A.N.-Yay! My first Fic! happy dance this is a little Christmas story that I wrote. It shows our friends at east city HQ in December. Yay! So, enjoy! Arg, my mom is saying that I have 10 minutes to type this and post it. .

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December 1.

Eastern City HQ.

Weather. Very cold. That type of your eyes freeze shut if you hold them closed for too long, kind of cold. No snow.

Master Sargent Fuery had a tough choice to make. He was planning something, and he needed someone to side with him. It was either going to be Hawkeye or Mustang. If one agreed ,the other would be angry beyond recognition. "Hmm. Mustang's anger, versus Hawkeye's wrath. Practically the wrath of God." He thought. "Not exactly a tough choice, is it?" slowly he walked up to the fearsome Lieutenant's desk.

"Umm, Lieutenant?" He asked uncertainly. He still wasn't sure if this was a good idea. He valued his life.


"Would it be okay if, that is, we decorated for Christmas?"

Riza looked surprised that Fuery was asking for her permission.

"Okay, just get your paperwork done first. "

"Yes! Thanks a lot! Um, I really don't think that the colonel will be too happy with this, so could you support us?"

"Sure, now get to work!"

Fuery ran out of the office, a triumphant smile on his face.

He had finished his work, so Fuery began to unpack boxes of decorations. And who just happened to stumble upon this fact than none other than Roy Mustang.

"What are you doing?" a bright red vein throbbed on the back of his head.

"Getting decorations." Fuery was cheerful due to the fact that he saw Riza standing in the background, watching the proceedings.

"Why?" Roy's eye was twitching rapidly. (A.N.-my friend told me to change 'ticking' to 'twitching'. Obviously she thought that all of the readers aren't smart enough to figure out what 'ticking' means.)

"Is something wrong, Colonel?" Riza remained perfectly calm.

"Darn Straight! Who, and why, permitted decorations!"

A dark aura started to swirl. Hoo boy, Riza was mad.

"I did, Colonel."

"Ulp! S-sorry, Riza! Well, I got to go!"

he tried to run, but Riza caught the back of his uniform.

All of HQ could hear his screams.

the end, well, of ch. 1.

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