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Summary: Yaoi. Naruto lives a double life in Konoha. He isn't as stupid as people take him for. Sasuke and Naruto were in a relationship, but Sasuke did something stupid, and they break up later. Naruto leaves Konoha afterwards, without his friends knowing. When he returns, he's changed, but as beautiful as ever. Slowly, everyone in Konoha sees him in a new light. Naruto is attracting trouble without even knowing. What is our blonde ninja to do?

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Kyuubi talking


"Wait! Itachi #2!! Where the hell do you think you're going?!! Come back and finish what you started bastard!! Oh wait. The real Itachi is back, pulling Itachi #2 off me and climbing on the bed, all nude and sweaty and hard and ready for some action. Oh damn… can I get any harder? He's crawling slowly towards me from the end of the bed… and no more thoughts came into my mind as I was blown away into oblivion for the rest of the night until dawn by the best lover(s) I've ever had."

Iruka was looking at Sasuke coolly, but behind the cool exterior was an inferno of emotions and thoughts going about inside, many questions as to why this should happen to Naruto… Who knows if he would ever consider coming back home?

Tsunade: Since the letter wasn't all that nice in her opinion (which is childish of her, she knew, but she can't help it whenever she thinks about the kid, he always seem to bring that side out of her!), she decides to write a later, maybe tomorrow, or even next week.

"Tsk tsk tsk. Kabuto, you must be more descriptive, how else would I know what you're asking? Did you mean when I'd tell Kyo that most of Hiro's men, and Hiro himself, are still alive? That the piece of land where his own men died is one big seal, and that all the ones that died there and their souls are now trapped there as part of my new jutsu to keep my immortality, or when I'd tell him his use for me is over and that I'm going to kill him?"

Chapter Eight: The Morning After


It was a normal boring day in the normal peaceful village of Konoha. The residents were continuing their daily lives trying to make a living or just enjoying Konoha and all that it offers. Such as the marvelous bath houses, spas, swimming pools, beach, etc. that would have women revealing lots of skin or wearing nothing at all. It is such places as these, that the amazing, the great and the most perverted man that the ninja world would offer could be found: Jiraiya.

And because it is Jiraiya, one can expect the old toad to be found out by one of ladies or patrons and be beaten until he looks no more than a rotten mushed tomato, all the while trying to explain that all he wanted to do was to 'collect data'. No one of course, would be able to understand him and his ways but his fellow readers and men who share the same interests as him.

At this moment, after being kicked out doing what he loves most, our favourite perverted sanin is walking all by himself to visit his favourite big chested, gambling addict of a leader of Konoha sanin. Of course, knowing him, since he couldn't gather enough data for his new book, he would most likely try to beg Tsunade to let him use her ideal image as his newest character. Although, whether because he's been beaten so he's got some brain damage, or it's because he has some twisted imagination that Tsunade would actually say yes, he decides to give it a try.

"I mean, how can she NOT say yes? She gets to be the main character in my book! I think she would be happy to get a new image of herself instead of the image she always portrays, which everyone knows, is getting highly repetitive and boring. Yes! She WILL like this idea! I just know it!"

In the midst of his pathetic and ridiculous planning, out poofs Kakashi a few feet in front of him. All Jiraiya sees is the happy little smile that Kakashi usually does with his eye, and a letter in one of his hands and a copy of Itcha Itcha in the other. Before Jiraiya could speak though, he was asked a very familiar question:

"Before I give this letter to you, may I please have an autograph?"

Hokage Tower

Upon entering the tower unannounced and as a surprise to Tsunade, Jiraiya was able to catch her unaware and dozing off on her desk, pen still in one hand and mountains of paper stacked all around her forgotten. Jiraiya didn't want to wake her up not because he was afraid of a cranky Tsunade (which he's encountered many times before), but because he thinks the way she was snoring and mumbling about how much she wanted to do surgery on Sakura's face so she can reduce the size of her forehead would be good blackmail material. Especially since he recorded everything with his newly bought (-cough-stolen-cough) recorder that he got during one of his travels/researches.

The moment she stopped talking and Jiraiya pressed the 'Stop' button, which made a little popping noise, Tsunade woke up, just to see a leering old man with a lecherous grin in front of her face. Of course, the automatic response:

"OW! Owowowowowowowow!!! Let go! Augh!! It hurts! I'm sorry I'm sorry! AUGH!! It was my fault! I'm sorry!!"

"Oh… so I'm not dreaming."

Of course, the automatic response for Tsunade when facing something so ridiculously weird upon waking up was to pinch and pull the other's face extremely hard so she knows that it was, after all, not a nightmare.

5 minutes later…

Once Tsunade was fully awake and Jiraiya had a nice ice pack to heal his wounded face, they went straight to the topic of Naruto.

"Naruto wrote a letter to me already. For some reason, there seems to be something odd that I couldn't make out about the letter. I mean, it sounds like him and everything, and I was thinking of ignoring his plea for a partner. But then I thought, even if I did send someone to work with him, would it be contradicting his wishes? He told me he wanted to stay away from Konoha as long as possible… So the idea of sending someone on this mission with him, who he wouldn't know and doesn't know him, they would have to work together for a while and even get to know one another so Naruto would be reminded of Konoha a lot… Well, it cannot work that well, right? Besides, the reason I gave him this mission was so that he can take as long as he wants to be by himself and forget all that's happened with the Mr. 'I cheated on my best friend for a slut but that doesn't mean I don't want him anymore' – fucktard Uchiha."

Jiraiya looked at Tsunade for a moment, and then thought of something.

"Did you remember to disengage the jutsu on the letter?"

Tsunade looked at Jiraiya with a surprised expression. Next thing she did was toss paper around as she searched for the letter, all the while, explaining to Jiraiya,

"It was a top secret mission. Not even a handful knew about it. I suppose I was being too careless and hopeful that nothing would happen to the dumb kid that I forgot that he ALWAYS attracts trouble! Now where the hell… AH HAH!! I found it!"

Tsunade's table and floor was flooded with paper dealing with contracts with other countries, more peace treaties, pleas for new buildings and more materials from other countries from the residents, mission reports…. The list of important materials goes on and on but none of it is as important as a piece of paper with chicken scratched writing from Naruto that Tsunade only has her eyes on.

Without saying another word, Tsunade performs the hand gesture for releasing the jutsu, but nothing happened. Confused, she looks at the paper, then at every corner, then at the back just to be sure, and tries again, only to get the same result. Annoyed, Tsunade does the hand gestures again, saying "Kai!" but once again, nothing.

"What the hell…?"

Tsunade looks at Jiraiya for an explanation, though she already knew the answer in the back of her head but secretly denies it, but by looking at Jiraiya's face says it all.

The letter was not written by Naruto's hand, but by someone who either with him or knew of his whereabouts.

"Tsunade," The Hokage focuses back to Jiraiya's face, still swollen from the pinch, "I believe it's only right to send maybe a couple of people for Naruto, just as this person asks. No doubt the person hopes it would be one of our elites, someone Naruto wouldn't know so they can perhaps try to take their identities and get closer to Naruto. But I have a different idea."

Sighing and forgetting about her worries for her beloved surrogate brother, Tsunade sits straighter to listen to Jiraiya's idea, all the while wondering what Naruto has gotten himself into once again.

Lightning country, Kyo's Hideout

Kyo's P.O.V.

After that talk with Orochimaru, I left to go to the dining room. There, I have been on the phone all night making calls to the families of my deceased men. Although I'm royally pissed with the trick he did, I can still be glad that Hiro is finally rid of. But the cost of this was too much…

"HAHAHAHAH! So I lost a great deal of men, so what? There are plenty of douches out there looking to get picked up and work for me! I mean, who on earth wouldn't want the attention and fame?

"You're right as always boss."

Kyo freezes, hitched a breath and literally felt his bowel movement moving so fast, he was sure he crapped in his pants, but he wasn't so sure since all he was focusing on was the wall in front of him, trying not to turn around to who it was that was behind him, this person who sounded almost exactly like Ryu.

"I mean, who on earth wouldn't want the attention and the fame when it is Nakamura Kyo leading?"

Normal P.O.V.

Kyo stopped everything he was doing. One hand holding onto his phone, the other gripping the dining room table, scared that if he were to turn around, he will see the dead body of none other than his right hand man. The one who died with all his men because of the snake bastard, the one whom he will miss the most.

So he thought.

"Not to mention the publicity you will receive after people all around have heard how tricky a man such as yourself can be when everyone in his previous gang were all killed in one night."

With each word escaping the mouth of Ryu, Kyo could hear him getting louder and louder until it appears as though the man was directly behind him. And Kyo had yet to utter any sounds.

At this moment, Kyo felt as though he could not breathe, as though the man who he believes is dead reached his hands inside his chest and was gripping his lungs. As soon as these thoughts entered Kyo's mind, suddenly a hand landed on his shoulder and quickly turned him around.

"Luckily, not everyone is dead."

Kyo stared, pudgy eyes widening for once again he totally surprised to see Ryu alive but his eyes looked so dead Kyo was wondering whether or not this was a dream. Those grey eyes looking at him portrayed nothing. It was void of all emotions and looked as though he was seeing through him. It all changed when Ryu suddenly gave him a cold smile, with his eyes glinting crazily as Ryu continue to stare at him.

"I'm back, Kyo."

With a hand made into a fist and charged with chakra that became fire, it was thrust into Kyo's chest, coming out the other end. At this point, Kyo let out a gargled cry, gripping onto Ryu, attempted to claw the arm out of his chest, and continued to look at the man that he had taken care of for years. The look returned was a small smile, and emotionless grey eyes as Ryu removed his arm from Kyo's chest, and watched as the hole grew bigger and bigger, the effect of the jutsu which burns everything after it touches an object.

"But unlike me, you're no longer of use to anyone."

Kyo didn't even hear the last part, dying within the minute Ryu's arm was removed from his chest, becoming dust within several more minutes as the jutsu burned him up. Ryu watched the entire time, thinking about the past, how long he had worked for the man, how long he had looked up to him, and how he always thought he would die for him. But as always, life is just a joke. The man betrayed him and everyone who was like brothers to Ryu, jus for his own needs. Unbeknownst to Ryu, while he was deep in thought, someone else had entered the room, and Ryu did not acknowledge the stranger until he heard a chuckle coming from the stranger.

"I like you. How would you like to join me? And, unlike your deceased gang leader, I can promise you anything you want. In return, I ask for your loyalty. How does that sound to you?"

Ryu turns around quickly, making sure the man was unarmed before properly looking at him. All in all, Ryu felt kind of sick, for not only does the man not look pretty to his standards, he gave off waves of evil and power, and with the way he was dressed and the tone of his skin, Ryu took a tad bit longer to reply for it had to take him a while to take in the image of the man himself.

"First of all, who the fuck are you? Secondly, what the fuck is that you're wearing?"

Without so much as a blink, the snake Sannin smiled grew wider as he took in the site of the slightly burnt and tired ninja. The tired man was the one whom Kabuto spoke about, the one who is able to fulfill his promises and complete difficult missions. Seems like a worthy enough man to take in and have him serve the Sannin. Thus, Orochimaru replied to the seemingly worthy man.

"I am Orochimaru. I have seen your skills and hear much about you, Akuryou no Ryuichi. What say you join me, now that you are unemployed?"


Ryu retired to one of the many rooms in Kyo's household. After the introductions and dealing with whatever was left of Kyo's body, Ryu made a deal with Orochimaru, which is to be loyal and faithful to him and in return, he will become more powerful and famous than he is now. All there is to do is wait. After all, it was late and Ryu was exhausted due to the failed mission and killing Kyo with what's left of his strength.

Meanwhile, the snake Sannin and his ever-faithful servant were back in their own chambers, with a sound jutsu surrounding the room to make sure there were no eavesdroppers around the unfamiliar mansion, especially if their new guest decided to wander around and accidentally heard some things better left unheard for him.

At the moment, Kabuto was helping Orochimary change the bandages for his useless arms while Orochimaru was deep in thought, all the while with the evil smirk present on his face.


At that moment, Kabuto went to dispose the old bandages and went to pick up a new yukata for Orochimaru.

"Yes, Orochimaru-sama?"

"How are the men coming along?"

"Hiro-san and his men made it back to their own base with no problem at all. Meanwhile, Hiro-san left a few of his most trustworthy men to watch the process of the jutsu you created suck whatever soul that had died on the land where Hiro-san's base was and go into the urn you gave them. They should have it here sometime in the morning."

"-Chuckle- Good."

"I must admit though, it was rather fortunate for us that most the men who work for Hiro-san has unique bloodline limits. Not to mention that one fellow who focuses on illusions. Not one of Kyo-san's men knew what they were getting themselves into."

"Well, that just tells us that we made the right choice when deciding which group we wanted to serve us. Now with such a strong group of ninjas and my new technique for immortality nearly complete, we shall be able to take over Konoha soon."

"But what about Ryu? What shall we do when he discovers that all of Hiro-san's men and hiro-himself is still alive?"

"Simple. Either he gets over it, or he dies."

Lightning Country Hotel

Itachi's P.O.V.

'*GROAN* Am I in hell? Why the FUCK is my head hurting so much? Why the fuck is it so bright? I'm so tired… I can barely move… Was I kidnapped? Is this a new form of torture? No, this is probably hell…'

I opened my eyes a bit when I felt slight movement in front of me, and although it was stupid of me to even try opening my eyes, the sight I saw made up for the pain. There, lying on his side facing me, was Naruto, but this was the Naruto whom I have not seen for a few years and not using his henge; this was Naruto in all his natural beauty: the boy was just as tanned as when he was using his henge, but the skin looked much more softer and glowing… his hair, which was streaked with red as bright as blood are now the colour of pure gold, spread all around the pillow… he still had his marks on his cheeks but his face was more angular, less feminine, and surprisingly, much more angelic.

After getting past the whole 'the sun is not trying to kill me' mantra, I stared at this beautiful being for a long period of time, watching him sleep contentedly, and started to think to myself:

'Okay… so this probably isn't hell… so what the fuck happened last night?!'

And upon asking himself that question, which was like the code to opening a lock, images and memories of the previous night started to flow to his already poorly abused, sensitive head.

Going to a club… A beautiful blonde all tied up… Luscious lips around his arousal… Moans and cries throughout the night…

Itachi stares blankly at the sleeping Naruto for a second, and slowly falls back down to lie on his pillow, all the while staring at the sleeping blonde and his yellow hair splayed all over the pillow.

'So not only did I get really drunk, I slept with a 16 year old boy. It's official. I'm a pedophile, and I don't feel like giving a damn. Kami if Orochimaru were to see me now…'


Itachi refocuses his attention to his bed partner, to see bright ocean-blue eyes staring right back at him with curiosity and a bit of embarrassment.

A small 'Hn' was the reply. And thus, the staring contest continues with a slight awkward silence now that both participants are feeling more wide-awake.


Naruto began.

"About last night…"

Naruto continued to stare at Itachi, but this time with a full-blown blush across his cheeks that had started to cover his entire face. All Itachi did was stared back, without seeming like he was going to say anything. Almost like the friendly, outgoing ninja Naruto saw the other day was never there, and what he had instead was another stuck-up, pain in the ass Uchiha.

What Naruto did not know though, was that Itachi was deep in thought with himself about the situation, and all the while trying to come up what to say.

'Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.'

At the moment, he wasn't coming up with anything good.

'I know I said I wanted him someday, but this is too soon. I can't, I shouldn't have had it happen this way, or later he will definitely hate me. Not to mention, the teen is still illegal! But what on earth should I say? "Hey thanks for the amazing sex the other night, but since I have a huge crush on you and was dead drunk, I pretty much couldn't control myself wanting to screw your brains out." Like THAT wouldn't get him to hate me sooner.'

Unbeknownst to Itachi, Naruto was getting pretty irritated with the lack of talking that should have been going on and decide to voice what HE had to say.

"Listen Itachi, since you're not really giving me much of an input here, with you in 'deep thought' or spacing out or whatever, I think you should know that I'm not ready to get into another relationship and make a commitment or anything."

Itachi continues to give him the unnerving look, but was slightly surprised by what the blonde had to say. This would have taken a load off of Itachi's head, but he knew, deep down, he had hoped that Naruto wanted something else, like he does.

"So why not just think of this as a drunken escapade? I like you, don't get me wrong, but I'm not at that stage yet where I feel like fooling around with you… So in the meantime, why don't I just go for now, get something to eat, spy a bit more, then see you later? Okay? Great!"

And with that, Naruto gets up, walks to pick up a white t-shirt and some track pants from his drawers (in all his nakedness that Itachi could do nothing but stare) and went to the washroom for a shower.

All the while, Itachi had yet to say anything, but it seems that the friendship they had started not too long ago may not go back to the way it is.

With a sigh, Itachi gets up to make something for himself and Naruto to eat in their live-in motel.

"-Sigh- What am I going to do?"

Naruto's P.O.V.

"WHAT am I going to do?"

"Well, for starters, I think you should admit that I was right, once again!"

'Oh my gosh! Kyuu! YOU'RE ALIVE!'

'Shut up kit. The last couple of days I have been meditating due to the fact of the raging headaches I've been getting with you thinking of that Uchiha every little while, and after the night you had with him, it's like there's a never ending rain of your thoughts and how "great" the night was for you. My poor head…' (1)

Naruto couldn't help but blush and wasn't able to say anything as he continued his shower. Sure he developed a bit of a crush towards Itachi, but that's because the man was just… everything he wasn't.

'I know what you mean kit, but still, you must be on guard. There's something about him that he's not saying. I'm worried if you give too much of yourself to him, you might end up hurt.'

'Kyuu, relax. I've been hurt all my life, I know how to be on guard and keep my heart away from these things. Sure Itachi may be different and this crush I have for him may grow, but the fact is, he's still listed as a missing-nin, he's still in Akatsuki, and until I find out the whole truth as to why he is here, there's not much you have to worry about Kyuu. I won't let him into my heart.'

Kyuubi was sad to hear what Naruto had to say, but he had to admit, it was true and Naruto is a lot smarter and mature than what people think of him. Thus, Kyuubi could only agree with the teen, and promised to help in any way he could. Speaking of helping…

'Naruto. Do you remember the last time you and Sasuke did it the first time…?'

Naruto halted his movements, bubbles from his hair cascading down his body and to the tub, quickly following the current of water and bubbles down the drain. Blue eyes were growing wide as he let Kyuubi's words sink into his head. Suddenly Naruto felt terrified and found he had a bit of trouble breathing.

'KIT! Relax! I made sure it wouldn't happen again. I know it was difficult the last time, so don't worry about it. After that time, I developed a way for your body to have a sort of protection for itself at all times when you're having sex, and only when you are ready will it be removed. But only when you are ready. An incident like that won't happen again. I promise you, Kit.'

With a few deep breaths, Naruto relaxed and thanked his other guardian. Quickly finishing his shower, he got out to dry himself and get dressed, all the while thinking about what Kyuubi said, and remembering what had happened almost a year ago, and how difficult it was for Naruto to go back to the way things were.


It was a month after the first time Naruto was bottom during intercourse. During that time, he and Sasuke had been on so many missions, they weren't able to see each other often, and if they did, they were too tired to even have a small talk with one another.

During that month, Naruto had always felt small cramps to his abdomen and sometimes a little bit light headed, but it all went away after eating something and taking a walk around outside. Naruto also noticed that Kyubi had not spoke a lot in the last little while, but Naruto couldn't complain because most of the time, he was too busy with his daily routines and at night, serving the Hokage.

In one of these missions as Konoha's secret angel of death, the enemies prepared an unexpected trap that nearly led to the capture of Naruto, but luckily because of his skills and heightened senses, he was able to avoid the capture, but sustained many injuries, one of which was a blow to his abdomen from one of the enemies as they ganged up on Naruto. After that one blow, the blonde doubled in pain, which hurt a lot more than he expected. So, creating dozens of shadow clones and a handful of blood clones to finish the job, Naruto retreated and hid in the trees to keep an eye on the battle, but at the same time try to understand how the pain had yet to subside from his stomache, yet instead it has spread throughout his body.

'What the hell is this?! Did those bastards inject something in me during the fight? Or did the use chakra behind those blows and now it is affecting me?! KYUUBI! What the hell is wrong with me!? Why am I not healing? Why does it hurt so much?'


'Otou-san! Help me! I'm begging you…!'

'I'm sorry kit. I tried. But there's no use. You're losing your child as we speak, and there's nothing I can do to prevent your body from trying to dispel the fetus…'

Naruto tried to think through the pain. From what he understood, he is, or WAS pregnant, and because of that intense blow to his stomache, which was one of many during the fight, he is losing his baby.

'Kyuu… why didn't you tell me I was pregnant? If you did, I wouldn't have– '

'Don't lie to me kit. You and I both know you would have accepted this mission. Granted, you may have been a lot more careful, but either way based on what I can feel, this was a doomed pregnancy anyways. If I knew it was possible for you to bear young, I would have prepared your body a lot sooner. But, since neither of us was prepared for this, your child would not have survived long in your body with my chakra in you. My chakra would think it was a parasite trying to harm you -my host- thus it would try to kill it. I'm sorry Naruto.'

So, Naruto sat in that tree for hours, even after all the enemies were taken care of and the shadow and blood clones disappeared, deep in thought of how he had gotten pregnant without knowing, what had happened during the mission, and what could have happened if he knew about the child and somehow was able to keep it alive.

Naruto did not return to Konoha until a couple of days later. He told no one of the incident and when Tsunade asked what had happened, Naruto just gave her the mission report, told her the mission had drained him a lot of chakra and it just took a little longer than expected for him to recover and return. Tsunade accepted the answer with a bit of skepticism, but kept it to herself.

Naruto returned to his home, but Sasuke wasn't there. So, being alone and safe at last, Naruto let go all the pent up emotions he felt and just cried his eyes out.

End Flashback

'Kit. Don't dwell on the past.'

"There's nothing to be worried about Kyuu, I have moved on. Now, what say you and I go out there and see what the food here is like?"

Naruto said it out loud with a smile as he added the finishing touches to his red and blonde hair. Now that he had finished his shower, he changed back into his jutsu form and looked at his appearance. Although he has gotten taller, and his physique looked a lot more muscular as opposed to his once bony and lanky self, Naruto did not feel different. After that incident where he lost his child, Naruto felt a bit emptier inside than he did in the past, and he could never really explain it. Kyubi could, but the damn fox didn't want to make his host even sadder than he already was about the memory, so he decides to remain silent. Naruto gives his reflection a small smile as reassurance, knowing that Kyubi can see it. And although Naruto's smile was genuine, his eyes said otherwise, and Kyuubi would see that too.

Normal P.O.V.

Naruto leaves the hotel room after saying a quick farewell to Itachi and wanders around the village. Walking around, sneaking and listening to some of the people there, supposedly something BIG happened the night before. Some people looked sad, others concerned. Then, there were some of the few houses that Naruto hopped from where he caught random conversations about a group of men and women all killed and something about a gang fight.

Truthfully, it was nothing too unusual, until the names 'Kyo' and 'Hiro' were mentioned, and before Naruto could catch onto anything else, he was suddenly engulfed in sand.

Shocked for the briefest of moments, the young man starts to laugh within his sand prison. He felt himself being moved and when he finally stopped, he saw that the sand was parting away. When he finally saw the sun again, it was only to be eclipsed by a head and an arm reaching toward him, which he eagerly accepted. Chuckling now, he looks into the eyes of a dear friend and brother-like figure and gives him a tight hug which the red head awkwardly returns.


"I've missed you too, Gaara."

As the two young men continues their brotherly loving hug, Kankuro decided to leave and not bother with the two friends who he just knows has a lot to catch up on. And since Naruto was there, he would make sure Gaara wouldn't go on a random killing spree, unless of course, there were to be bad news. But it's the sunny blonde whom everyone loves and everything goes his way. Where's the bad news in coming from a guy like that?

Meanwhile, back in the hotel…

Itachi was wearing a pair of comfortable track pants and a t-shirt, drinking coffee and sitting on the kitchen table, deep in thought.

Itachi's P.O.V.

Well, Naruto left right after his shower with some urgency. After the wake-up ordeal, he still appears to be fine about our situation, and not one bit awkward. Of course, outwardly I act the same way, as though nothing had happened and we're still on the same terms as yesterday. In reality, I was still thinking about the night before, about what has happened between us, and about how the fuck to get him back to base.

The mission was to capture him and bring him back to base. I only have a limited amount of time and within the time I was given, I had hoped to have him trust me and come with me willingly. But, seems as though they have shortened my time. Probably something went wrong and they need me to return soon as possible. But the problem is…

"Exactly how much time do I have before they send the others…?"

I sighed to myself, and continue to ponder my situation and began to plan the next course of action on my part. Thinking until my head began to spin a little (after all, I got drugged AND hammered the night before), I crawled back into bed and thought about the night before, the people Naruto and I met, and the base. Thinking about the base, I reached to the side of my bed to the cloak on the chair next to my bed. To the side, I pull out a picture I always keep within my cloak. Looking at it, I feel much more at ease and feel a smile tug on my face, the smile that comes so naturally only recently was because of the one in this picture. Just looking at the picture, everything seems to be more pleasant, and I myself feel much more calm, making it easier to think about the situation at hand.

"-Sigh- Kouhei… I'll be back soon." (2)

(1) Although Kyubi is fatherly to Naruto, he accepts the fact that his kit is mature enough to have sex with other people of his choice. What he cannot get over is the fact that memories of intercourse his kit had with people like Itachi and Sasuke would deeply scar the poor fox.

(2) Kouhei – Peace/Calm. I've been obsessed with that name for a while XD and don't worry! Next chapter you will find out who Kouhei is what he means to Itachi!

A/N: SORRY! I had to end it there because there's just too much to think about and I'm not so great with writing a long chapter after not writing for ages XD

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