Sky: Yeah! Another new story, but this one will be going on for more than one chapter. My last new long story, until I finish one of the other two, I just like to be working on at least three. Sonic and all the others belong to Sega.


To Reawaken Chaos unto the Planet

I lost… I can't believe I lost… All of that power…

"Next time you want a challenge, you know where to find me." Sonic taunted over my battered body, which had reverted back to its old form from when Robotnik had created me.

As my systems began to shut down, I saw that disgusting copy running off with his friends… He was a fool to have kept me alive…


Something strange happened after my systems had shut down… Something that has never came to a soulless robot before… I had a dream.

There, was that blue water creature, standing before me. Nothing was behind him but pitch black darkness. After a few silent moments, the Master Emerald appeared before the creature, gleaming with a mysterious beauty. What did this mean? I infused myself with this Chaos creature, was this coming from him?

Next, the seven Chaos Emeralds mystically floated to the god. They spiraled around slowly at first, but steadily spun faster and faster, until they became a blur of a rainbow. Chaos began to glow, and his head shot back as a howl escaped from the beast. A flash of pure energy hit my eyes, blinding my vision for a second.

When I was able to see what happened next, I heard screams of fear and agony, accompanied by a city crumbling under what seemed like the fires of Hell itself. I looked up to see a terrifying beast, destroying all buildings and people around it.

I was afraid.

Never have I experienced fear before, even when I gazed straight into that golden hedgehog's eyes. Against my own will, my thoughts soon were filled with ideas to run away, but unfortunately, my feet seemed glued to the ground when the creature looked down at me like I was an insignificant ant.

I threw my hands up in defense, thinking this was the end for me. But he did not attack me. The horrible Chaos beast attacked everything around my body, but never did any harm come to me.

I know what I must do…


Energy power: low.

Weapon systems: damaged.

Overall system: in danger of permanent shut down.

My eyes began to slowly flicker on, but I could make out nothing, only blurs loomed around me. Someone was carrying me.

"You traitorous piece of scrap!" A voice screamed into my ears. "How dare you defy your master like that? I will make sure the punishment is severe." Dr. Robotnik…

I did not reply. He was no longer my master. I serve one person. Chaos. I have only one goal. Destroy Sonic the Hedgehog.

The doctor carried me on his shoulders, grumbling about how heavy I was. Across his body were several bruises, and what looked like… Bee stings… "Do you know what humiliation you put me through, Metal? I will permanently deactivate you tomorrow morning." He growled. "I would do so right now, but I am much too tired thanks to your foolish actions." He stopped now. "You will stay in this closet, with the other outdated useless objects! And don't worry, it will be locked and barricaded."

I still did not say a word.

A door was opened, and my former master grunted as he hefted me off his shoulders. "You piece of junk!" He shouted, throwing me into the closet. My body crashed into the boxes like a useless doll, no longer wanted by its owner.

Slamming shut, the door was locked down by Robotnik. It would be completely dark, had there not been a small barred window on top of the door. "I'll see you tomorrow morning, Scrap Metal." Robotnik's foot steps echoed as he left.

Initiating Recovery Mode.

I sat my head back against the box, too weak to even lift a finger. How would I escape this? I did not know. The door was barricaded with reinforced steel. If I was at full power, I could break through it easily. But now, I couldn't break one of these boxes. Even if I were to gather up enough energy to break down the door, I would soon be captured by Robotnik's pathetic robot drones.

With little to do but wait, I let my mind drift.

If, by some miracle, I do escape, how could I defeat Sonic? Alone… I cannot win. I would need help.

Shadow the Hedgehog.

Of course! But even so… It may not be enough. I will have to go back to see Chaos again. I need his strength back. Although I do hate that accursed illogical place, I must go there.

My power was drained; I did not want to think this through any further. Slowly, the minutes turned into hours, and I was able to stand again. I held out my hand.

Weak and pathetic compared to my old power.

Gleaming under the small amount of light, my claws no longer seemed as appealing as before. I was weak. I cannot be weak, I will not be weak.

Feeling my energy slowly gather, I heard an explosion far off in the background. It was still a few hours from morning, it couldn't be Robotnik.

The sound of metal scraping against metal came to my man-made senses, while fires began to break out across the ship. What was happening?

"Destroy all Eggman weapons!" A robot voice boomed through the hallways. "I will destroy you all!"

Omega. He could be that miracle I need.

Gun shots and even more explosions blasted through the ship, causing it to shake dangerously. I waited patiently for his arrival. "Scanners indicate Metal Sonic in this room." He said in his monotonous tone. What a pathetic robot.

I stepped back into the darkness, and the door fell to the floor, showing Omega's shining fist under the light. "Metal Sonic. Will you aid me in my search to destroy the doctor?" He asked pointing his hand at me.

I kept quiet. "Comply, or I will destroy you too!"

It was no use; I couldn't defeat him in my current state. "I will." I finally let out.

Omega seemed to let out a kind of laugh, mocking me. "You are too weak to defeat me now, aren't you?" He turned around.

That fool.

"We must proceed then to Eggman's-." He was cut off, his disgusting voice never to be heard from again.

Dripping with Omega's oil, my claw protruded straight though his shoddy body. His body began to shut down, and his eyes turned to lifeless gray bulbs. I sliced my hand out of his stomach now, throwing his robotic innards across the room. Completely useless now, the crimson robot toppled to the ground before me.

Red began to glow from around the ship, as sirens began to sound as well. Even in this moment of hurry, I marveled at the claw drenched in Omega's life supporting oil. Death is a fascinating thing after all. One day, it will be Sonic the Hedgehog's blood that drips from these claws.

"There he is! Don't let him get away!" The doctor screamed to his robots desperately from across the hallway. Pitiful.

I let a low hum of a laugh ring through the hallway. "Your destruction is near." I said silently, before running down the opposite way. On my feet, I was horribly slow compared to Sonic, but my jet propulsion systems still remained offline, so I clanked down the metal corridor one foot at a time.

Down the way, were two of Robotnik's orange round drones, each incapable of any thought what so ever. Both were armed with two large orange guns, and they kept their aim at me. As a laser whizzed past my face, I grew irritated. It was the day before that these drones would throw their lives away for me.

Speeding past, I darted onto one of the drone's head. The one opposite of it, aimed its gun at me. Too easy. It fired piercing the other Eggdrone's armor as I had dashed away from it. I let out a dark laugh, as my feet echoed down the halls; the explosion had surely dazed the other robot.

I looked back, to see that I was right. Smoke engulfed the hallway, making it impossible to see. Before I even knew it though, a shot flew out of the smoke out of pure luck, and hit my left side. For a moment, I fell to the floor in surprise, looking at the electric circuits sprouting out from my once perfect sapphire metal. It wasn't long that I got back to my feet, dashing in a slowed pace to the shining light that was the exit up ahead.

Danger! Danger!

The words jumped across my face, but I shut them away. My left leg was slightly limp, but I still straggled forward, the blinding light so close now. "He's getting away! Stop him, or I'll destroy you all!" Robotnik screamed at the top of his lungs in a mad fury.

It was too late. I sped out the hallway, the burning light from the morning sun entered my robotic eyes, and I could see the plains of the scientist's air fleet. Or at least the remains of my air fleet, that I stole from him. I stopped for a second, seeing if there was any other way to get down. It looked like I had no other choice.

Gathering up all of my emergency reserved energy, I ran across the ship, seeing the cloudless blue sky ahead of me. "Get back here, you traitor!" Robotnik screamed behind, letting out a barrage of gun shots and lasers follow behind me.

It was not as graceful as I imagined it happening, but at the very edge of the ship, my foot slipped from my weakened state, and I toppled through the azure sky, hearing the shots start to fade from my sensors.

System shut down in five.

Good, I would rather not have to feel my impact against the earth.

Three, two, one. System shutting down.

My sight faded away, as a forest started to come into view. I was safe for now, but I still needed to get back to Chaos. It wouldn't be long now.


'If you wish to fill the world with destruction...' The words rang inside of Shadow's head. 'What is my purpose? Gerald created me to awaken a new destruction across the whole planet?' He walked down the sidewalk of Station Square half-mindedly.

These people cheered him as a hero, but he had caused death and pandemonium across the city. How could they trust him for only one good deed?

"Hey, it's Shadow!" Someone called out from the side. The ultimate life looked over to see Sonic the Hedgehog waving to him from a dark alley. "What's up, Faker? You doing all right?"

Shadow shook his head to clear his thoughts. "I'm fine, Sonic."

Motioning for Shadow to come to him, Sonic said in a more serious tone, "Come over here, I need to talk to you about something." Shadow could tell by his voice, that he must have had something important to say for once. The ultimate life followed him to the shaded alley, cramped in-between two musty buildings. "Come, follow me." He said again, running off through the dark.

"Where are you going?" Shadow asked while running after. The blue hedgehog said nothing. It was moments after that Sonic came to an old rust covered door.

With a large screech, he tugged the door open. "Shh, now come in." He whispered.

Shadow went inside to see they were in an abandoned library. Sonic kept his back to the black hedgehog. "What did you want to talk about?"

"You." Sonic kept his back to Shadow.

In an instant, a dagger rushed past Shadow's face, causing a line of blood to appear across his cheek, and it slammed into the crumpling wall next to him. "What the hell are you doing?" Shadow shouted, seeing the fury in Sonic's eyes now that he had turned around.

Sonic clenched his fist. "I want you out of my city, you scum!" He growled. "I missed on purpose to serve as a warning… I know what you're like, and so do all the others… You're a killing machine and that's all you'll ever be! So get lost or I'll destroy you!"

Taken by surprise at the hero's sudden reaction, Shadow took a step back. "But I'm not a weapon anymore!"

Sonic stood up tall, the shadows in the library casting shadows of his power across the room. "We don't want you here, Shadow. There's no excuse for the things you've done, you can't atone the sins you have!" A cocky smile, filled with a strange evil spread across his lips. "This is your warning, Shadow…" He whispered, before running off into the darkness of the library.

"Sonic, wait!" Shadow called after him, but it was too late. No more sounds were heard but the silent creaks from the library.

'Am I… Alone?...'


Systems operating…

I'm still alive? I may be a robot, but I know a miracle when I see one.

My eye sight slowly lit up, but it was nothing but a blur of colors. Hopefully, I'm not going to go blind. I shook my head to clear things up. It worked.

Branches cracked under my body, while leaves were crumpled under my arms. I had fallen into a dense jungle it seemed, right on top of a bush. Large trees surrounded me in every direction, ivy and vines hanging loosely across their branches.

I tried to stand up, but suddenly fell to my back. I looked to see that my left leg wasn't responding. With a steel growl, I grabbed onto a vine, and gently pulled myself up. I balanced my weight carefully to my right leg as I let go.

I should have permanently shut down by now. But I will not die as long as one still lives. Sonic the Hedgehog, I will never die before you.

And so… I limped through the forest at a snail's pace, dragging my leg across the dirt as I did so. I walked for hours and hours through the jungle, my goal to destroy Sonic keeping me going. The animals nearby never ceased their constant noises. My annoyance was at its peak with them, but I could do nothing about it. When I regain my power, I'll be sure to completely eradicate every one of those animals sometime…

Every so often, my eye-sight would blur together again, and a shock of pain would come from my left side, the wound still revealing my circuits. One would think that giving feelings to a robot was a waste, but I would be nowhere without them. If I had none, I would never have rebelled against my creator. If I had none, I would never be able to surprise my opponent with a burst of energy. If I had none… I would not be able to hate Sonic the Hedgehog.

If I became tired, I would vaguely see that blue menace in front of me, his taunting smile just begging me to give up like the scrap I was. "I'll… Kill… You…" I said, struggling even harder to walk forward.

The sun had by now arisen, and I had escaped the forest. To my luck, I found I was extremely close to Angel Island. Another few hours had past, and I was at the foot of the bridge that connected to the shrine of the Master Emerald.

My legs gave out.

I toppled to the ground, pain beating inside my metal skull. I was so close, I would not die here. So… I put one claw into the bridge's wood, and pulled my body forward. With every last bit of my energy, I crawled across that bridge, seeing the gleam of the Master Emerald now.

"Metal Sonic!" A rouge voice gasped. "What in the hell do you think you're doing here?" He screamed, charging before my body. It was Knuckles.

"Master… Emerald…" I muttered. My data showed that it was quite easy to fool the guardian. "Please… The Master… Emerald…"

Knuckles tilted his head in confusion. "Why should I help you?"

"I've changed." I lied. "Please… Let me see the Master Emerald. I don't have much time."

He looked at me silently. "You really are in a bad state… There's nothing I can do to heal you, so I guess I'll give you a last request…" Knuckles lifted me up to his shoulders. "Don't try anything funny." He warned.

"Of course…" I said in a weak tone. "You have my word, Guardian, thank you."

Up the steps he walked, lugging me up with a few grunts and groans. "Can you stand?" Knuckles asked. I shook my head. "I'll help you out then…" He put my feet down, and allowed me to lean against his body. "What do you want from the Master Emerald?"

I ignored him, my eyes set perfectly on the enormous glimmering jewel in front of me. "The servers are… The seven chaos. Chaos is power, and power is enriched by the heart." I recited.

"Metal? What are you trying to do?" Knuckles laughed. "Like you know anything about the Master Emerald."

I continued to ignore him. "Show me your power. Or I shall not obey. I shall become Metal Sonic conqueror of all, under my leader, Chaos, the god of destruction!"

The Master Emerald began to glow with a tremendous amount of light. "Metal! You traitor!" Knuckles screamed, throwing me off his body. "I'll destroy you! What have you done to my emerald?"

As I fell, I threw out one clawed arm, and scraped the Master Emerald's sides. It was too late to stop me. I made it inside now. Soon, the light from the emerald began to swirl around my body, and Knuckles saw this in awe. With a sudden thrust, I was inside the Master Emerald, a strange dimension with little logic.

Traveling through the barriers of Earth, and the emerald, I felt a soothing feeling against my damaged armor, sprinkling my body with strange water like sensations. Like a black hole, I was sucked into another great torrent of light, before being thrown to the carpeted floor.

I hate this place…

So illogical…

I stoop up in a jolt. Those words echoed through the halls, before I had even thought them myself. Last time I was here, I nearly malfunctioned and shut down.

Again, it was midnight in the mansion halls, like it was last time. Chaos, your power will fuse once again with mine, and we will destroy that hedgehog.

I hate this place…

So illogical…