True to Your Heart

A/N: A new story! Woohoo! I'm going to enjoy writing this fanfic! This story is mostly pointed toward humor, but there's some romance in it (figures). Unlike my other fanfictions, this fic will be pretty short because it takes place in, and only in, the month of December.

Inuyasha is featured as his regular hanyou self in this story (silver hair, claws, amber eyes, dog ears) and for once, Kikyo isn't a love rival in the story! I'm sure several of you are happy about that.

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Chapter 1: The Curse

:&:o:&:o:&: Thursday, December 1 :&:o:&:o:&:

It began like any other day for him as he walked home from high school.

A silver-haired hanyou strode home slowly in the cold December weather, cursing at the cold temperature when he sneezed.

"I hate winter," he growled to himself. "My nose is the most sensitive during this season."

He sneezed again.

Damn it. He was catching a cold. Without a second thought, he broke out into a run. He headed in the direction of the park…a great short-cut. As reached the entrance of the park, he slowed down to a regular walking pace.

He wrapped the scarf that hung around his neck tighter and made his strides longer. All he wanted to do was go home, start up the fireplace, settle down on a couch and drink a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate with a single marshmallow on top.

He shivered. It was only the first day of December and already, the skies were cloudy gray, threatening to rain or even snow.

"I just wanna go home," he sighed deeply.

It was then that a shrill shriek filled the air. Being a half dog-demon made him very sensitive to sound, so when he heard the scream, his dog ears flattened against his head and he winced.

"Aiee!" a feminine voice wailed. "I'm all wet!"

As he rounded the corner, he caught sight of the source of the yelling. It was a teenage girl with long, straight, black hair that reached a little past her waist…and the fact that she was sitting in a large puddle of rain water made him laugh for some apparent reason.

The girl opened up cold brown eyes and glared at him.

"What's so funny?" she asked thickly.

He just continued laughing. The girl growled and made a move to stand up, but ended dropping into the water again with a loud splash. She scowled. He laughed harder.

"Why, you…" she trembled with anger and embarrassment. "YOU BASTARD!"

He stopped laughing and started to growl. Bastard? He'd let no one call him a bastard.

"What was that, wench?" he asked furiously. "You wanna shoot that last comment by me again?"

"You and your language," the girl said sharply back. She stood up from the puddle and stepped out of it carefully. "If you don't want me calling you bastard, then tell me your name."

He answered, "Inuyasha."

"Well, then, Inuyasha," she sniffed. "Don't call me wench because my name is Kikyo."

"Wench suits you better," he mumbled under his breath.

She glared at him again, "What was that?"

"Nothing," he said with an innocent look.

Kikyo eyed him suspiciously and then shook her head, "Anyways, you're so rude, laughing at someone like that when they fall in a puddle."

"Well," he yawned. "The fact that it was you who fell made it funny."

Kikyo's hands balled up into fists. This bastard. He really was rude, no doubt about it. She'd have to teach him a lesson.

"Anyways, I'll be heading home right now. I shouldn't be wasting my time talking to some wench in the cold weather while I could be at home in a nice warm room drinking hot chocolate," Inuyasha remarked dryly, starting to walk past her.

"Arg…" Kikyo's anger boiled up inside her. He'd called her wench again. She stared venomously at Inuyasha as he continued strolling down the path of the park. When she saw him sneeze, an idea popped into her head. She started cackling.

Inuyasha stopped in mid-step and turned around with an annoyed look.

"Would you stop it with that awful laughing of yours?" he said flatly. "It's giving me a headache."

Kikyo smiled evilly in response and said, "With all my miko powers vested within me, I place a curse on you, one that shall not be broken until both true love's first kiss is received and the words "I love you" fall upon their lips!"

Inuyasha stared at her for a long before saying, "Are you a lunatic?"

She fumed, "Okay, you know what, buster? I'll make it harder for you then. The person will have to say "I love you" first and then kiss you second in that precise order, in the same moment! Both things will have to be filled with true felt love and it all has to happen while you're in your hanyou form!"

"You're," Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "A hopeless romantic, aren't you?"

Kikyo restrained herself from strangling him. She smiled shakily, "You didn't hear what the curse was."

Inuyasha turned his back on her once again and started walking off once more, "This is all absurd. I don't believe a word you just said."

"The curse is," she laughed. "That you will change into a dog every time you sneeze…and only sneezing again will change you back to your regular form."

Kikyo smiled smugly, "And, if the curse isn't broken in four weeks-this week included-right before it's December 25, you'll remain a dog forever."

By coincidence, Inuyasha sneezed at that moment.

"What the-!" he exclaimed. A tingling feeling vibrated through his body. His eyes shut tightly when an overwhelming pain came over him next.

The next moment he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw were his hands…or rather, paws. He opened his mouth to scream in terror, but all that came out was a loud bark.

'I really did change into a dog when I sneezed,' Inuyasha realized in horror.

"Aw," Kikyo cooed, now towering over him. "You're so cute! A dog with a nice coat of white fur and with nice amber eyes!"

As if he didn't have the amber eyes before?

Inuyasha growled, which came out as a dog growl and looked down at himself. His clothes had vanished...or in other words, he was dog naked.

'Ah!' his eyes shut closed. 'My clothes are gone!'

As if Kikyo read his mind, she said, "Don't worry about your clothes. Every time you change into a dog, everything you're wearing will disappear, but when you change back into your regular form again, the things you wore last time will be back on you again."

She sighed, "I'm not that cruel."

Not that cruel? Not that cruel! Placing this curse on him was cruel enough!

Kikyo turned her attention back onto him and kneeled down in front of him so she was at eye level with him. She tickled his nose. He sneezed. This time, all he felt was the tingling sensation through his body. When he opened his eyes again, he saw that he was back in his regular form-and yes, with his clothes and backpack on…the last things he'd worn.

"Your nose is so sensitive," Kikyo remarked. "That'll make you vulnerable to sneezing a lot. And about that pain you felt when you changed into a dog…don't worry about it. You shouldn't feel it again the next time you change. You only felt the pain because it was the first time when the curse took affect."

"Gee, that's nice to know," Inuyasha replied back sarcastically. Kikyo glared at him and reached out and tickled his nose before he could do anything about it. He sneezed again.

'Aw, crap,' his eyes shut again as the tingling feeling went through his body again. True to Kikyo's word, however, Inuyasha did not feel any of the pain that he had experienced the last time.

When he opened his eyes, he was, as expected, in his new dog form again.

"You really are cute!" Kikyo squealed, ruffling the fur on his head, which earned her a growl. "Okay, because of that, I'll give you a little hint about who your true love is."

She leaned in closer and pointed at his eyes with an index finger.

"Look out for the gray-blue eyes," she said simply. When he barked something, Kikyo blinked. "Are you trying to tell me something?"

She reached out and tickled his nose. Inuyasha changed into his regular form again in a brief moment.

Kikyo smiled happily, "The more you change back and forth between your two forms, the faster your transformations should be. So, eventually, you'll be able to switch to a form in only half a second."

Inuyasha ignored her statement and then exclaimed, "Do you have any idea how many people have gray-blue eyes!"

Kikyo just shrugged back, "You'll know who it is when you meet her."

"I'm sure glad it's not you," he spat, standing up. "If it were you, I think I would rather stay a dog for the rest of my life."

Kikyo's eyebrows furrowed together as she glared at him again. Inuyasha took that as a warning sign and dashed off before she could say anything else-or do anything else-to him.

­"I'm home," Inuyasha said loudly. He took off his shoes at the doorway and made his way to his room. Once he reached it, he threw his backpack onto his bed before making his way to the kitchen.

He quickly went to the cabinets and began making hot chocolate. A few minutes later, as he stirred the thick liquid with a spoon, the voice of the girl, Kikyo, echoed through his head.

With all my miko powers vested within me, I place a curse on you, one that shall not be broken until both true love's first kiss is received and the words "I love you" fall upon their lips.

Inuyasha plopped a marshmallow into the slightly steaming mug and grimly made his way to the living room. Once there, he sunk into an armchair, and took a sip of the hot chocolate. In front of him, the fireplace crackled with life, shimmering a warm yellow, red, and orange. Inuyasha stared into the flames.

He couldn't believe it. The curse was real. He had actually changed into a dog when he sneezed.

"This 'curse business' is all ridiculous," Inuyasha grunted. "Absolutely ridiculous."

He brought the mug to his mouth and took a large sip-which he nearly spat out when a furry and heavy bundle collided with his head.

"Yashie!" a young boy's voice piped happily.

Inuyasha responded with a choke.

After several coughs, he reached behind him with the hand that wasn't holding the mug, and grabbed hold of the tail of the fox demon child that clung to his head. When they were face to face, Inuyasha snapped, "Shippou, you moron! You almost made me choke to death!"

Shippou chirped, "That was my goal to begin with!"

Inuyasha glared at the small demon before him. Shippou's green eyes glared back and then he jiggled around to get free.

"Let me go!" Shippou whined.

Inuyasha's hold switched from Shippou's tail to his ponytail, held up by a turquoise colored bow.

"OW! OW! OW!" Shippou cried out, grabbing onto his dark orange hair. "That hurts!"

After several minutes more of complaining, Inuyasha was satisfied and let go of Shippou, who then landed onto Inuyasha's lap.

"One more thing," Inuyasha said as he gave a small punch on Shippou's head. "Don't call me Yashie. How many times have I told you that?"

Shippou's tail waved back and forth, "Dozens of times, Yashie."

The fox child whimpered when Inuyasha's fist contacted with his head again.

Inuyasha sighed and sat back in the chair. Regardless of their fighting, he and Shippou were very close to one another. Shippou, along with a young human girl named Rin, was adopted by his brother Sesshoumaru a year ago. Sesshoumaru took favor with Rin, not really noticing that he'd made Shippou the outcast. So, out of sympathy, Inuyasha started to talk with the fox demon and soon, Shippou was like a brother to him-even though, technically, Shippou was really his nephew. The only strange thing was that Shippou was more of a brother to Inuyasha than Sesshoumaru had ever been.

"So how was your day today?" Shippou asked, settling himself into a comfy position on Inuyasha's lap. "The usual?"

Inuyasha stiffened. Shippou felt it.

"What happened, Inuyasha?" he asked with concerned eyes. "Was it bad?"


"Well, what is it?"

Inuyasha hesitated, "Swear you won't tell anyone."

"I swear!" Shippou chirped, his tail waving back and forth.

"No, really, you have to. You have to promise you won't tell anyone. Not anyone in this house, not anyone outside this house. This is a big secret. Got it?"

"Jeez, I got it! Now go on!"

Inuyasha took a long drink of hot chocolate and then said simply, "I'm cursed."

Shippou stopped wagging his tail, "That's your secret?"

Inuyasha began muttering curses underneath his breath, "Yes, that's my secret. I'm really cursed! This dumb girl placed a curse on me that makes me change into a dog every time I sneeze!"

Shippou blinked. Inuyasha waited impatiently for a response.

"Well?" he asked gruffly. "You don't have anything to say?"

"Nope," the fox demon child piped. "But I do have something to do."

With that said, Shippou turned around so that his tail was facing Inuyasha's face and then he wildly flapped his tail against Inuyasha's nose.


Shippou stared open-mouthed in shock. One moment, his uncle stood in front of him…the next, a white-haired dog. Not knowing what to do, he did the first thing that came to mind. He burst out laughing.

"OH. MY. GOSH!" Shippou gasped between giggles. "It's true. You really do change into a dog every time you sneeze!"

The dog-or rather, Inuyasha-barked…which just made Shippou laugh harder. Inuyasha wandered over to Shippou's tail, buried his nose in it and felt his nose twitch.


Shippou, who by now was rolling on the floor laughing his head off, wiped the tears from his eyes and let out a scream when he felt himself being picked up off the floor.

"Just who were you laughing at?" Inuyasha gritted through his teeth as he held Shippou by the tail.

"Why, you, of course," Shippou replied innocently, which earned him three punches on the head. "Ow…"

"If you do that again, I'll find a way to send you back to that orphanage where you came from!"

With that threat floating in the air, Shippou didn't dare say another word.

:&:o:&:o:&: Friday, December 2 :&:o:&:o:&:

It was the next day. The curse was harder to hide than he'd thought. It being December, it was freezing cold everyday, which made him vulnerable to sneezing at any second. It was difficult enough to keep the curse from his brother Sesshoumaru, who'd almost found out about the curse the other day when Inuyasha sneezed at the dinner table. Luckily, he was able to escape the room while Shippou quickly distracted Sesshoumaru and Rin before they saw anything.

"What if I sneeze during school today?" Inuyasha grumbled as he walked to school. "Then everyone will know about the damn curse…they'll probably blackmail me with it too so I'll have to do stuff for them."

He let out a frustrated yell and then ran the rest of the way to school. He'd talk to his best friend Miroku about this issue later. Right now, he had to make it to class before the bell rang. As he bolted through the entrance gate and into the school courts, he looked at his watch.

"Crap, two minutes!" he said to himself, rushing through the school doors, toward his locker. Once he reached his destination, he took out two textbooks and notebooks, slammed the locker shut and turned to the direction of his math class. In his haste, he and another person collided with one another, everything they both held spilling onto the ground.

Inuyasha heard the other person grumbling loudly as they both picked up all their belongings. There was one textbook left on the floor. It wasn't his so it must have been the other person's. Inuyasha picked it up and held it out, seeing who the person was in the process.

"Oh, Kami…you!" Kagome Higurashi hissed as she snatched her textbook from his hand and stood up. "I should have known! It's just like you to be late and to drag me down with you!"

"Well, for your information, it was an accident!" he snapped back.

"Accident! Ha! Yeah right!" she seethed. "Your purpose in life is to ruin mine!"

"Standing here and giving me insults isn't going to get us to class," Inuyasha said as he began walking past her. He heard her growl.

"Bastard," Kagome spat loudly.

Inuyasha stopped dead right in his tracks and stayed at that spot, even though the bell rang right then.

He slowly turned around, "What…did you call me?"

"I called you bastard," Kagome repeated with a sour tone, her eyes narrowing. "What, are you deaf?"

Inuyasha made his way toward her, ready to shout at her in the face. However, when he made eye contact with her, everything he was about to say to her was forgotten.

Because at that moment, he noticed that Kagome Higurashi had gray-blue eyes.

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