Ever since you left me, my dear Christine,

My life has no meaning to me.

No more do I have to wear a mask,

For there is no one to question about my past.

Even though you haunt my dreams,

The cold hard fact is there to see.

That you will never belong to me,

For I Christine was too blind to see.

Oh how can you say you love Raul?
When you know to your heart he can't be true.

I loved you more than you'll ever know,

Though it was hard to me to show.

To love you my heart it couldn't be wrong,

For I gave you the gift of song.

I took you to my magical lair,

For I wanted you to dwell forever there.

In my magical kingdom you would be queen,

Oh I really do love you dear Christine.

Even though it wasn't with words of love,

It was through heavenly music from up above.

When my fingers dance upon the organ keys, I see a glimpse, a vision of thee.

When the siren's song echoes across the lake,

It makes my very heart want to break.

The loneliness makes my soul bereft,

For my love for you yearns to grow stronger yet.