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Dec. 8

East City HQ

Weather- Snowy, just about 2 and a half feet on the ground. Hard to tell from a 2nd story window. Anyways, the second day of lock-in is upon us.

The different members of East City HQ were finding ways to keep themselves busy.

-Edward and Alphonse were sparring,

-Riza and Fuery were playing with Black Hayate,

-Havoc was spacing out, and

-Roy was sleeping. (¬..¬ ;; classic Roy)

Of course, everyone's doing of something, (or in Havoc's case, nothing in particular) annoyed Maes. (A.N. I know he should be in his building, but he was in this one when the storm started up. only a complete moron would go outside in that storm.) He wanted to show everyone pictures of his daughter. The lights were still on because the cables were underground, but the phone lines, which were aboveground, had been blown over. (it's a really strong storm.) So he couldn't talk to his daughter. Woe is him.

Then, the bell rang, signalizing lunch. Everyone got up and slowly made their way to the cafeteria. Riza paused, walked up to Roy and prodded him awake. Then she turned on her heel and left the room.

Everyone sat down with their lunch. Then, someone must have slipped, because a sandwich sailed through the air. The flying sandwich slowly descended and landed SPLAT! on Roy's head.

"W-Who did that?" Roy's voice trembled with anger.

Then, mere seconds later, a full-scale food war erupted!

Ten minutes later, everyone was completely tired out from the 'battle', and sat down amongst the wreckage the caused, and laughed. That type of laugh that you get when you've had the time of your life, even though you bent the rules. Even Riza was doubled over with laughter. Somehow, through their mirth, they took in the state of their friends:

Ed had corn mashed in his hair, and ketchup smeared on his face. (A.N.- I'm bleeding!) His clothes were ornamented with mashed potatoes, and perhaps some gravy.

Roy had been coated in spaghetti, with tomato, alfredo, and pesto sauces splashed on his coat. (alfredo is cheese sauce, and pesto is basil.)

Riza seemed to have been viciously attacked by the salad bar. All sorts of vegetables coated her, and she had the different salad dressings poured into he hair. (A.N.-that would suck to have in your hair. It would take forever to get out. XP)

Havoc, Falman and Fuery were the dessert. (A.N.-not that way, sick freaks!) the had been liberally smeared with ice cream, (A.N.- that's gotta be fun…¬ .¬) covered with fudge, and sprayed with whipped cream.

So they eventually found a way to keep themselves busy. Now they could use tomorrow to clean up.

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