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A Simple Note

Robin put in one of his Green Day CD's and turned up the volume. The stereos pumped as Robin sat back and listened in the darkness of his room. The music flowed through his mind and soon he started nodding his head to it. Pretty soon he got up and started playing air guitar. Then, he started jumping up and down on the bed, his hair loosing its gel and starting to flow freely about his head. Then, he froze.

Someone was standing in the doorway, watching him in delight. Robin quickly got off of his bed, turned off the stereo and flipped on the light switch.

"Starfire!" he said, blushing furiously. "What are you – uh – why – where – um – how long have you been standing there?"

"Please," she said, sweetly, "do not allow my presence to diminish you. I enjoyed your – um – 'wind guitar'?"

"'Air guitar'" he corrected.

"Oh," she said. "May I enter?"

"Well, um, I'm not really dressed." He indicated his loose muscle shirt and cargo pants. He wasn't even wearing shoes.

"Oh, that does not bother me," she said. "I believe it makes you look – um – 'warm'?"

He gulped. "You mean 'hot'?"

She nodded and he laughed, nervously.

"So, may I come in?"

"Well, sure, I guess."

She walked into the room and stared at the stereo, as if trying to un-crack a code.



"What was the music you were listening to? It sounded – loud."

He laughed a bit. "It was Rock."

She looked at him quizzically. "You were listening to a – mineral?"

He smiled. "No, Rock and Roll. It's a type of Earth music."

"Can you teach me?" she said eagerly.

"Oh, well, I used to play, but I'm a little rusty…" But then she looked at him with large, pleading eyes. "Oh, why not?" He walked over to his closet and pulled out a scarlet, electric guitar. He plugged it in to the speakers, making sure not to turn the volume up too loud.

"Ok, well, I guess the first thing to learn is a chord," he said.

"Chord?" she said.

"Yeah. For example: this is a G string." And he placed his fingers on the strings and thrummed a note.

"May I try?" Star said, excited.


Robin handed her the guitar and watched as she struggled to keep it steady.

"Here," he said, helping her with the strap. It was just after he put the strap over her shoulder when he realized how close his face was to hers. He quickly let go and cleared his throat. Starfire didn't seem to notice and instead focused on the strings.

"Um," she said, helplessly, "what do I do now?"

"Here," he said, attempting to place her fingers on the right strings. But, no matter how heard he tried, her fingers would always slip, somehow, and he would have to place them again. Finally, he stood behind her and placed her hands in his own. Then, he placed her fingers in the same place he would put his to play.

Unfortunately, they were standing with their backs to the opened doorway, and it just so happened that a certain green changeling was walking by at that moment.

As soon as he saw them, he yelled, "HEY, CY! GET THE CAM CORDER!"

Well, that was just a little peace of fluff that I had in mind. Tell me what you think!