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The scrabbling of tiny feet scuttled around her as Kaye lay on her miniature mattress. She turned to her side and stared at the childish walls. It was past one in the morning but she couldn't sleep. All she could do was stare at that wall hour after hour.

It had been a week since Janet's funeral and she'd spent most afternoons in Corny's room just reading through his comics or researching about the faerie world. He was still distraught about Janet's death but he was coping with the loss by becoming even more devoted to the Faerie realm. He still flinched by any sudden movements like his newly-mother-of-an enormous-litter-of-kittens cat rubbing against his leg. His bruises could only just be faintly seen under his skin.

She remembered him wanting to go back, mostly to drink his fill of the other realms wine so that he would forget all of his pain. But Kaye still couldn't help thinking that there was other reasons for his eagerness to return.

She turned again and looked out the window. The lack of anything exciting lately was eating her up inside. She wanted to go back to the hill and be with others like her. She hadn't been able to remove her glamour at home due to her grandmother's regular barging-ins into her room and most other places. She just needed to be free, even if it was just for one night.

"That's it!" She ripped her tangled blanket from her in frustration and leaped up from the uncomfortable mattress.

Two weeks earlier

The paling moonlight fell upon two figures beneath its kingdom. The words that had no need of interpretation were whispered into the cool night air with lilting wind.

"My wish is your command." A gentle but warm air brushed along Kaye's face as she leaned towards Roiben once again. This was her only chance to be with him for now. They had faced the solitary fey, the Unseelie court, Naphaniel and even the collective forces of the Seelie Court and survived. Everything was looking up for her as she gazed into enticing silver eyes. She rested her head against the palm of his hand that cupped her cheek and closed her eyes against the dirt and grime of the street.

"We need to get away from here, Roiben. Just for a little while. You're not going to be around for a while, I know that, but I just need time to process what I'm going to do." She was going to miss him when he was consumed with the Unseelie Court. It had already taken up so much of his time, she missed seeing him, and she even missed their fights. It was hard to becoming accustomed to be alone again after all that had happened.

He shifted his hand and pushed a loose strand away from her face, the hazy light from the street light above made the sharp planes of his face even more elongated but she loved it; his face, his eyes, his shimmering hair. Everything about him sang to her. He sighed and pulled back from her running a hand through his hair.

"That's all I want, Kaye, to just have a break from this, but for now this is the way it has to be. There is complete turmoil in the Unseelie Court, many have left because of the new rules that I have been enforcing as well as executions of those who have lost their loyalty to the crown. I wouldn't want anything more than to spend more time with you." Kaye dropped her head. How could she have been so selfish? She felt the burning of unshed tears form in her eyes. She turned her head away from him not to let him see those tears fall.

"Just promise me that you won't forget… me." She chocked out the last word and the night became silent except for the constants sounds of the distant traffic.

"Oh, Kaye. How could you think that I could do such a thing! Kaye, look at me, please." He lifted her chin so that he could look her in her eyes. Her lip trembled as a single tear rolled down her cheek. She felt the pad of his thumb run down her cheek as he wiped away her tears and then forgot everything as he leaned towards her and gently pressed his lips against hers.

She forgot about the surrounding world and all its distractions until the recognizable groan of her mother's car engine sounded down the street. Kaye pulled back from her king with regret and stood up. Her mother pulled up next to her and wound down the window.

"You'll have to get in the back, I visited the old group again and got some more clothes for you but their it the front." Kaye nodded and opened the back door when Ellen noticed Roiben standing up from the curb.

"Would you like a lift, Robin?" Kaye couldn't hide her smirk at the look of disgust as Roiben surveyed the iron filled car. He took a deep breath and leaned into through the window, making sure not to touch the frame.

"No thank you, madam. I can get home from here. Thank you for your consideration." Ellen snorted at this a rolled her eyes at Kaye. Roiben glanced over at Kaye but kept talking to her mother. "Could I just borrow Kaye for a second?"

Ellen nodded and rolled her eyes again. Kaye got back out of the car wondering what was going on and walked over to where Roiben was standing. She cast an uncertain glance back at her mother who was conveniently looking the other way.

"What is …" Before she could continue Roiben pulled her to him and pressed his lips hard upon hers. All Kaye could do was look round eye up at him as he pulled back.

"Please don't come to see me. I will find you. It is becoming too dangerous in the court and I don't want to find you in a predicament and hurt. Please promise this, Kaye. Please don't come." Kaye looked up at him as if to rebuke but he shook his head sternly. "Go, your mother's waiting for you."

Kaye turned and got back into the car. Ellen put the car into gear and pulled away from the curb towards 'home'. All Kaye could do was stare back at where Roiben stood and try and not gag at the iron casing that she found herself in.

Present time

Kaye flinched at the creak that resonated down the hall as she slowly closed her door and crept into the bathroom. Her mother had taken a trip out of town to meet the members of another band she want to start up. This left her and her grandmother to battle it out.

Kaye pulled her hair through the teeth of the brush and surveyed her image I the bathroom mirror. She had ripped off her glamour and went crazy with her clothes and makeup. She was going to make this party worth it in everyway. She lathered on thick dark eyeliner and a dark gloss over her lips. None of the clothes she owned were appropriate for a court appearance so Kaye closed her eyes and imagined a beautiful dress that held tight to her top but splayed out at the skirt and hung out in a bell shape. She felt the silken material against her skin and opened her eyes. The dress was a mint green and flowed seamlessly from top to bottom. Roiben better like this. She wiped her hands up the sides of her arms and black lace gloves rolled out form underneath her fingers.

Kaye smiled at her reflection with satisfaction and hitched her skirt, treading lightly to her bedroom. She picked up her mobile off one of the piles of clothes (I couldn't remember if she had one or not but I thought I might as well add it in) and dialed up Corny.


"Ah… hello?"

"Hey, Corny, it's Kaye."

"Oh… hey Kaye. What's up?"

"I give in. I'm going to see him. Do you want to come?" There was a sound on the other that told Kaye that Corny just properly woke up.

"Sure! Definitely… When?"

"I'll be there in about five mins. Corny, remember, Naphaniel may be gone but the Court is still very dangerous." Kaye heard him sigh. This wasn't the first time she reminded Corny of this.

"I know, I know Kaye. I'll be on my bestest behavior ever." Kaye smiled, he was like a child most of the time.

"Ok, see you soon. Bye."


Kaye threw her phone back down on the pile and wrenched open her window. She still wasn't completely reliant with her wings and preferred to walk when she could but she willed her wings to beat and raised herself off the edge of the roof and onto the ground below. She slid down the side of the property and climbed into the forest.

"Stop where you are!"

Kaye froze. That was not a voice she knew. She turned around and gasped when a shadow advanced upon her.

Ok, This was really really slow but look! A slight little cliffy so you are all like GASP! What will she ever do! I really appreciate you reading this and I'll make sure that this one continues at least. I owe it to the book to maybe actually finish this! Hope you all enjoy. Lady Delerith out.