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I know I said that this chapter was going to have them telling Remus who Harry/Coranth is, but after re-reading the last chapter I realized just how OOC I made Snape. I can't leave it that way. I never meant for him to be that OOC. Yes, I realize that I said I didn't care when I finished the last chapter. At the time I didn't...well, that and I didn't feel like going back and fixing it to make him more in character. Anyway, this here is a filler chapter to explain his OOCness. It's also because I'm having trouble with the next chapter and desperately needed to update.

Oh, huge mistake I found in the last chapter-the next day should not be Saturday. They get there on Monday, have four days of classes, and then that Saturday is when Harry/Coranth makes the potion. Otherwise all my reasoning with Sev in this chapter cannot exist, and I need them to get along somewhat...even if Sev is just civil to him, which he wouldn't be if it was the next day as he'd have had no chance to see what Coranth was like.

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Severus was working in his lab on a variation of the Calming Draught. He found that people, after taking a normal one, could still get pissed off and would fight the draught until it wore off. He was attempting to create a variation that would not allow you to be anything but calm, no matter how pissed off you would normally get at whatever was happening. You wouldn't even realize that you would normally be pissed off about it. Once it wore off you could be as pissed off as you liked.

He finally thought he'd gotten it right and needed to test it. He put some in a vial and went into the halls looking for someone to test it on.

Then he found one of the Potions labs doors open.

Looking through the door he found that Coranth was working on a potion.

/May as well try it on myself then. If I don't manage to get mad that he's using the Lab without permission I will know that it works./

Severus took a small dose of the potion. The minor annoyance at Coranth using the lab faded away.

When Coranth put his own blood in his potion Severus entered the room.

"Mr. Zyth, what are you doing?"

"Waiting for my Parental Potion to give me results."

"And why did you make that potion?"

"Because I need to know who my parents were...I know that I wasn't my mother's biological child, but I don't know if I was my father's."

Severus went to stand next to Coranth and watch the potion.

"You did well on this potion."

"Thank you, sir."

Then the potion started showing a face.

"Professor Lupin? And...Tom Riddle!"

Coranth's eyes bugged out.

"Another! The Headmaster? James Potter...and..."

As Coranth got a view of the last face his eyes bugged out even more.

"You! How-that's not-I can't be-what the hell? Was my potion wrong?"

"The potion was perfect. Apparently Lily did not miscarry like we thought she did. You, Mr. Zyth-or should I say Mr. Potter?-are that child."

"What child?"

Severus dragged Coranth to his quarters. Looking around, he pulled out a book and flipped through it. After finding what he wanted he read through the passage to himself twice.

"And this is why I told Albus he should read through the entire thing before performing the ritual. You were created using the blood from each of your fathers. A spell decided what you got from each of us, which finally activated with your magical inheritance. Lastly, there was a spell to place you in a woman's womb, in this case, Lily Potter's. According to this, after about two months the woman appears to miscarry so that the fact that she is pregnant with the child until exactly a year after the ritual is performed is obvious. This ritual is illegal, however Albus insisted we do it when he realized that he would be unable to kill the Dark Lord."

"I...I see."

Severus heard hissing, and then saw Harry/Coranth hissing to a snake.


"Hagrid gave me a magical snake for my birthday. Kiritsu was just wondering if anything was wrong, so I explained the situation to her."

Severus nodded and took a good look at Coranth.

"You can't let the Headmaster know about this. He was trying to create you to be the ultimate weapon against Voldemort. Which you are, but that is beside the point. If he knows that you are the child, he will try to use you for that again."

"Oh, like he didn't when I was Harry Potter."

"True. If you wish, we can say that you are a distant cousin of mine, as you look enough like a Snape to pass as one."

"Sounds good. The only other father I look much like is Tom, and there is no way I'm going to advertise being at all related to him. So, we tell the Headmaster that I did a Family Tree Potion to see if I had any living relatives, and found out that we're distantly related?"

"Yes. Now, off with you, it's time for lunch. I'll tell Albus our...'discovery'."

Once Coranth left, Severus headed back to his quarters to write down his findings on the potion.

About half an hour after taking it, it wore off. Now Severus was Pissed. (A/N-Yes, it needs the capital 'p'. Would Sev be any other way after all that?)

/I cannot believe Potter is my son! Though...now he's Coranth Zyth and a Slytherin...ugh. When given a clean slate because I didn't know who he was he was actually alright. And no where near as like James Potter as I always claimed he was. I will treat him the same way as I have been this year./

Severus' anger at Harry/Coranth faded as he thought over who he had seen so far versus what he had always thought about Harry Potter. His anger then moved to a more appropriate target-Albus Dumbledore.

Dumbledore, though Severus told him to read everything before doing the ritual so that they ALL would know what to expect, hadn't. If he had, Harry probably would have gone to Severus after James and Lily died. He would have known of his origins and not have created a false identity when he came into his own...he would have always looked like that.

Though he would have been trained to be a murderer as well...

But Severus wouldn't have spent six years tormenting his son believing him to be James and Lily's.

/The only good thing that came from this/ Severus mused/is that he can finally get away from being manipulated and treated like a weapon. I guess I could try to get to know him. He is my son...but Albus will not be finding out about this. I will not let him manipulate the boy anymore. He won't be told until after Voldemort is dead, if then./

Calming himself and clearing his mind, Severus put his trademark sneer on his face, left his rooms, and went to talk to Dumbledore.

And found that the password had been changed.

/Bloody Hell, Albus! How many times do you need to change the bloody password/

He was thankful that no one was around to see him guessing sweets until he found the right one. (Kit-Kat)

"Ah, Severus, to what do I owe this visit?"

"Mr. Zyth. He did a family tree potion to see if he had any living relatives. He found that, though a bit distant, we are relatives. I was unable to look long enough to find the exact connection, but for simplicity's sake it come out to us being cousins."

"Then you should get to know him! Go, he should be finishing lunch right now."

Severus leaves, resisting the urge to roll his eyes.

Finding Coranth was easy. After getting to Severus' rooms, he explained what he had told Albus so that they would have the same story to tell anyone who asked.

"I should tell you now, my reaction this morning was much more relaxed than it should have been. I was testing a new variation of the Calming Draught I had created that makes it so that the drinker cannot even realize that what is going on would bother them, never mind get mad about it."

"That explains the lack of the expected screaming, thrown objects, hexes, and me getting thrown out of the lab."

"It came crashing down later. After thinking it over I realized that during the last four days you have been nothing like I though you were before and decided that I will give you a chance. Don't expect me to favor you just because I'm one of your fathers."

"Oh, I don't. If you did, then I'd know something was wrong."

They went on to do a 'getting to know you' thing of swapping stories about their childhoods. (A/N-I had it all written out, but I'm feeling too lazy to type it all out. It came out to this-Harry was abused, the blood protections never really existed, Sev was given permission to give the address to Voldie to have the Dursleys attacked and killed. Sev was also abused, though not quite as bad as Harry.) They stopped when it got late and Coranth went to the Slytherin dorms.

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Ugh...hate ending chapters with lame things like that. Couldn't think of anything better though, unless it was some kind of sappy thing that goes completely against who Severus Snape is.

Someone pointed out that Sev seemed to know about the ritual mess up. He never bothered to read the thing on the ritual, he thought Albus had read the entire thing, as Albus was supposed to tell them what to expect. Also, he had no reason to look and see if the miscarriage was a part of it. The first time anyone saw Harry after he was born there were already charms in place making him look like James. After seeing the results of the potion, he went to check because it shouldn't have been possible. I'll update again as soon as I manage to get more written for the next chapter...were I to post it as is it would be shorter than all but maybe the first chapter of this story. I'd like to get more before I post it.

Next chapter I have Sev and Coranth tell Remus who Coranth really is, but other than that I have no idea where to go from there.

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