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Chapter 6- Stick with You

I don't want to go another day
So I'm telling you exactly what is on my mind
Seems like everybody is breaking up
Throwing their love away
I know I got a good thing right here
That's why I say (Hey)

Nobody's going to love me better
Ima stick stick with you

When Emma awoke the next morning, she could feel Hermione on her right side. She could feel Hermione's hands covering her own. Emma could also tell that Hermione was singing, well who else would?

Emma laid in bed listening to her sister sing to her, Hermione was singing a song the they had wrote together, it was called Stick With You.

Nobody's going to take me higher
Ima stick stick with you
You know how to appreciate me
Ima stick stick with you
My baby
Nobody ever made me feel this way
Ima stick stick with you

The chorus of that song, was Emma's favorite part, it explained how they would stick together through thick and thin.

I don't want to go another day
So I'm telling you exactly what is on my mind
See the way we ride
In our privated lives
Ain't nobody getting in between
I want you to know that you're the only one for me
And I say

It totally said everything you needed to know about the two sisters bond. They loved each other, they would risk their lives to save eachother, thats how much they loved eachother.

When Hermione got to the chorus, Emma joined in, opened her eyes, and turned to look at her sister.

Nobody's going to love me better
Ima stick stick with you
Nobody's going to take me higher
Ima stick stick with you
You know how to appreciate me
Ima stick stick with you
My baby
Nobody ever made me feel this way
Ima stick stick with you

Hermione smiled at her beloved sister and gave her hand a squeeze, it may seem to you like just a squeeze, but to them it was much more.

"How long have i been asleep?" Emma asked Hermione.

"Umm... Since you woke up last time, only a day," Hermione answered her sister.

"How have you been doing?" Emma asked.

"Well, if your talking about the Ron situation, then thats just been okay i guess, I forgave him for cheating on me, but not the way he hit us. He just said he understands whyand he was sorry."

"Well, I guess the bloody git does have a heart after all," Emma said which brought a smile to Hermione's pale face.

"You two hungry yet?" Harry asked from the door.

"Meh, it depends," Emma joked.

"How does eggs, bacon, toast, and a glass of orange juice sound?" Harry asked Hermione and Emma.

The two sisters looked at eachother and smiled.

"Sounds good," Hermione said.

As Emma was helped off the bed by her sister and Harry, Ginny walked in.

"Hey!" Ginny said running up to Hermione and Emma.

"Hey yourself," Hermione said in a kidding tone.

"How you two feeling?" Ginny asked nicely.

"Good, you?" Emma greeted smiling.

"Just peachy!" Ginny answered.

"Yum! Peaches!" Harry said mocking Homer, off of the Simpsons.

Harry recieved a 2 playful hits on the shoulder by Hermione and Emma, and three laughs from the girls.

"Lets get Homer into the cafeteria before he drools," Emma said laughing.

"Yes lets!" Harry said as he guided Emma to the cafeteria.

When the four young adults got to the cafeteria, they were greeted by Emma's closest friends, Leah, Katelyn, Melissa, Sam, Matthew, Taylor, Joe, Mike, and Jake.

Leah had brown wavy hair and brown eyes. Sam had red hair, well her natural hair color was light brown, and she had grey eyes.

Katelyn, had wavy blonde hair, and bluish grayish eyes. Melissa had very light brown hair and green eyes.

Jake was single, he had brown hair, that had blonde at the tips, his hair was spiked up. He had wonderful blue- green eyes.Taylor was Leah's boyfriend, he had curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Matt was Katelyn's boyfriend, and he had brown short hair and pale blue eyes. Joe had long skater type hair, that was dirty blonde and he had dark brown eyes. He was Sam's boyfriend. And last but not least, was Mike, he was Melissa's boyfriend, he had brown hair and peircingblue eyes.

"Hey Em!" A girl with red hair said as she hugged Emma.

"Hey Sam!" Emma greeted back. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Well, can't your friends visit you? Jeeze!" Leah said laughing.

"What ever! Jake you still single?" Emma asked smiling.

"Sadly yes," Jake said faking a depressed tone.

"Awww! Poor Jakey!" Emma cooed.

Jake just smiled and laughed. Emma stuck out her tounge.

"I guess you guys haven't met my... erm...sisters...friend... yet," Emma said, she was about to say my sisters boyfriend, but decided against it. "Well this nice young man, is Harry Potter, and this lovely young lady, is Ginny Weasley."

"Emma stop being over dramatic," Jake kidded.

"Hmph!" Emma pouted.

"Aww, come on Em, don't be mad I was just kidding!" Jake said as he went up to Emma.

"Come on you guys, lets leave these to love birds alone," Katelyn said.

"Shut up Katie!" Jake and Emma said at the exact same time.

"Don't call me Katie!" Katelyn shrieked.

Jake and Emma just laughed. "Come on, do you forgive me?" Jake asked giving Emma the puppy dog eyes.

"Ahhh! Not the eyes!" Emma screamed shielding her eyes. "Fine, I will if you stop!"

"Okay!" Jake said immediately and wipped the puppy dog eyes off his face.

"Where'd everybody go?" Emma asked as she opened her eyes.

"I dunno," was Jakes answer. "They're probably hiding from us."

"That won't be a surprise, you can go ahead and find them, I need to get changed," Emma said walking off.

"Nah, I'll come wtih you," Jake was suddenly aware of what he said and flushed. "I-I Mean, not literly come, I j-just meant-"

"I understand," Emma said as she placed her index finger on Jakes lips, and grabbed his hands. Emma then lead them down the hospital hallway to her room.

Emma then opened the door, walked over to a suitcase, that she figured that Hermione had packed her clothes in. She then opened it and took out a pair of dark, blue, denim hip huggers and a grey t- shirt that said Wink Wink in pink.

Emma left Jake in her room as she went to the bathroom to change.

When Emma left, Jake saw a peice of paper on the floor, and picked it up. As Jake unfolded it, he recognized a drawing that he had drawn for Emma. It was a picture of himself and Emma sitting on a rock on the beach.

'Wow, she kept it for all these years," Jake thought to himself, he had given her that picture for about two years.

Just then Emma walked in and saw Jake holding the picture. This had caused Emma to blush, she didn't want to know that she kept the picture with her 24/7.

She had kept that picture because, Jake and her had been best friends, for the longest time and she began to grow a crush on him.

"I never knew you kept this picture with you," Jake said quietly.

"I always have, and always will," Emma said looking down at her white and blue sneakers, she suddenly found them interesting.

"Emma, look at me," Jake said as he placed two finger under her chin to lift up her head.

Emma lookedinto Jakes blue and green eyes, all she saw in them was hope, love, and kindness.

Emma, couldn't control herself, and closed the gap between them. The kiss ended just as fast as it began.

Jake then licked his lips and covered Emma's lips with his. The kiss was loving and passionate.

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