True to Your Heart

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Chapter 7: The End

:&:o:&:o:&: Sunday, December 25, Christmas Day :&:o:&:o:&:

It was late morning.

Inuyasha picked up an unwrapped, medium-sized box from the floor and stuck it under his right arm.

"Well, I'm off," he said, opening the front door.

"You're leaving?" Shippou whined, scurrying over to him and tugging at Inuyasha's black pants. "Already?"

Inuyasha bent down and ruffled Shippou's hair, "Yeah, I promised someone that I'd spend the afternoon with them today."

He smiled, "I'll be back in the evening in time for the gift exchanging after dinner. Don't worry."

"Alright," Shippou frowned. "Hey…you aren't going to go ice skating, are you?"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes, "After what happened yesterday, I don't think I'll go ice skating ever again."

"I was so worried and Rin was crying. She was afraid that you'd died."

"What can I say?" Inuyasha shrugged. "Love makes you do crazy things."

"Then I won't fall in love!" Shippou declared.

Inuyasha chuckled, "You will, just watch. You may say that now, but when you're older, you'll meet someone who you'll want to spend your entire life with. And when you do, you'll find that love is actually a wonderful experience."

Shippou blinked, "Uh…okay."

Sesshoumaru walked into the hallway and began heading into another room.

"Sesshoumaru!" Inuyasha called out.

His older brother halted to a stop and turned.

"What?" he asked uninterestingly.

"I never thanked you for the advice you gave me," Inuyasha said, turning his head away. "Without you…I don't think I would've been able to solve my problem. So, thank you."

With that said, Inuyasha walked out of the house with the box still underneath his arm, closing the door behind him with his free hand.

A few seconds passed. Sesshoumaru stared at the closed door. Did Inuyasha just thank him? During all the years that they've lived together, Inuyasha had never thanked him.

"Who was that, and what happened to my idiot brother?"

Inuyasha strolled through the park and slowed to stop when he spotted a familiar miko walking toward him.

"Hello, Inuyasha. I see that you broke the curse in time," Kikyo sniffed.

"Yeah," Inuyasha grumbled back. "And according to Kagome, I almost died around that time…but then, I 'miraculously' recovered.'

Kikyo slammed a fist onto one of her hands, "Oh, that's right. I forgot to tell you that there'd be side effects that you'd feel during the last minutes of the curse."

Inuyasha stared. Side effects?

"You know," Kikyo smiled broadly. "Like the time when I first placed the curse on you and you felt that pain when you first transformed into a dog?"

So yesterday in the hospital while Kagome was in the room with him...he hadn't been dying? Inuyasha rolled his eyes.

"Anyways, you deserved the curse since you were being a rude jerk," Kikyo said, tossing her hair over her shoulder.

Inuyasha opened his mouth to answer her insult with one of his own, but then thought the better of it, "You know what? I'm actually glad you put that curse on me."

Kikyo was taken aback, "W-what? You are?"

"Yes. It brought Kagome and me together. If that curse hadn't been put on me, I'd still be enemies with her," Inuyasha said briefly. "So, thank you."

Kikyo smiled smugly.

Inuyasha began walking past her, "And I hope that I never bump into you again."

He heard her give a 'humph'.

"Well, don't worry about it!" she yelled after him. "I'm leaving the city today anyway! And who in their right mind would want to live in a city with a jerk like you!"

Inuyasha ignored her. However, when he heard a shriek and a loud splash, he glanced behind him and saw that Kikyo was sitting in a puddle like the first time he'd met her.

"Aiee!" she wailed. "I'm all wet!"

Inuyasha continued walking along the path.

When he was a long and safe distance from her, he burst out laughing.

In a short period of time, Inuyasha reached the front door of Higurashi Shrine.

Inuyasha transferred the box he held from under his right arm to his left. Then, he rang the doorbell and tugged at his red turtleneck sweater with his right hand as he patiently waited for someone to answer the door. When the door opened, Inuyasha found him face to face with a smiling Kagome.

"Merry Christmas!" she said cheerfully. She was dressed in a red plaid skirt and white sweater, and a green scarf was wrapped around her neck.

"Merry Christmas," Inuyasha smiled back. He settled the box he held onto the floor as Kagome jumped at him and gave him an enormous hug.

"How are you?" Kagome asked when they pulled away to look into each other's faces.

"I'm good. How about you?"

"Same here. Except, when you came, I felt much better."

"Hm, is that so?" Inuyasha tilted his head to the side. "By the way, were you the one who hung that mistletoe above the door? And if so, did you do it on purpose?"

"Maybe," Kagome gave him an innocent look.

"It doesn't matter," Inuyasha said as his mouth brushed against hers. "I was going to give you a kiss anyway."

The two got lost in their own world as they shared a long kiss.

A moment later, Grandpa coughed behind them, "Ahem. Would you two get inside and close the door? The heat is escaping from inside the house."

Inuyasha and Kagome drew apart blushing.

"Sorry," they said in unison.

Grandpa gave a grunt and went back into the house. Inuyasha withdrew his arms from Kagome and picked up the box he'd settled on the doorstep. Right when he straightened up, Kagome pointed to the sky and exclaimed,

"Look, Inuyasha! It's snowing!"

Inuyasha's gaze lifted toward the sky and, sure enough, saw snowflakes drifting down.

"This is perfect!" Kagome laughed. "A white Christmas! This day can't possibly get any better."

She started walking to the living room.

'I wouldn't be too sure about that,' Inuyasha thought with a smile. He followed after her and closed the door behind him.

"This is for you," Kagome said as she held out a bulky gift-wrapped package. The two of them were alone in the living room. They had both settled down on the floor in front of the fireplace and were now exchanging gifts.

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow, "You need to work on your gift-wrapping skills."

Kagome smacked the present against his arm with a glare. Inuyasha took the present from her and opened it, finding a red scarf.

"I made it myself," Kagome said happily as Inuyasha unfolded the scarf and held it out in front of him.

"You know, you should work on your knitting skills too," he remarked.

Kagome shoved him, "Stop being mean."

"I was kidding. I love it…especially since it's from you," Inuyasha laughed, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "I lost my other scarf when I was trying to save you yesterday anyway."

His paused and then asked, "Hey, just out of curiosity…when we were in the hospital…did you kiss me so that the curse on me would be broken?"

Kagome sat with a thoughtful expression on her face, "No, I kissed you because I thought you were dying. I forgot all about the curse then...why do you ask?"

"Just wondering," Inuyasha replied. He put the box he'd brought with him onto his lap and held it in front of Kagome.

"This is for you," he smiled. Kagome stared down at the plain large box before fingering the flaps and then slowly pulling them open.

Inside the box, lying on a blanket, was a sleeping white-furred puppy.

"Oh, Kami! You got me a dog!" Kagome cried out. She grasped her hands around Inuyasha's face and dragged him toward her in a fierce kiss. Inuyasha had to tear himself away to take a breath. He wiped an arm across his mouth and began laughing.

"Okay, I get your message. I love you too," he shook his head.

Inuyasha watched as Kagome took out the sleeping puppy from the box and set it on her lap. The puppy awoke and its eyes opened, revealing amber colored eyes.

"Why, he looks so much like your 'Inuyasha-chan' form," Kagome remarked. She carefully picked the dog up into her arms and craddled it like a baby.

"That's one of the reasons why I got him for you," Inuyasha explained. "I got this little guy for you mainly because you've always wanted a dog…but I also got him because he looks like 'Inuyasha-chan', which will remind you of the curse that brought us both together."

"Oh, believe me, I won't forget about that curse," Kagome assured him firmly, tickling the puppy's stomach which in turn made it whine. "Actually…it was more like a blessing, don't you think?"

"It was a curse to me. I changed into a dog every time I sneezed, remember?"

"And you almost saw me naked that day too…" Kagome glanced at him. "You didn't see anything did you?"

"Well…I did see that you had long legs…"

Kagome blushed and turned away, "Pervert."

"I said that as a compliment."


"You say that, but you know that deep inside, you're really flattered."

"You're not copying my homework, Inuyasha."

"It was worth a shot."

"I think I'm going to name this little guy 'Inuyasha-chan'," Kagome decided as she looked down at the small dog in her arms. "I don't know why, but I just like that name."

She turned to Inuyasha, "By the way, Souta said that, because of you, he's now less afraid of dogs. He told me about what you did to him. I think it was real sweet of you."

The doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" Mrs. Higurashi called out before either of the two could stand up. A minute later, Miroku and Sango walked into the living room. Sango wore an angry expression on her face and Miroku had a red handprint on his cheek.

"Who put that mistletoe underneath the front door?" Sango demanded. "Miroku tried to kiss me while we were under it!"

"But, Sango, it's tradition," Miroku protested. "Everyone knows that traditions shouldn't be broken."

"Tradition my butt," Sango hissed.

Kagome stood up with Inuyasha-chan in her arms and walked over to the doorway where Sango and Miroku were standing.

"Hey, I have a present for you, Sango," Kagome said, attempting to calm down her best friend. The anger dissolved from Sango's face.

Sango piped, "I have one for you too, it's right here…"

As Sango fumbled through her pockets, Miroku walked over to Inuyasha.

"Merry Christmas, buddy," he greeted as he sat down beside the hanyou.

"Merry Christmas," Inuyasha grinned. "You know, you're not going to get Sango's heart by making her constantly mad."

Miroku groaned, "I can tell."

"Don't worry, she'll get over it quick. We can all tell that she loves you just as much as you love her."

"Yeah, despite her actions, I'm sure that's true."

The two watched the two teenage girls who were still near the doorway all the way across the room. Standing by the doorway was a Christmas tree that twinkled with lights and ornaments. In front of the tree, Kagome and Sango exchanged gifts and squealed at the presents they'd received from one another.

Miroku let out a deep breath.

"Well, you did it. You broke the curse in time and you fell in love with Kagome," he said to Inuyasha.

"Yup," Inuyasha responded.

"So do you think you were true to your heart during this whole curse thing?"

Inuyasha turned his view toward Kagome. She was playing with the dog he'd given her while Sango was talking to her. When Kagome caught Inuyasha's eye, she smiled at him. He smiled back.

"Yes," Inuyasha finally said. "I believe I was."

:&:o:&:o:&: THE END :&:o:&:o:&:

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