arms around her. Pulling her close.

"Faith thank you I can't even begin to explain how much having you here for this means to me."

"Xander you have done more for me that anyone ever." Faith placed a kiss on his cheek. "You know I can't count how many nights I wanted to go to you. After that night we first made love. I threw you out because I never made love to anyone before. You gave me something so different I was afraid to accept it."

Xander took her hand and placed it over his heart. "My heart beats for you Faith I have the strength to do what I do because I love you. This belongs to you." smiled Xander as he patted his heart with her hand.

Faith smiled took his hand and placed a kiss on his palm then placed his hand over her heart.

"This is your Xander. I'm a better person because you love me."

Xander held her tight and they both drifted to sleep.

Piper and Phoebe sat in the Attic trying to find a way to track down their brother but something was blocking them.

Leo Orbed in with a slight scowl on his face.

"The Elders are blocking you from finding him till tomorrow afternoon. They said he needs sometime for him and Faith. After single handedly put a major dent in the Forces of Evil it was the least they could do."

Piper smiled at that. "I guess baby brother needs some privacy then."

Leo pulled her into a hug. "How are you doing Piper?"

"I'm better then I was its still hurts but I'm doing better."

Cole shimmered into the room with a dozen roses for Phoebe and a smile on his face.

"Phoebe when I see your brother I will get on my knees and thank him I am a free man. No Bounty hunter will get anywhere near me because of that guy."

Phoebe smiled as Cole gave her the Roses.

Xander smiled as he came back into the bedroom to find Faith still asleep. Walking over to the bed Xander set a tray of food on the nightstand.

Leaning in close he placed a feather light kiss on her lips.

As Faith stirred in her sleep Xander pulled a red velvet box out of his pocket.

He was greeted by a smile Faith reserved for him alone.

"Good morning Xan how are you?"

"I'm better then I was Faith." Xander smiled and took her hand.

"Faith you are without a doubt the most important person in my life. I want the world to know that too. After last night I felt like I finally know what I want in my life. Faith I want to ask you Will You Marry Me?" Xander asked as he pulled the red box into view and opened it to show her the diamond ring he had for her.

Faith's eyes watered as she saw the ring. "Yes" she whispered.

Xander took the ring from the box and slipped it on her finger.

Faith jumped him pushing them both to the floor as she kissed him.

As they broke apart Faith smiled a grin so large it threaten to split her face. "Xan I've dreamed of marrying you but I thought you wouldn't want to marry me I'm just some slut from south Boston you deserve a real lady not someone like me."

"Ahh my dearest Faith I deserve you because I love you. You complete me in ways I never imagined."

Xander smiled at her as they began to make love on the floor of their apartment.

To say Buffy was pissed was the understatement of the century.

First Xander up and disappears on her then they find Faith has been Pardoned and now the Scoobies just find out that the once responsible for getting her pardoned was none other then their Xander.

"He must be possessed." Willow ventured.

"Yes that is the only reason Xander would go to Faith." Buffy agreed.

"Ah you both clearly have your heads up a body cavity decorum prevents me from mentioning." Countered Giles.

"How can you say that Giles?" demanded Buffy.

Giles simply threw a Newspaper on the table.

The Girls looked at the Article that was circled. It was Prue's Obit.

"That woman was Xander's sister and a witch my guess Xander is on a blood hunt for who ever killed his sister and he wanted back up."

"WHAT?" Screamed the girls.

"While on his road trip Xander encounter a young woman and after helping her kill a demon they discovered they were family. You see before the First Evil tried to get Angel to kill himself. It tried to use the doubts you two put there to get him to kill himself. It appeared as his friend Jesse, Ampata the mummy girl since she fell in love with him. You Buffy even Jenny. And finally his biological parents. Xander never knew the Harris' weren't his parents till then."

The girls looked at each other scared that Xander never told them about this.

"Then afterward Xander began an intensive training program. You see he could've moved on but he felt that you girls needed an anchor so to speak so he hid what he was. You see it was Xander that empowered the joining spell against ADAM because you see Willow just didn't have the control to do it right so Xander cast it."

"Giles if you don't know the truth why lie?" asked Buffy unable to believe that she was so blind to all that happening.

"I guess Xander was right and all the bleach did dumb you down." Snarled Giles.

"I would not lie about something like that Ms. Summers. And if you can not accept that I demand that you leave my place of business and not return."

"What are you saying Giles?"

"Buffy I am say if you can accept the truth then as you Americans say, Leave and don't let the door hit in the ass on the way out."

Both girls where shocked that they had misjudged Giles and Xander so much.

The phone rang stopping the tirade from Buffy before it could start.

Giles hit the speaker phone. "The Magic Box suited for all your magic needs can I help you."

"Hi Giles." Came the duel voices of Xander and Faith.

"Xander where are you and what is Faith doing out of jail?" came a shrill cry from Willow.

"Well I am at home and Faith is out because I got her a pardon." Giles laughed as he heard the smirk in Xander's voice.

If looks could kill Giles would've been a fine pink mist.

"Xander what are you doing?" asked Buffy.

"Enjoying the Afterglow B." came Faith's laughing voice.

"I just called to tell you Faith and I are engaged." Laughed Xander.

Giles smiled as he watched both Buffy and Willow pass out from the shock.

"If you were planning to make them pass out my boy it seems to have worked."

"ok I'll pay you later Boytoy."

"It's too easy with them sometimes baby."

Giles could hear Xander's smirk.

"Just letting you know I'm ok G-man and that bastard who got my sister is taken care of."

Giles knew how much Xander was hurting.

"Faith take care of him you understand."

Xander smiled as he heard this.

"Thanks Dad take care of the girls for me I'll call again soon."

The line went dead. "I will my son just be careful."