It was about 12 midnight as Faith Yokas turned the key to her apartment. She was tired and so drained out from the shift she had just did. All she wanted was a cup of tea and to crawl into her bed. She knew that she would have to be up early to start the same thing all over again. As she entered her apartment it was dark and muggy. She could tell that Fred had not been home yet. He had been working a few extra hours for more money. Faith was glad he was at least he would be spending the extra hours working instead of drinking. Fred's parents have been helping them out allot by taking care of Emily and Charlie. Faith missed her kids, all she wants is a normal life for them where they don't have to grow up in a world that she did. Faith placed her leather coat on a hanger and hung it in the hallway closet. She proceeded to the kitchen to make herself that cup of tea she desired. As she waited for the water to boil she thought about all the events that happened in her day when she heard a thump and rattling of the keys in her door. Faith peeked her head out of the hallway of the kitchen.

"Whose there?" she said as all her nerves shot up in her body.

"Faith it's me"

It was only Fred.

"I can't get the door open" he snarled. Faith hurried across the room and unlocked the door. Fred stumbled into the apartment. He put his arm around Faith "My darling wife, I have missed you" He pushed his lips on top of hers as she backed away. She could smell the alcohol on his breath and knew right away by the way he walking and the glassy look in his eyes that he had been drinking again.

"Fred you've been drinking? You said you weren't going to drink anymore"

Fred fell onto the couch and turned on the television "I only had a couple Faith, It's not big deal" he didn't even look up at her and kept his eyes focused on the T.V. Faith stood with her arms crossed and walked over to the couch "A couple of sips or a couple of beers?" Fred didn't answer he seemed more focused on the tube then her.

"Fred answer me…FRED!"

He finally looked her way "WHAT?"

"Answer me, and look at me when I'm talking to you" she snapped.

He quickly got off the couch and moved pass her to the bathroom "There's nothing to talk about Faith, so what I had a couple of beers with the guys, I don't say anything when you want to kick back with Holly and have a few drinks"

"That's Different Fred." Faith said as she turned away and walked back into the kitchen to get the water for the tea.

"How is it different Faith?"

She looked up at him stirring her tea and gently took a sip before placing it on the counter.

"When Holly and I go out we have a few drinks. When you go out you get wasted with the guys. You are supposed to be helping me out around here. I thought you were using the extra money to help pay the bills? Not to spend it on alcohol with your buddies. I have been working 12 hour shifts at the diner t so I can put food on the dam table. I cook, I clean, and I go to work. I pay all the bills around here and pay for Emily and Charlie's clothes and school supplies. What do you do? You drink. I'm so sick of it!"

He angrily looked at her and fully grabbed her arm "Who the hell do you think you are? Talking to me like that, you talk to me with respect I'm your husband"

"Fred, you're hurting my arm let me go"

Fred ignored her words and continued holding her "NO, I'm not letting go until you understand me. You are my wife and you do what I tell you to do. That means being home at a reasonable hour so we don't have to stick the kids at my parent's house.

"Stick the kids at your parent's house? Is that what you think Fred? We have no choice. We barely can afford this apartment. Why do you think I'm working 12 hour shifts? I'm on my feet all day while you are out making deliveries. When I get home I like to relax a bit, have a cup a tea. I don't need to come home to a mess and I sure enough don't need to come home to a drunk!" Faith couldn't believe the words that shouted out of her mouth. She never was that vocal with her husband before.

"I'm not a drunk Faith!"

"Fred, yes you are. You have a drinking problem. You need help before you hurt someone including yourself!"

Fred grabbed Faith and pushed her up on the wall. His hands were holding her at her neck

"DON'T EVER TELL ME WHAT TO DO, YOU HEAR ME? I do not have a problem with drinking you hear me? This conversation is over never to be brought up again."

He threw her away from the wall and she landed on the couch. She wiped her tears away and pushed her hair back that fell into her eyes. "Fred, why are you doing this to me?"

"To you? Everything is always about you isn't it? You think your so perfect right?"

"Fred I never said I was. Why can't you admit you have a problem and that you need professional help. I'm only trying to help you"

"Help me?" He laughed at her remark. "I don't need help Faith. Everything was fine until you started making accusations and you know what I'm done with it!"

Faith got off the couch and moved closer to Fred. She touched his shoulder but he was unresponsive. "Fred…Fred please let me help you. I can't go through my life like this again. I can't and I won't. I sure won't put Emily and Charlie in the middle of all this. I do not want them to have a life like that. I already have one drunk in my family I'm not going to have another.

"There you go again saying I'm a drunk. Why?" he snapped as he pulled away from her.

"You have a drinking problem whether you realize it or not."

"You can think what you want of me but don't ever throw the kids in the middle of all this. You hear me? I'm sick of this. I do not have a problem; I do however have a problem with you right now. You are supposed to be my wife, believe in me when I'm in doubt and support me through anything and have my back. Not insinuating that I have a drinking problem that needs to be fixed."

"It's a problem when you grab me and threaten me telling me what I should and shouldn't be doing; and yes I still believe that you have a problem".

Fred shook is head in disgust and moved passed her and picked up his jacket and keys. Faith watched him as he made his way to the door.

"Where are you going?"


"Oh yeah that's what your good at leaving. When the going gets tough you walk out and find solution in the bottom of a beer bottle."

Fred grabbed her arm and swung her around so she was in his arms. All she could see was anger in his eyes and she was terrified of what he might do.

"Fred let me go please!"

He pulled her closer to him "Is that what you think of me, of what I do when I go out. If you do you don't know me at all"

"I don't know you anymore Fred. You are not the man I married. You are total different person when you drink and that scares me. Please let go of my arms."

"I'm glad that we are expressing our feelings but I do not like what I am hearing. You think I am like your old man? I'm nothing like him. How can you even compare me to him? It's nice to know that is what you think of me."

The tension began to increase and Faith was even more terrified then ever. She was completely crying now. Tears were falling down from her face. She begged and pleaded with Fred to let her go but every time she opened up her mouth his grip got tighter and he got more angrier.

"Fred it's not what I think, It's what I know. You swore to me. You promised me that you weren't going to drink anymore because you saw what it did to me. I grew up with a drunk. I'm not going to put my kids through this kind of life…NOW LET GO!"

His hold on Faith grew even tighter now. She didn't know what to expect or what he was going to do to her. She never imagined her life being like this. All she wanted was for Fred to let her go. But it didn't look like he was letting up or showing any side of concern for her well being. Not even knowing that he was hurting her. Fred finally let go of her arms. She rubbed the area that was lightly red from where he was holding her. He walked passed her onto the other side of the room. She was relived that he finally let her go. She backed up as far away from him as possible; she just wanted him away from her .

"Get Out Fred..You've hurt me for the very last time."

Anger took over as Faith said those last words He threw his keys down on the table and grabbed both arms and pulled her with force really close to his face.

"For the last time, I do not have a drinking problem but you seem to think I do. I don't need help and I certainly don't need you. Why don't you just mind your own business and worry about your life instead of mine. Stop treating me like I'm nothing but an obstacle in your life!"

"Fred, I Never-" He cut her off before she had a chance to explain. She realized that he could not be reasoned with and that it was either his way or no way at all.

"Shut up you don't get to talk you just listen. You don't have to say anything Faith it is written all over in your eyes.

There was a long pause before another word was said. Fred's hands were firmly locked in place with her arms. As he yelled his grasp got even tighter.

"Fred, Don't do this you don't want to do this, you need help we can fix this." she pleaded as she begged him to let her go.

"There's nothing to fix and you know it!"

"Please Fred, You have to let go of me before-

He grabbed Faith by the head with full force now and placed both hands on each side of her face. "For the last time I do not need help. Now leave me alone. You are always nagging me, Just leave me and don't follow me if you know what's good for you, Or maybe I should teach you a lesson so you learn to keep your mouth shut."

"Is that a threat"? She cried with fear.

"I don't threaten I promise. I 'm getting really tired of your smart mouth these days."

"Fred Please let me go. I'm sorry okay? You are hurting me."

Fred pushed her away really fast that she banged really hard into the wall. She pulled herself up and could barely stand up "Just go! Get out Now."

"Come here" He insisted

"No, I'm fine right here."

"Don't you tell me no, I said get over here..NOW!"

Faith walked a few steps towards him so they were only 1 foot apart.

"Fred I really want to know why you are doing this and the reason is because you are an alcoholic and when you drink you turn into some monster."

Fred grabbed Faith and smacked her really hard across the Face. Faith fell on the floor; she reached up and covered her right cheek where he had hit her. Tears fell from her face and she watched him kneel beside her and grab her and pulled her close to him "Why do you make me mad all the time huh? You better be here when I get back. Don't make me come look for you." he yelled as he threw her back down on the floor. He stormed out of the apartment banging the door as hard as it could go. Faith was scared and shaking. She was terrified for her life and for the sake of her children. She couldn't believe what was happening to her and her life. She quickly collected herself and made her way to her bedroom. She changed into her Pjs and slipped quietly into bed. She wanted to fall fast asleep before Fred got back. She wasn't sure what he would do to her. She knew there had to be a better life for her than the one she has now. She needed to be able to protect herself and her kids and the only way she knew how was to figure out a way to leave Fred before things got worse and that's when she decided to join the Police Academy.