Sum: Catherine gets something special, but who's it from, (I connot give you the pairings cuz it might give it away, but there is two pairs :) )
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A rose, A message and You

Catherine sets off to work, quickly grabbing a piece of toast on the way.
As she was leaving her door step, she notices a rose, a red rose with a card.


Dear Catherine,
A rose such as this can not contain my words of spoken love for you,
My words canot give you justice to your beauty, but the rose is there as a symbol of my love, and my words are the reminder of my love.
My love to you my dear Catherine.


Catherine had to blink twice, this is too early in the morning for this. Maybe it was a dream, but the cold air outside made sure that she was awake.
' who could this be off i wonder? ' she thought.

Names appeared in her mind as she drove to work, almost knocking Grissom over in her steps, ingnored Greg and Nick as she walked into the breakroom.

'Right, all of us will be here in about five minutes... I'll find out then' giving herself a nod she waited... patiently.

"Not many cases tonight, Warrick you pair off with Catherine, she is still on the hit and run case, Nick, Gregs going to shaddow you for your case, you have a robbery gone wrong, two people dead, and Sara, your with me" he gave a smile, finally he was able to tell Sara his feelings and they have been together since. The whole lab was happy, but not just for them, the fact that there will be no more argues and fighting, including the cold shoulder. Plus, is that an engagment ring upon her finger of marrage? yep. )
"So what do we have then?" Sara mirrored his smile,
"A woman living alone complained about the noise of her neighbour, and now she is dead and he's gone" and with that Grissom and Sara left, leaving Warrick and Catherine the last two to leave.

"Catherine, we should go" he spoke her name for the third time,
"What?" she answered at last "You okay? you seem distant" concern flashed within his eyes "I, I got, Someone sent me a rose with a lovely message but, no name" she spoke slowly and quietly, would he get jelous?
"Did you like it?" Warrick asked, Catherine looked suprised "Um yes I really did but "
"Good, because I didn't know what flowers you did like"

Short I know but I never done a Catherine and Warrick fic, they do suit each other don't they :)