Disclaimer: If you haven't figured this out by now, that's just sad.

Author's Note: Well, it's that time of year again. XD Have "the most horrible Xmas ever" everyone!

Inspiration: "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," which my mind translated into "I saw an Irken Testing Mistletoe." Somehow. XD

Warnings: Slash, fluff, song parody. Also, let it be known that I'm not too familiar with the original version of this song. I basically wrote this using syllable counts to make sure each line shared the same number of beats with the original. Hopefully it works out. (sweatdrop)


I Saw an Irken Testing Mistletoe


I saw an Irken testing mistletoe

Deep inside his home base late last night

His gnomes didn't see me sneaking in to have a peek

He thought that I was busy plotting somewhere down the street


And I saw the Irken testing mistletoe

Dipping it in test tubes full of junk

What a laugh it would have been

If the Eyeball had only seen

That Irken testing mistletoe last night


I saw an Irken testing mistletoe—

Swearing it was some weapon of fright

He didn't hear me snicker, or notice the floor creak

Or if he did he must have thought it was his robot's squeak


Then I saw that Irken throwing mistletoe—

Saw him scream in fury at the plant

And I'm not sure why I did—

But I guess it should be said

That I kissed that Irken Zim last night!


Showed him how to use that plant last night!


Happy Holidays!